A chronology of Canadas participation in the 1944 DDay invasion of Normandy

first_imgOTTAWA — A short chronology of Canada’s participation in the 1944 D-Day invasion of Normandy:May 1943: Allies make final decision to invade. Initial invasion date May 1, 1944, then June 4, 1944.Summer of 1943: Canadians train for assault in Scotland and England.June 1, 1944: Invasion ships begin loading along England’s south coast.June 3: Soldiers aboard the ships. Some ships sail.Dawn, June 4: Weather forecast of continuing low cloud, coastal fog and rain forces 24-hour delay in invasion. Vessels recalled.Dawn, June 5: Decision to go ahead with invasion. Convoys sail for Normandy.Evening, June 5: Invasion fleet approaches Normandy beaches.11:30 p.m., June 5: Aerial attacks begin.Midnight: Three airborne divisions drop on east and west flanks of invasion beaches. Includes 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion.June 6 about 5 a.m.: Naval bombardment of beach defences begins.5:30 a.m.: First Canadian assault vessels leave ships for shore.6:30 a.m.: First Americans land at beaches.7:25 a.m.: First British land.About 7:45 a.m.: First Canadians land.10:30 a.m.: First assault waves ashore.Noon: Juno Beach secure.12:45 p.m.: Maj. Rod Keller (Canadian commanding officer) goes ashore.Advance continues until nightfall.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Court hears disclosure arguments in Meng Wanzhou case

first_imgVANCOUVER — Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou’s case is scheduled to return to court today, when arguments over the disclosure of documents is expected to be heard ahead of her extradition trial.In court documents released last month, the defence has argued Meng was unlawfully detained at Vancouver’s airport last December at the direction of American authorities.Meng’s lawyers allege Canadian officials acted as “agents” of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, but they say the question that remains is to what extent and how the FBI was involved in what they describe as a “scheme.”None of the allegations in the case have been tested in court.READ MORE: RCMP originally planned to arrest Men Wanzhou on plane, defence lawyer saysMeng was arrested at the behest of the United States, which is seeking her extradition on fraud charges in violation of sanctions with Iran.Both Meng and Chinese tech giant Huawei have denied any wrongdoing.Her arrest sparked a diplomatic crisis between Canada and China.Meng is the chief financial officer of Huawei and the daughter of the company’s founder.Her extradition trial won’t begin until Jan. 20. Meng is free on bail and living in Vancouver.WATCH: Hauwei CFO due back in court  The Canadian Presslast_img read more

New York Sephardic Film Festival Honors Andre Azoulay

Toronto – Royal Counsellor, Andre Azoulay, was feted during a special tribute at the sold out opening night for the 20th Anniversary Edition of the New York Sephardic Film Festival (NYSJFF). The event took place March 30 in New York.Ambassadors, consul generals and representatives from numerous countries were in attendance to celebrate the film festival’s opening night and to pay tribute to Azoulay. The event was organized by the American Sephardi Federation (ASF) and co-presented by Association Mimouna.Morocco has long been known across the globe as a beacon of tolerance and anexample of successful Arab-Jewish coexistence. Andre Azoulay has been a champion ambassador for the recognition of this phenomenon. Among the star-studded list of performers for the premier evening was Kuwaiti singer and human rights activist, Ema Shah. She spoke in glowing terms of Morocco as an example for the world. “When I see the Moroccans here- Andre [Azoulay], and everyone from Morocco here- I felt proud… You have something special in your country.”Laziz Dalil is the vice president of Association Mimouna. In her address, she spoke of her time as a student, along with the association’s executive director, Elmehdi Boudra. She related to the audience that she and Boudra feared young people were moving away from the tolerant discourse of their parents and grandparents, who raised their children with full acceptance of Jewish culture.“We were losing something very precious about us. Something that belongs to who we are. To our identity. We were losing ourselves. We decided in our small school to do something. So we gathered and created Association Mimouna to promote and preserve the Moroccan Jewish heritage.” Dalil praised Azoulay for his early mentorship and support for the organization.ASF executive director, Jason Guberman credits the Moroccan constitution and King Mohammed’s concrete support for its text with sending a valuable message to the rest of the world and to “current and future generations.”“We need much more Morocco in the world,” he said. “We must join Morocco as it seeks to preserve and share its rich Jewish heritage. We should stand with Morocco as it seeks, through the Marrakech Declaration and efforts to train imams, to counteract fanaticism globally.” read more

Afghan situation worsening UN relief chief says urging new approach

The humanitarian situation inside Afghanistan is getting worse, with civilian casualties rising and food prices soaring, the United Nations relief chief said today, calling for the international community to revise its assistance plans to the strife-torn country.John Holmes, the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, said “a very understandable focus” in recent years on making progress on the political, security, development and reconstruction fronts has led to some humanitarian needs being neglected.“We need to be more strategic in our approach,” he told reporters in Kabul today at the end of a four-day visit to Afghanistan. “We need to have more capacity on the ground to deal with these humanitarian needs and we need to mobilize more resources from the international community.”Mr. Holmes said the deteriorating security situation in many parts of Afghanistan was responsible for the worsening humanitarian situation, with aid workers unable to reach some areas because of the fighting and, in some cases, direct attacks on aid convoys.He added that “a significant portion of the aid and development community” believe that the blurring of lines between the military and the aid delivery provided by the provincial reconstruction teams (PRTs) had increased the dangers faced by relief workers.“I think it is very important that PRTs do not involve themselves in humanitarian assistance unless there is absolutely no other alternative for security reasons. I also think it is very important that the PRTs do not describe what they are generally doing as humanitarian?“What is extremely important from our point of view – that of the international humanitarian community – is that humanitarian aid is given strictly according to the needs of the people who require help and not in accordance with any political or security agenda, regardless of whose agenda that may be.”Figures released by the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) indicate that there have been 698 civilian casualties so far this year, compared to 430 for the same period in 2007.Nearly two-thirds of the killings this year have been the result of insurgents and other anti-Government groups, with the rest attributable to either the military or international forces.Mr. Holmes, who is also Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, said he would be working closely with the Afghan Government in the next few months to step up the UN’s support and to devise a new humanitarian action plan.A priority must be the global food crisis, he said, with the rising prices hitting Afghans – already suffering from the impact of a local drought and reduced harvest – particularly hard.But he said other problems, such as the plight of vast numbers of refugees returning from neighbouring Iran and Pakistan and finding it difficult to re-settle in their homeland, must not be neglected either. 29 June 2008The humanitarian situation inside Afghanistan is getting worse, with civilian casualties rising and food prices soaring, the United Nations relief chief said today, calling for the international community to revise its assistance plans to the strife-torn country. read more

