Talk about the future of industry websites

network tide, and a number of owners have to dream, to a happy life, in order to survive, for a better tomorrow. They sleep for only a few hours each day, and they struggle in the misty night.

, I’m a new webmaster, don’t do not know personal Adsense hard and sad. More than 2 months of webmaster life, let me feel a lot.

I’m on an industry website and I don’t have any say about other types of websites. I just want to talk about some ideas about the industry website.

website, say plainly, is to make money, more money, of course, can achieve many dreams. But the individual webmaster who is involved with the network is still hovering and making money outside of the threshold, why we did not make money? read more

Success factors and Strategies of stock websites

According to the

China Commission released the latest data show that the number of investors in China has reached, the size of the group means a huge market space and profit for the website, the website is through the development of the stock for a long time, the number of more like ox hair. But the stock website for careful analysis we will find, the quality is uneven, and the motivation of each site is different, some are "fraud" in nature, for retail membership fee fraud site, they will choose to advertise on Baidu for the purchase of the chain, ranking optimization methods in order to obtain more traffic, and "fishing" to more fish, while others are in addition to the securities company’s website, is run by a large number of individual stationmaster shares the theme of the site, which belongs to the content of formal, expect to receive money through the content and types of flow and promotion, this is the most suitable for the personal webmaster and does not violate the relevant laws and regulations of the "red line" type of site. Faced with the fierce competition in the stock theme website, how to quickly stand out from the test of the webmaster’s operational wisdom and skills, the webmaster can refer to and learn from the following factors to help success and operation strategy: read more

Within one month it soared from 100P days to 30 thousand P days

, this is an absolutely true case,

I found bright spot in the failed project

in July 2007, I worked in Beijing, when I could not stand the boring job content and decided to quit my job. So in the spare time to engage in a web site, intelligence, C2C type. Engage in more than a month after work to find the night before that time is not enough, so at the end of August formally resigned and returned to Wuhan.

work for a few months, a start later less with vigour and vitality, hot air, up to now, the basic is failed. As for the reasons and the process, not to say more, mainly positioning errors, execution is not enough. read more

The official website protection has come into effect Are you using it correctly

According to the official website

fake website posing as disrupting the normal search results, to search user troubling phenomenon at the beginning of November 2016, Baidu search online "website protection project", the project since the launch of the heat, causing the site to try.

Brief introduction of

website protection project site will submit the clear words and their corresponding addressing demand website links to Baidu, Baidu through the audit, in the search results page show the position for preferential treatment, report after the commencement of site can report other posing as the official website of the website, Baidu will be verified to make a deal with pseudo official website. read more

Webmasters don’t be deceived by other people’s so called truth

this is written in the last words, put the beginning, did not write the title at the beginning, after finishing, found it is difficult to set a suitable topic. You see, the content is good, but I am not the title party. Ha ha,

gave up the last station for a long time, so I haven’t visited the webmaster class for a long time. There is only one public blog. Now I can keep myself. I don’t need to pay extra. Recently, I have nothing to do. I like to go for a walk. I see some things and some people, so I don’t write them carefully. Generally speaking, there are many hobbies and practices, but there are only a few of them. Follow the trend seriously, you imitate them, very difficult. In my opinion, if you want to succeed another place where others have been successful, without their eyes and opportunities, you can only have more powerful capital. read more

Site SEO eight steps let you out of grassroots webmaster

first thanks to ADMIN5.COM, here I learned a lot of things, at the same time also want to write something for ADMIN5 and once helped my webmaster friends to make some contribution, write badly, please forgive me.

The first step: to

why they do have a clear understanding, not to make money and want to do a website, then can only breed utilitarian emotions, encounter setbacks to get disheartened. It was really the key, now should do to GG Adsense or other advertising alliance and the website of a few. What things do. If you are interested then you have half the success, so you have to hold the attitude of learning, slowly progress to do a website, down from the basic HTML language and DW learning, not started thinking of what to do SEO (search engine optimization), do anything to lay a good foundation is the key so, the life / learning website, is also read more

Ten degree interaction copyright issues in website construction

Received fax notice to a customer come forward

a few days ago, asked to amend the site in the "founder of fine Qian simplified" font, which relates to all sites in the pictures and videos of all the fonts are required to delete. I immediately call the customer: Congratulations! Your company’s reputation has fully met the requirements of the national well-known brand! The next step is the 500 strong, ha ha, because the founder has only sought the top 500 and the national well-known brands. Then you have to change the font in the website into boldface, and then deal with the client after negotiating with the party. Even so, the customer still has a lingering fear: the black body should not infringement right?. Founder has really intimidated many companies. read more

My local classification network is small

has built this website for a long time. What time did you forget?. Look, 51 is from the beginning of October 7, 2007 statistics, to share their own experience in local stations, and basically do not write things, friends make a mess of it.