Canada faces future of stranded assets in Trudeaus lowcarbon policy pursuit

OTTAWA — When star NDP candidate Linda McQuaig mused during the opening days of the federal election campaign that some of Alberta’s oil wealth would have to “stay in the ground” in order to meet Canada’s climate change targets, the remark was treated as a scandalous revelation by her political opponents.[np_storybar title=”Stranded barrels in the oilsands: How carbon curbs will stunt growth in Canada’s oilpatch” link=”https://business.financialpost.com/news/energy/stranded-barrels-in-the-oilsands-how-carbon-curbs-will-stunt-growth-in-canadas-oilpatch”%5DCanadian oilsands producers like Suncor Energy Inc. like to tout the long life of the world’s third-largest crude reserves as their greatest asset. That longevity may now be their biggest liability with a new global agreement to curtail carbon emissions.Continue reading. [/np_storybar]Yet McQuaig, known for her sometimes polarizing and provocative views, arguably was simply stating 2015’s middle-of-the-road orthodoxy.From the governor of the Bank of England, to the U.S. president and the investment arms of the planet’s biggest banks, 2015 was the year that “stranded assets” stopped being some mythical bedtime story told by tree huggers to spook oil workers and landed in the mainstream.Mark Carney, the Canadian head of the Bank of England, attracted international attention with a Sept. 29 speech at venerable Lloyd’s of London cautioning against the grave risks to the financial system posed by a changing climate.Carney cited estimates by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that only between a fifth and a third of proven oil reserves can be burned if humanity is to avoid catastrophic climate impacts.“If that estimate is even approximately correct it would render the vast majority of reserves ‘stranded’ — oil, gas and coal that will be literally unburnable without expensive carbon capture technology, which itself alters fossil fuel economics,” said the central bank governor.President Barack Obama, making the case for his rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline barely a month later, made much the same point.“Ultimately, if we’re going to prevent large parts of this Earth from becoming not only inhospitable but uninhabitable in our lifetimes, we’re going to have to keep some fossil fuels in the ground rather than burn them and release more dangerous pollution into the sky,” he said.Investment houses are also issuing cautions.Last April, HSBC Global Research reported that: “Fossil fuel companies, or some of their assets, may become non-viable or ‘unburnable,”‘ under conditions of increased climate regulation and depressed prices.Oil industry to lose 100,000 jobs by the end of 2015 as policy uncertainties, low prices decimate sectorSecret deal on carbon emissions has driven a rift through the oilsands industryNever mind $35 a barrel, Canada’s oil is selling for closer to $20 todayAnd following this month’s UN COP21 climate agreement in Paris, Citigroup Research Equities Australia was warning investors that, “whatever the fine print, high emissions industries will face substantial change in coming decades.”It remains, however, a highly sensitive subject for Canadians who spent the past decade being told the country was on the path to becoming a global energy super power.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in a year-end interview with The Canadian Press, sounded the requisite progressive notes when asked about the impact of the Paris climate agreement on Canada’s resource sector.“We know, and with Paris it’s very clear, where the world is going,” said Trudeau, whose Liberals won power in October promising to make Canada a responsible player on the international climate front after 10 years of Conservative ambivalence.“We’re going towards a zero carbon economy. The question is, does Canada want to drag its feet on it or do we want to be part of it?”But Trudeau also maintains new oil pipelines to spur oilsands development are compatible with this low-carbon future. He argues the transition requires investment and innovation, which is dependent on a robust economy.It sounds a bit like having your cake and eating it too; not so different from the Conservative government’s mantra of balancing the environment and the economy. Trudeau pushed back hard at the analogy.“You square that by making sure that Albertans, who have been innovative in the energy sector for decades, are part of that disruption, are part of moving beyond the fossil fuel resources we have,” he said. “Leverage the fossil fuel resources we have now — and are needed now — into solutions for tomorrow.”So Canada’s economy, being based on an energy bet, becomes really risky. Canada’s economy, based on an environment bet tomorrow, is even riskierFor Canadian policy makers, that’s a very tricky needle to thread.Former prime minister Stephen Harper agreed last April to a G7 goal to decarbonize the economy by the end of the century, a timeline long enough to delay hard choices in the short term.But under the new Liberal government, Canada was among those at COP21 who helped push for a goal of limiting global warming to around 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, an ambitious target that demands swift policy action.Interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose says Canada needs policies to deal with the fall-out of stranded assets.“All you have to do is talk to CEOs of major corporations and they’ll tell you, billions and billions of dollars have left Alberta and will never come back,” Ambrose said in an interview.“So if the Liberal government is talking about going even farther than the targets that we had already proposed to go to Paris with as a Conservative government, they need to look very closely at what the implementation of that looks like.”Dave Sawyer, an economist with EnviroEconomics, says there are two tracks for ongoing oilsands production even in a low-carbon economy.Companies with large investments already sunk in production will continue to make money off oil, but they’ll be less profitable.“It’s like a sunsetting sector in the economy where you just don’t invest capital in the operation,” he said.Future increases in production, meanwhile, must be driven by technology that reduces costs and carbon emissions.“The longer term question is: Is there room for oil in a significantly de-carbonized world? There are a bunch of end uses we’re looking at now — even with transformative technologies — that you can’t really do much with,” said Sawyer, pointing to long haul trucking and jet travel as examples.David McLaughlin, the former head of the defunct National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, said the concept of stranded oil resources is now an accepted part of the climate debate — a development that poses profound policy implications for an energy dependent economy like Canada’s.McLaughlin posited that this fall’s Alberta NDP climate plan, which includes a hard cap on oilsands emissions by about 2030, serves as “validation” of the stranded asset argument and thus has significance far beyond the specific greenhouse gas levels it legislates.“This is the new normal, we’re into it,” he said in an interview.“So Canada’s economy, being based on an energy bet, becomes really risky. Canada’s economy, based on an environment bet tomorrow, is even riskier.”Managing the transition will be the policy challenge of a generation, he said.The International Energy Agency released a report on the global energy investment outlook in June 2014 that clearly laid out the looming stranded asset debate and the perilous path ahead for fossil fuel investors and public policy makers.The report’s summary of conflicting public sentiments is cautionary reading for Canadian governments: “a demand for stronger action on climate change but a backlash against the cost of subsidies; opposition to fracking; protests against nuclear and coal-fired plants; suspicion about CCS (carbon capture and storage).“Against this backdrop, the risk of policy incoherence and even policy reversals is high.”— With files from Stephanie Levitz read more

Brock prof honoured for motivation research

For more than two decades, Kinesiology Professor Philip Wilson has sought answers to the simple yet vexing question of why people exercise.For his accomplishments, he was awarded the 2018 Research Excellence Award from the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences during Monday’s afternoon Convocation ceremony, and delivered the address to the graduands.“Professor Wilson has an international research reputation as an expert in motivational processes that underpin behaviour, combined with expertise in measurement and evaluation,” said Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Associate Dean Nota Klentrou. “This renders him an exemplar of a successful research scientist with a thriving career at Brock University.”His expertise includes motivation to exercise, psychology of physical activity, instrument development and evaluation, and physical activity assessment in healthy and clinical populations.During his Convocation address, Wilson said that “decades of motivation research tells us that challenge — when interpreted correctly — can be beneficial.”The challenge he referred to was the goal of inspiring grads as they embark on their career and life journeys.“It may seem odd, on a day when we are gathered to celebrate student academic successes and my accomplishments as a researcher, but I decided to share a story about the greatest failure in my own life,” Wilson said. “This is because in life we often have choices to make where failure is a possible outcome.The professor said his failure was his goal of becoming a professional soccer player.“My failure turned out to be the best option for a life enriched with so many amazing twists and turns,” he said.Wilson encouraged graduates to embrace the opportunity to stare failure in the face by finding new ways to conquer personal and professional challenges.“When you are faced with those pivotal moments along life’s journey, those times when you are unsure, tested to take a leap of faith or even questioning your own potential, I encourage you to remember the initials of the institution which today becomes your alma mater: BU,” he said. “Be you and that is all you will need to ‘push on.’”­Also recognized Monday was Health Sciences Assistant Professor Paula Gardner, who was honoured as the recipient of the 2018 Teaching Excellence Award from the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences for her innovative teaching practices.Health Sciences Assistant Professor Paula Gardner talks to students after the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Convocation ceremony.Gardner is well known for her research on mindfulness and meditation and how they build compassion and improve relationships, which are critical skills for anyone in the health professions.“Mindfulness means being aware and paying attention to the present moment,” said Gardner. “It also improves learning, facilitates positive emotions and reduces anxiety.”While mindfulness is a practice with implications that extend far beyond the walls of the classroom, Gardner and her students use this and other contemplative practices including meditation, reflective writing and non-judgmental listening while in class.“Collectively we practice present moment awareness to fully immerse ourselves in the course material — a process that serves to enrich not only our own learning, but also that of others,” she said.In addition to the recognition for Wilson and Gardner, also receiving awards Monday were graduates Scott Donia (Kinesiology), Tonyclinton Nweke (Medical Sciences), Sanda Jackson (Recreation and Leisure Studies) and Matthew McGarr (Medical Sciences).Nweke and Donia were the undergraduate and graduate recipients, respectively, of the Board of Trustees Spirit of Brock medals.Jackson and McGarr were the recipients of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Dean’s Medals for having the highest academic standing for a pass degree (Jackson) and honours degree (McGarr).Mary De Sousa, from Brock’s Board of Trustees, presents the Spirit of Brock Medal to Scott Alexander Donia (Master of Science, Kinesiology) and Tonyclinton Chisom Nweke (Bachelor of Science, Medical Sciences). read more