, a graduate student, is looking for a job. So the website has been in the "half-dead" state, the program is to buy commercial version of the program, support and problem ask others technology, a small problem that almost baidu.

himself doesn’t have any experience. He just wants to say what he wants to say, read more

The gold rush for an office worker

(content is a little long, interested friends can patiently read, you may be some inspiration, I have a word, a word has also been knocking for a long time.


I and most of the friends, is an office worker, lived a normal life, always feel that life is too monotonous, with everyone else’s idea, not the status quo. Often laugh at myself with friends, I am wearing white-collar clothes, do blue collar work, with the wages of migrant workers, live a wandering life.

thinks about getting a second job all day long, that is, doing a part-time job. 07 years, we all know that the stock market over fire is a household name, looking at their friends around in the speculation, the heart is also itching, and asked friends to CITIC opened a door, then it was free to open an account. Since then, watching the first financial channel of Shanghai has become a required course for me every day. At the sight of the analyst Niu B in blowing spit cross talk rapidly, non time is my most impulse. Go to work, thinking about the market, while the boss did not pay attention, but also secretly look at the market. The company is cracking down on business hours. Finally, in August, when no loneliness to buy ten thousand dollars for the fund, then the market is booming, buy funds because they say small fund risk is not easy to lose, until October, the market is still booming, the heart happy. In short, people still can not greedy, listening to friends around the instigation, saying what to buy funds, buy shares more exciting, money and fast. Money rushed out of the mind, took forty thousand pieces in, the heart counter-offer, calculate how much money can be earned by the new year. Since the 17th National Congress of the people’s Republic of China, the later situation has not been mentioned, as we all know, until today’s loss of sixty percent. The way down a road to thought of the flesh, but lovely ZF are super loud shouting slogans, protect the interests of investors, the stock market and so on and so on to prevent change radically, tall. In my heart, I believe that the party believes that the government will never be wrong. I did not think it was wrong to believe it at this time. This set is enough for today. Recently, the United States is not the subprime mortgage crisis caused by the global economy, I do not see the ZF will be so generous to rescue the market, you can see later results, but still stumble endlessly, dead heart, can only recognize the set. Summary, not into the stock market, I do not know how deep the water here, a word black. Beware of those who do not enter. read more

Sharing experience four steps to quickly improve Baidu rankings

What is the most important

website? Of course, the profit flow is the basis of profit, and ranking is also very large, procedures determine traffic. Where, in a sense, do website, in fact, do rankings. How to improve the rankings? Some people think it is difficult, is really true, Baidu and GG rules is not open, we can only be surmised, the level is high, guess a little more, a little more of the. I spent half the time in the experiment I Huaian video network and Huai real online, from Baidu’s one glimpse. And achieved some practical results on two websites. I found that, in fact, can also do and do McDonald’s, standardized production. Below, I will sum up my experience as four steps, and share with you. read more

Open ndoor children’s playground in the town

rapid development of the township market, a lot of fresh projects in the town market development space is very large, so Township investors have been highly concerned about the market opportunities. Is it good to open an indoor amusement park in the town? Do you make money? Many consumers are very interested in this issue, look at the analysis together.

in recent years with the rapid development of economy China, national consumption capacity is more and more high, more and more people pay attention to and care for their children’s education, children’s indoor development trend in the investment market is getting better, especially in the rural areas a lot of people are willing to invest in the construction of children’s park. In the town to open an indoor children’s playground to make money, of course, to make money, especially in the villages and towns in such a special village. read more

On community service a year summary of the monthly income of 2000 4W members

The new

forum for a person to do it first, don’t say what the plan, 1, 10 day to local community vest essence, popular content all reproduced consolidation; 2, the essence of the content on your website, content maintenance, promotion, then ready to vest a whoop and a holler a post 3; the new user, you ensure at least 5 replies.

above quoted from Du Jun QQ meager

share first and share later… Don’t spend too much time on the program, or you’ll go crazy after a long time. read more

Shanghai launched the four major Venture Park nnovation and entrepreneurship support

employment has been the top priority of the government’s people’s livelihood, all over the country continue to introduce the warm heart entrepreneurship support policies. Shanghai as the center of China’s economic development, entrepreneurship rookie who provides more open innovation support from resources, contacts, technology and so on.