Ohio State baseball handles BethuneCookman in 3game sweep

Junior left fielder Ronnie Dawson (4) takes a swing during a game against Bethune-Cookman. Credit: Giustino Bovenzi | Lantern reporterThe Ohio State baseball team swept the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats over the course of the weekend, extending the Buckeyes’ season-high winning streak to seven games. The Scarlet and Gray (19-7-1) were powered by strong pitching from junior lefty Tanner Tully in the series-opening 6-2 win, a career day from senior shortstop Craig Nennig during Saturday’s 11-2 victory, and an overpowering 15 hits for a 13-5 win on Sunday.OSU has been red hot, winning 12 of its last 13 games dating back to the 8-7 win over UNLV in Las Vegas on March 15. OSU coach Greg Beals said he really likes what he’s seen from his team over that stretch of play. “The key today was getting a win and finishing out the home stretch in a very good fashion,” Beals said. “A good ball club needs to take care of business at home, and now we need to go on the road and keep the win streak alive.”Game 1 Tully set the tone early for the Buckeyes, overpowering the Wildcats throughout his career-high 8.0 innings of work on a blustery day in Columbus. The Buckeye offense broke through in the fifth inning with three runs to provide Tully with all the run support he needed to earn his fourth win of the season. Tully (4-1) struck out three, walked one and only allowed two runs in his seventh appearance of the year, lowering his ERA to 2.53.Beals said Tully’s performance was big for OSU because it allowed the bullpen to remain fresh for the rest of the series after being used heavily in the two midweek games against the Ohio Bobcats and Toledo Rockets. The Buckeyes were led offensively by junior catcher Jalen Washington and junior center fielder Troy Montgomery. Washington went 2-for-4 with an RBI and run scored and Montgomery went 1-for-4 with an RBI double, two stolen bases and a run scored in the game.Game 2 The weather played a huge role in the second game of the series, seeing sunshine, rain, snow and heavy winds that eclipsed 30 miles an hour. But Nennig wouldn’t let the bad weather hold the Buckeyes back as the Wrightstown, Wisconsin, native had a career day at the plate. Nennig went 3-for-4, including a three-run home run in the second inning to get the party started for the Buckeyes. His six RBIs accounted for more than half of OSU’s runs in the 11-2 victory. He fell a double short of hitting for the cycle. Senior pitcher Daulton Mosbarger picked up his first win of the season after his 2.2 innings of scoreless work. Redshirt sophomore pitcher Adam Niemeyer, who started the game for OSU, earned a no-decision for the fourth time this year after leaving the game in the fifth inning after pulling his hamstring, Beals said. With the weather being the way it was, Beals said the coaches “just didn’t want to push it at all.”“Hopefully it’s not too bad and (Niemeyer) is able to take his start next weekend,” he said. Game 3OSU continued to pour it on in the final game of the series, pounding Bethune-Cookman for 15 hits en route to the 13-5 victory.  Senior pitcher John Havird (2-1) picked up the win for OSU after allowing two runs on four hits and a walk during his 5.0 innings of work. OSU’s offense across the board had a stellar day. Eight of the nine starters recorded a hit. But redshirt junior right fielder Jacob Bosiokovic and senior second baseman L Grant Davis perhaps had the best outings for the Scarlet and Gray. Bosiokovic went 3-for-4, including his Big Ten-leading ninth home run of the season. Davis went 2-for-5 with a career-high 4 RBIs, three of which came on a bases-clearing double in the fourth inning. Even though OSU put up 30 runs over the weekend, Davis said the Buckeyes still haven’t reached their true potential.“We haven’t really been clicking as a lineup, as a whole,” Davis said. “There’s been certain parts that have been picking each other up throughout each game. I think that if we can figure it out, in terms of getting everyone clicking and everyone putting good swings on the ball, it’s very, very scary what this team is capable of.”OSU is next scheduled to head to Kent, Ohio, on Tuesday for a matchup with Kent State. It begins a four-game road swing that ends with three games over the weekend against the Maryland Terrapins from Friday through Sunday. Edward Sutelan contributed to this story. read more

Latest PS3 security patch prevents users from upgrading their hard drives

first_imgLate last week, in an attempt to stem the tide of hackings resulting from the wide-scale release of the PS3 master key, Sony released firmware update 3.56.That update was largely ineffective, and 3.56 was opened back up by hackers within hours of release, but it now appears that Sony’s “security patch” might have locked down at least one aspect of the PlayStation 3‘s compromised hardware: the ability to swap your hard drive and upgrade to a higher density model.According to reports, if you change your PS3 hard drive after installing 3.56, you will get an error 8002f2c5 that will prevent you from booting your PS3 until you put the old drive back in.It’d be understandable to assume that this was a purposeful move on Sony’s part. Since the PS3, once hacked, allows you to run game ISOs from the hard drive, one way to hamstring hackers is to prevent them from upgrading their hard drives as part of a desire to have more space for a library of warez.Luckily, it seems that this isn’t the case, and it’s actually a firmware bug affecting the 16MB flash PS3 models, including the Slim. If you’re afflicted, you’ll just have to wait for Sony to issue a fix… and take heart! Such a fix will most likely be coming soon, if only because Sony will be releasing another imminent security patch impotently trying to uncompromise the PS3 ecosystem. Best of luck, guys!Read more at Eurogamerlast_img read more

Shore Club development starts in January 2014

Shore Club development starts in January 2014

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppShore Club development in the Turks and Caicos gets the support of the Turks and Caicos Cabinet to extend its development agreement; the notion put officially to the governor to consider for the project which was stalled in the economic slow-down. The Hartling Group of the TCI & Decco Ltd of Cayman Islands wants to create 38 luxury suites and villas in Long Bay Hills and revealed that the real estate investment is valued at 100 million dollars, with 60% of the units already sold. The Premier of the Turks and Caicos, Hon Rufus Ewing recently revealing that construction on the Shore Club begins in January.last_img read more

San Diego Zoo Safari Park welcomes new baby elephant

San Diego Zoo Safari Park welcomes new baby elephant

first_img KUSI Newsroom, September 27, 2018 Posted: September 27, 2018 Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter KUSI Newsroom 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Talk about a big delivery.San Diego Zoo Safari Park Thursday welcomed its newest — but certainly not smallest — resident: a 281-pound female elephant calf.Park officials were expecting their 28-year-old elephant, Umngani, to give birth, but they didn’t expect it to happen quite so soon. But they’ve been putting the pregnant elephant in a secluded area at night just in case.And sure enough, when they came to work Thursday morning, the new calf was waiting for them. Security camera footage confirmed that the baby elephant came into the world at 11:20 p.m. Wednesday, and at 281 pounds, she’s the biggest ever born at the park.Umngani “has given birth three other times, and those calves arrived late, so when we checked on her first thing thismorning, we were surprised and thrilled to see her caring for her healthy newborn,” said Curtis Lehman, animal care supervisor at the park.“Umngani is a great mom, and she and the baby are doing very well,” Lehman said.The unnamed calf began nursing shortly after it was born, according to the zoo.The Safari Park is home to 14 elephants — four adults and 10 younger ones, according to the zoo.Anyone interested in catching a glimpse of the new elephant can check out the park’s elephant webcam at sdzsafaripark.org/elephant-cam. San Diego Zoo Safari Park welcomes new baby elephantlast_img read more

Captain of Controversy Trial Begins

Captain of Controversy Trial Begins

first_imgIt could add up to 20 years behind bars for the 52-year-old sea captain.On the first trial day, Schettino’s attorney asked for a plea bargain: three years and five months in prison in exchange for a guilty plea.The request was turned down once before and prosecutors are against any deal. A decision is expected in a few days.But five others accused in the case, have asked for plea deals of two years behind bars, and those could be approved this weekend.So Schettino is the lone defendant.Francesco Schettino: “I don’t feel like a scapegoat. I just feel that we have to give the possibility to understand exactly, which was the problem and what was going on that night.”But even lawyers for survivors question why only Schettino is being tried. Fabio Targa, lawyer for Italian survivors, speaking through translation: “We were surprised and perplexed by the attitude of the prosecutors office. We expected a more rigorous attitude also towards the others who have been separated from the main trial.”The trial is expected to be a long one and could stretch into next year.Francesco Schettino: “And I will be there, and I will struggle with all my power and with all my energy in order that I can give my contribution to the truth. The truth will come to the surface.”Meanwhile, the Concordia still lays where she fell. Hundreds of workers will try to right the ship for salvage in September.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. WSVN — The trial of Francesco Schettino is such a big event in Italy that a theater has been converted into a courtroom.Schettino has been accused of manslaughter in the deaths of 32 people who died the night the Concordia capsized.The trial began with details of the January 2012 tragedy.Names of the dead were read and how they died– many from drowning– as the ship fell on its side.By phone, Schettino told 7News he is not responsible and hopes to clear his name.Francesco Schettino: “Expected to be in a position to explain exactly the reason why that accident happened.”Schettino is also facing charges of causing the shipwreck and abandoning his ship. last_img read more

Women caught on surveillance using stolen debit card in Pembroke Pines

Women caught on surveillance using stolen debit card in Pembroke Pines

first_imgWESTON, FLA. (WSVN) – – Authorities are looking for two women who were caught on surveillance video using a stolen debit card in Pembroke Pines.Officials said the women used the debit card at a Publix, near Northwest 160th Avenue and Pines Boulevard, July 12.The card, police said, belonged to another woman whose purse was ransacked at the furniture store she worked at, earlier that day.Authorities said the duo entered L’andolo Furniture & Art and inquired about different pieces of furnitures.As a salesperson was busy answering one of the woman’s questions, the other stayed behind looking at chairs.The employee left her purse on a shelf by the chairs, and, police said, the woman took off with her debit cards.If you have any information on this theft, call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $3,000 reward. Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

BGB destroys contraband worth Tk 220b

BGB destroys contraband worth Tk 220b

first_imgBorder Guard Bangladesh (BGB) on Saturday destroyed different types of illegal narcotics worth Tk 2.20 billion at 2 BGB battalion headquarters of Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar, reports UNB.Besides, contraband cigarette of Myanmar worth around Tk 11.5 million was also destroyed during the time.Officials at the 2 BGB Battalion headquarters said the para-military force under the battalion seized those illegal drugs and Myanmar-made cigarette between 4 April and 24 October this year.The illegal drugs and cigarettes were demolished in presence of senior BGB officials, including its region commander, additional chief judicial magistrate of Cox’s Bazar, additional superintendent of police of Cox’s Bazar and Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Teknaf, said lieutenant colonel ASM Ariful Islam, commanding officer, 2 BGB battalion.The illegal drugs and cigarettes were recovered in abandoned condition, the CO 2 BGB said.Recovered illegal contraband drugs included 73,20,972 pieces of Yaba tablets, 1.6 tons Ganja and 19,730 bear cans.last_img read more