9 for the month, the fourth session of the Shanghai city business rookie contest in four in Xuhui, Putuo, Zhabei Venture Park, Pudong New Area for auditions, audition after many entrepreneurs focus on what the venture industry park advisory business have what policy, what the field incubation concessions. To this end, the relevant person in charge, the author interviewed four line business park according to the interview, the park in addition to provide rent free business office environment, provide business mentor services, and even take advantage of the platform with the enterprises to complete the following several rounds of financing and strategic deployment…… Look at what are the characteristics of the four major park? read more

Profiteering industry secret

now, more and more people want to do business, when their bosses do poineering work become rich people are more then what business profits beyond count, high, better do what business, what business the most money, may wish to take a look, a quest!

according to the study of cultural relics in Shenzhen vice president Gao Zhanjiao introduced, antiques appreciation potential, need to invest in antiques has four conditions: 1) have good management skills. 2) have a certain economic strength; 3) to have the ability to identify antique; 4) understand curio; but the smallest shops can not be less than 10 square meters, in addition to the safe, all kinds of treasures lattice, the salesperson must understand the general knowledge of antiques, investment 3 million yuan, with 100 thousand yuan of funds can invest in antiques but that will be too tired, money was also more cargo, do not worry about not good buyers. read more

Operating hot pot franchise skills

operating hot pot franchise, you need to learn a lot of business skills. From the site, a lot of businesses need hard work. If you want to succeed, don’t slack off. To learn how to run a good shop. Xiaobian finishing a few suggestions, I hope to help you.

for the hot pot franchise, the site should be selected to live in a relatively large number of local people, so the investment brand hot pot shop, the address of the ground is very important. The size of the hot pot restaurants are generally larger, able to accommodate more consumers, so hot pot shops around if you can have more target consumers, will be able to have a better business. read more

How much does it cost to open a furniture store

with the rise of the real estate industry, the whole furniture market has also ushered in a huge natural development, it is because of this background, many investors want to open a furniture store. However, starting a business is the need for cost. So, how much cost to open a furniture shop? Let me see small series of.

first tier cities:

furniture stores need to cost: 300 thousand – 450 thousand yuan

general furniture agency costs: 250 thousand – 300 thousand yuan

if you want to open a furniture agency store in first-tier cities, so at least you have $500 thousand start-up capital, such first-tier cities currently in Tianjin, a 300 square meter furniture store, just a simple decoration costs would need to spend about 60 thousand yuan, first-tier cities of the high level of consumption, so the agency cost don’t go lower, probably around 300 thousand. read more

Hunan open debriefing meeting concluded last year all China Women’s Federation women’s entrepreneurs

day before, on 2015 the Hunan women’s Federation work debriefing, summed up last year work on women’s work and problems, confirmed for Hunan women’s entrepreneurship work helping results. And established the new goal of women’s work in 2016.

1 8 days to 9 days, the Hunan provincial women’s Federation held a retreat in Changsha work. At the meeting, the 14 cities of the state women’s Federation, the provincial women’s work committee, the provincial women’s Federation organs of the various departments and the units directly under the 2015 work summary, and put forward the idea of work in 2016, to accept the year-end assessment. Hunan provincial women’s Federation Chairman Du Yaling attended and spoke. read more

The successful opening of the restaurant must have the marketing skills

We live in the

community, will see a lot of restaurants and restaurant investment now is a very promising industry, because in today’s society there are still many lovers of delicacy, as a novice entrepreneurs, opened a restaurant and need to pay attention to what?

to successfully run a restaurant must grasp certain marketing skills. So in the specific marketing service process, we should start from what aspects of it? Now Xiaobian for everyone to sum up a number of related business recommendations for your reference. read more