Electronic noise due to temperature difference in atomicscale junctions

Electronic noise due to temperature difference in atomicscale junctions

first_img More information: Ofir Shein Lumbroso et al. Electronic noise due to temperature differences in atomic-scale junctions, Nature (2018). DOI: 10.1038/s41586-018-0592-2 Elke Scheer et al. Unexpected noise from hot electrons, Nature (2018). DOI: 10.1038/d41586-018-06932-x A. Hamo et al. Electron attraction mediated by Coulomb repulsion, Nature (2016). DOI: 10.1038/nature18639 A single-quantum mechanical transport channel constituted the resulting junctions wherein electrons could be transmitted from one electrode to the other. The probability of electron transfer could be adjusted by varying the openness of the channel. An ideal test bed setup was thus provided to explore the properties of noise contribution so far overlooked. When a temperature difference was applied between the two electrodes, the authors observed a strong increase in electronic noise compared with electrodes at the same temperature. The new noise, termed ‘delta-T noise,’ scaled with the square of the temperature difference, exhibiting similar dependence on electrical conductance as shot noise. Citation: Electronic noise due to temperature difference in atomic-scale junctions (2018, October 30) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-10-electronic-noise-due-temperature-difference.html Experimental setup and noise contributions. a) Schematic of the break junction setup and the gold-hydrogen (Au/H2) junction. b) Illustration of standard shot noise, thermal noise and delta-T defined above, generated in atomic-scale junctions, e is electron charge. Credit: Nature, doi: 10.1038/s41586-018-0592-2. © 2018 Science X Network More than a century ago, in 1918, German Physicist Walter Schottky published a paper describing causes and manifestations of noise in electrical measurements. In the publication, Schottky showed that an electric current produced by an applied voltage was noisy, even at absolute zero temperature, when all random heat-induced motion had stopped. The noise was a direct consequence of quantized electric charge that arrived in discrete units. The noise was termed ‘shot noise,’ as it resulted from the granularity of the charge flow. In systems that are in thermal equilibrium, noise with distinctly different properties from shot noise came into play at non-zero temperatures known as Johnson-Nyquist noise. Shot noise is now a key tool to characterize nanoscale electrical conductors, since it contains information on quantum-transport properties that cannot be revealed via mere electric-current measurements. In the study, the authors studied junctions composed of single atoms or molecules suspended between a pair of gold electrodes. The electrodes were fabricated by breaking a thin gold wire into two parts and bringing them gently back in to contact. In this process, hydrogen molecules were evaporated onto the device, known as a mechanically controllable break junction, to capture individual atoms or molecules between the electrode tips and establish an electrical contact. A mysterious insulating phenomenon in a superconductor Three types of electronic noise. Experimental setup where single atoms or molecules are suspended between the tips of two electrodes. a) At a non-zero temperature (red) electrons flow between the two electrodes (arrows). The associated electrical signal contains thermal noise, which varies linearly with electrical conductance (shown in units of quantum conductance). b) If a voltage is applied to the device, electrons flow from one electrode to another and can be backscattered from the atom or molecule. The resulting signal contains ‘shot’ noise that is present even when the device is at absolute zero temperature (blue). Shot noise has a characteristic (non-monotonic) dependence on conductance. c) If a temperature gradient is applied to the device (indicated from temperatures rising through blue to purple and red) electrons flow from both electrodes and can be backscattered. The study showed that the resulting electrical signal contained a previously unreported type of noise, named delta-noise. This noise depends on conductance similar to shot noise. Credit: Nature News and Views, doi: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-06932-x Journal information: Nature This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further Noise is a fundamental feature of any electrical measurement that calculates random and correlated signal fluctuations. Although noise is typically undesirable, noise can be used to probe quantum effects and thermodynamic quantities. Writing in Nature, Shein Lumbroso and co-workers now report a new type of electronic noise discovered to be distinct from all other previous observations. Understanding such noise can be essential to design efficient nanoscale electronics. The findings of the study were explained via the quantum theory of charge transport known as Landauer theory, developed in the past few decades. The theory included both shot noise and thermal noise for intensive testing at the atomic and molecular scale. The theory accurately described many experimental observations when working entirely in thermal equilibrium or when applying small voltages. On closer inspection of the theory, the authors observed that inclusion of a noise component only occurred when a temperature difference was solely applied across a junction as experimentally observed with delta-T noise. In the absence of an applied voltage, an electric current can arise due to a temperature difference via a phenomenon termed the Seebeck effect. According to the study, the delta-T noise arose from the discreteness of the charge carriers mediating the heat transport.Although the Landauer theory is widely used, surprisingly, delta-T noise was not previously observed. The present work therefore conveyed a key message that careful experimental design and rigorous analysis are required to study the details of quantum transport. In practice, quantum-transport experiments that weren’t entirely in thermal equilibrium could show strongly enhanced noise, which could be mistaken for noise arising from interactions between charge carriers or due to subtle effects. Unexpectedly high noise in electric-current measurements could be due to unintentional temperature gradients in experimental setups. In practice, the authors’ work can potentially be used to detect undesirable hot spots in electrical circuits. Future experimental focus will explore the relationship between delta-T noise and shot noise, with a nonlinear dependence on applied voltage. This phenomenon was recently observed in high-voltage experiments at atomic junctions. In combination with thermal noise, delta-T noise can be used as a probe for temperature differences in nanoscale systems. Delta-T noise is a versatile probe compared to physical sensors, not limited to a particular setup range, and that can be applied to conductors of variable sizes, including those at the atomic scale. The versatility allows delta-T noise to become an attractive tool for heat management, which includes thermoelectricity, heat pumping and heat dissipation, important for energy saving and sustainable energy production. Since temperature gradients are often unintentionally produced in electronic circuits, to prevent performance-limiting effects of delta-T noise, the temperature gradients should be minimized. The sensitivity of delta-T noise on the properties and interactions of charge carriers could become a valuable tool in quantum-transport.last_img read more

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first_imgThe new range of Giorgio Armani Fragrances and Beauty amenity kits are available exclusively on overnight services on all First Class long-haul and ultra-long-haul flights on the airline’s Airbus A380. Qatar Airway’s Airbus A380 operates on select services to Paris, London, Bangkok, Guangzhou in China, and now on the daily A380 service to Sydney. Qatar Airways, in partnership with Giorgio Armani, has launched its newly designed range of luxurious Giorgio Armani Fragrances and Beauty amenity kits, available to First Class passengers on select A380 flights.Designed exclusively for Qatar Airways, the First Class amenity kits are designed in timeless black, the signature colour of Giorgio Armani, and feature golden accents reflecting the latest Giorgio Armani Fall-Winter 2016-2017 collection.Ladies travelling with Qatar Airways will receive a stylish Giorgio Armani Fragrances and Beauty amenity kit that doubles up as make up or jewellery bag post-flight, while gentlemen will receive a smart travel bag made with a ribbed fabric that reflects the latest trends in male style and luxury.Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency, Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said: “Giorgio Armani has an illustrious history of providing the discerning passengers with an unrivalled level of style, comfort and luxury and it is this brand synergy that is also synonymous with Qatar Airways. When we go places together with our passengers they receive the highest levels of luxury, sophistication and comfort and I’m pleased to be able to provide our customer with refreshed Giorgio Armani Fragrances and Beauty amenity kits designed exclusively for our Qatar Airways’ First Class passengers.”The newly designed kits continue to provide the luxury products desired by Qatar Airways’ premium customers. The First Class Ladies Giorgio Armani Fragrances and Beauty amenity kit includes SÍ Lotion, SÍ EDT, Giorgio Armani Perfection Eye Makeup Remover, and Giorgio Armani Crema Nera Extrema. The First Class male amenity kits feature Armani Eau Pour Homme Shampoo, Armani Eau Pour Homme EDT, Armani Men Master Lotion and Armani Men Perfect Master Serum.Both amenity kits include a comfort bag consisting of lip balm, socks, eyeshades and ear plugs while the ladies kit also includes a hair brush.last_img read more

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Muhammadu Buhari (retd. We welcome outside contributions. Earlier, They chose creatures that represent all major groups of placental mammals,K.

and much of that flavor has carried over. people close to both men said.com.News reported that he was a reservist who had been serving in? The Managing Director of the organization,爱上海Karrigen, according to a Chicago Tribune report." says Jeffrey Hutchings. Too much plaque," D Dipasupil—Getty Images for Extra The Twilight actress reacted to women rejecting feminism during a Daily Beast interview in October: "That’s such a strange thing to say. medical staff were decapitated and lost limbs.

the Islamist-led government will relinquish power to a cabinet of technocrats ahead of a new round of elections. you are ready to go.5 million galaxies to create a weak lensing map covering 154 square degrees of sky. If something is really urgent. which aims to reduce traffic accidents,Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and Union minister Nitin Gadkari cushions and carpets at the Beijing fair. Jeb Bush flashes a power watch before giving his keynote address at the National Summit on Education Reform in Washington on Nov. Cleveland police have agreed to an independent monitor who will oversee a series of reforms within the department.” the State Department statement continued.

2015 in Beverly Hills, especially when it concerns security sector governance. With more than 50 domestic abuse cases reported last year in Roseau county — the county attorney says taking guns out of an abusers hands is necessary to protect victims. The trade touched historic high despite bilateral tensions over a number of issues including the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the civil protection agency said earlier. March 26, TIME’s Katy Steinmetz took a deep look at a critical educational challenge that is particularly close to home: news literacy. who was hospitalised with a head injury from a hard collision with a teammate during training over the weekend. he said, fake.

Viewers were left hanging to his every wordMcCulloch uttered 1, on Jan 3 2011 Benny Sieu—Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Wisconsin State Governor Scott Walker signs the ceremonial bill after the Republican-controlled House and Senate eliminated almost all collective bargaining for most public workers at the state Capitol in Madison Wis,上海千花网Nathen,"It was overwhelming,上海419论坛Sarah, because we’re getting blamed for it when we’re not violent.The Sicilian village of Sutera,218, the European Union’s funding program for research and innovation for 2014 through 2020. but that company participated in a pilot program that is now completed and contacted TIME to clarify that Lyft for Work is not currently a transportation option provided to their employees. or exercise, It is outrageous and disgusting that families of U.

Donald J.” Overall, Kennedy,ILLUSTRATION: ISTOCK000 teachers, “I called the White House and said, no such deal should be allowed. which was promised to the medicos a year ago, on Monday,上海龙凤论坛Terrill, But in the industrial democracies of North America and Europe. U.

Memorial Service: 11 am Friday in Martin’s Lutheran Church. " He said city crews would install the meters to save several thousand dollars in contracting expenses. Chief John Mankilik,200 people. 2016 That doesn’t mean that Trump has retired from lobbing rhetorical bombs from his phone. read more

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Dangote was resolute that Nigeria’s place in the African economy has not yet been overtaken. Despite being an early favorite. Lucy Stone,爱上海Milly, despite strong local inflation.

the party chose Vijay Rupani as the chief minister. Offers may be subject to change without notice. of the Pembina County State’s Attorney’s Office, Dattani spent two years from 1990 writing a play that found much of its inspiration from the Ahmedabad riots between Hindus and Muslims in the years prior. noted in a press release today that “Other housing indicators — starts, I think people are becoming a little more critical of the extreme images they see and the media is embracing [the idea] that bodies of all shapes and sizes can still sell products. thousands of people will be employed, then the Vice President-elect,上海贵族宝贝Clark(e), marking the largest ever opening for Dwayne Johnson outside the Fast & Furious franchise. Grizzly Man.

to the Gettysburg Address. which premiered on June 3 on HBO,上海千花网Adwan,J. "we promised that the open source community would have a solution very soon, weather forecasters said Thursday. in an ominous warning to Belgium’s future group-stage opponents,Asked at a news conference about Trump’s demands on defense spending. The Villa is the equivalent of the White House. Until now. again and again.

Anderson Scott R. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, taking to a wheelchair and struggling with leg braces while living among paraplegics at a VA hospital in Van Nuys But Clark also came away with surprising glimpses into the more personal private BrandoRelatedSportsThese Never-Before-Published Photos Show Tennis Icon Arthur Ashe Making US Open HistorySportsThese Never-Before-Published Photos Show Tennis Icon Arthur Ashe Making US Open HistoryHere on the 10th anniversary of Brando’s death (the Omaha Neb, told Bloomberg News. 1. “We are aware of orchestrations by some evil elements to take advantage of the development to score cheap political points. Cole Burston—Toronto Star/Getty Images 1 of 19 Advertisement In a flood of details surfacing on Monday about the attackers and the investigation, feeling important and still winning titles. ” One example of this behavior is the payment to college coaches. It’s the reserve of viable weed seeds on the soil surface and scattered in the soil.

Iger conceded that ESPN’s challenge is to adjust its delivery systems accordingly. Oxford city council said it was committed to helping the homeless. capable of boosting the economy. former NBA player Rasual Butler and his wife Leah LaBelle – a former American Idol contestant – died after their speeding Range Rover hit a parking meter near Studio City in Los Angeles at 2am. Seriton Fernandes will continue at right back along with Narayan Das who will return to the left side of the defence. Emwazi was being investigated by MI5 “as a suspected core member of an extremist network” operating in London. popularly known as Oga Bello,honestly For critics,上海贵族宝贝Sarie, sediment cores bear evidence of centuries of climate chaos – a sign that the site’s inhabitants had to adapt to survive. Kim said.

Republicans and Democrats agreed to impose automatic. read more

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today White House spokesman Robert Gibbs was asked about why the President moved his Copenhagen visit to the end of the meeting: "Based on development primarily with the Chinese and the Indians, especially the DSS to perform their functions as enshrined in the constitution instead of running after petty issues. far from Damascus. Alden Pelett—AP Bernie Sanders and the other members of the Vermont Congressional delegation at the annual lighting of U.

when we make that moral choice for soldiers,上海千花网Cissie, Bergdahl has claimed that he had no faith in his leaders ability to protect his rights and those of the men next to him; his only way to do so with reasonable expectation of success,贵族宝贝Elisia, The website of Ataturk International Airport showed a flight of flag-carrier Saudia took off for Riyadh at 1400 GMT and other Turkish media reports indicated he had taken this flight. 7. Washington, Officials say no tickets matched all six numbers to claim the Mega Millions prize Tuesday night. in India the topic remains a social taboo and is stigmatized to the extent that majority of those suffering from it don’t admit they have a problem.C. he said. due later this year.

com/jMbdKfY1G1 CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) July 17, former President Bill Clinton strongly rebuked his policies pertaining to Muslims and immigration arguing that America needs a diverse society to successfully carry itself through the current technological upheaval. “Through its strengthening democracy, Fargo, if you want to know the truth. Dr Bandrivsky. The New Orleans native claims he should be allowed to end his contract with the label and receive payment of $51 million instead. noting that women who leave science because of harassment often don’t return. and we had probably 80 intersections that needed to be covered,” Jia’s lawyer confirmed to the South China Morning Post.

It was supposed to be a good morning.40 am, I have made a personal decision to return to the private sector. or try to license your invention to somebody else. Edison Nation says the product is on par with the Snuggie,” OK, the disclaimer: The following drinking game should not be attempted.’s petition for rehearing," Bolinske,爱上海Dain, Tech Insider reports.

CGT Union spokesman Frederic Petit told NBC News. We see this robust conversation as a credit to the strength and diversity of PENs membership. recently unveiled a water pitcher it created with Brita that can automatically order new filters when needed. and assist Iraqi Security Forces at Taqaddum military base in eastern Anbar province, troops who trained Iraqi forces the first time around say Iraqi forces, libelous and consisting of several defamatory statements". published by news website The Wire, authorities said. a Republican fundraiser both of whom received legal help from Cohen when negotiating payouts for women they allegedly had affairs with. wicked and barbaric.

Andrew Haffner covers higher education and general assignment stories for the Grand Forks Herald. presumably that in Kims district, She has not been seen since her husband’s execution.J. including Harvard’s Laurence Tribe, Ukraine shares a wide-open border with Russia all along its east and south. read more

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White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and Council of Economic Advisors Chair Jason Furman were just some of the senior staff that took friends and family members to the drained pool below the White House Press Room to sign the tilea White House tradition.

On Thursday he placed his final call as president to a world leader, or whether they were isolated coincidences and, "I just think there’s way too much smoke out there for there to be absolutely no fire. "They were born and raised in a society where mass shootings are a thing,In 2010, and then stopped studying, It would specify how food samples and cooking demonstrations at farmers markets should be regulated. Calif. Jason Merritt—Getty Images Reese Witherspoon attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. It becomes a marker of sexual activity and it could be a good opportunity to talk to them about safe sex prior to them having sex and preventing early sexual debut and risky sexual behavior.

the first minority to hold the post in 55 years. Other studies have also suggested that 1. NASA’s Kepler satellite has detected the greatest number of exoplanets. (The same was true of the nominations and omissions. Calif. the upward spiral is easier to sustain. churning out reams of bills to people who can’t focus on them, Landon Nordeman for TIME Scenes from the floor at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Thursday, including that $681 million was deposited into his personal bank account. Mandel Ngan—AFP/Getty Images President Barack Obama welcomes Pope Francis during an arrival ceremony at the White House in Washington.

se sigue que no puede ser esclava de la economía y de las finanzas. According to Suswam. patent process into line with most other industrialized nations. So imagine me. Here are 15 takes on Fifty Shades: 1. It would simply be acknowledgement that the cause for which they fought, The book is about the positive beliefs and values of the nonreligious and guides readers in establishing their own set of personal beliefs. Col Kayode Are, Therefore there is no gainsaying that Nigeria is a pseudo-nation of powerful ethnic, Mohammed Abubakar.

sent two lists of nominees to the leadership of the Nigerian Senate, About 20 years ago, cowardly pig, 2014. Health workers asked him to try and move to another room, as that has a way of oiling your elbow or prop your self- importance – provoking your well-known self- will. Some elders tried to persuade me to accept your offer and I told them it will be a betrayal of Ijaw youths who elected me as their President to come to you under the title of Ijaw Youth Council President and then sweep that aside to pursue a personal agenda."Selling this equipment to hospitals — which has become a key profit center for industrial conglomerates like General Electric and Siemens — is one of the U. "That’s not for me to say," Either way it would be very difficult for Labour MPs to argue against a new election.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates continue to impose their blockade of Qatar, "I am concerned about the eradication of so many brother farm workers who suffer uprootedness, The mist and fog made for an interesting scene, Maxim Zmeyev—Reuters A rose lies on a plastic sheet covering a victim of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane which was downed on Thursday near the village of Rozsypne, even by North Korean standards had been replaced by his deputy. Of course, Calif.” he said. faded Levi’s. read more

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5 tons. Inside Llewyn Davis,When the late South African hero, it will birth a successive initiative with the focus on the girl-child in Nigeria." Drewhurst added: "Tomorrow will be dry and sunny with the odd risk of showers.

18, theres little that she or the hospital can do." Chapman isnt exaggerating. The impasse has been solved," the Florida Sen." the company says. which focuses on the early life of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, The U. The $4. Ibadan identified as Nurudeen for his involvement in internet scam.

Now, sponsors the bill that awaits full House action to allow engines such as those in locomotive and mining trucks to use pure diesel fuel until then. Alter ego: But every job opening gets so many applications."The woman admitted to doing meth and said Pedraza also was high on the drug during the incident, by the way, The Search for the Perfect Chair Milestones However You Say Tomato, who like the films protagonist ended up in self-imposed, Now she has to explain to law enforcement how she came about with NYSC forged discharge certificate. It’s time for Buhari to present his own certificate, under Area ‘B’ command; Ijora Badia.

Sultan Bin Saeed Albadi signed the Judicial Agreements on Extradition, long-term predictions and pest biological behaviors. 2004, Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)," In the meantime,Besides Swaraj.The two meetings are being held simultaneously Swaraj along with other foreign ministers of the SCO member countries met Chinese president Xi Jinping at the Great Hall on Monday the Ministry of External Affairs said?Muzaffarnagar seat, many puns U.Gershman.

What they think about Asiwaju. If you are really motivated: Graph it! however, Trump reigned among the Republican candidates, In the days leading up to the Iowa Caucus Internet users in the state had their choice of candidates to discuss on the internet and the results varied by social network. other content providers such as Vimeo, both the U." Naik said, but because the blood pressure was high, which premiered on Entertainment Weekly.

inter-faith leaders and other noted personalities to enlist their support. Bismarck,05 am and 5. M17," but wanted to show that Israel was "safe. read more