Yinchuan city environmental protection problem serious pollution concentration aggravated

serious environmental pollution is a serious threat to our health, in order to protect our health, the country vigorously carry out environmental protection measures. "The annual concentration of PM2.5 in Yinchuan City, Guyuan City, PM10 not fall, the winter air pollution is still serious, respirable particulate matter (PM10) decrease with the national assessment target gap, seriously restrict the atmospheric pollution prevention task completed." Today’s environmental protection work conference held in Ningxia face the current environmental problems, summing up the work of 2016 gains and losses, the deployment of the work in 2017. read more

Cutter ten brands list the whole

in a variety of office supplies, the use of paper cutter frequency is very high, if you want the machine to play a better role, naturally also need to choose a more secure product quality machine. So, there is a small series to introduce the ten major brands of paper cutting machine, and now if you have the demand for paper cutting machine, do you know which one to choose a good product?

paper cutting machine ten brands list NO.1, Paula – Heidelberg China Co., Ltd.:

brand from Germany, one of the world’s largest producer of complete sets of printing equipment, printing media industry’s leading solution provider, Heidelberg China Co., ltd.. read more

How to avoid the disadvantages of all convenience stores to join

convenience store has become an indispensable part of people’s life, and want to invest in a large 2017 small convenience stores, big lots of people think is the ideal choice, but the operation of the project in different location is different, and the large convenience store to create a good performance, there is no source is not enough and there is a direct link between quality and lots of tourists, have absolute influence on the future development, so we think that large convenience stores have their own originality. read more

An investment in my Hot pot pickled fish need to how much money

fish protein, nutrition, delicious and healthy, is a favorite food items, including a unique taste of fish food to be a unique taste of pickled fish. From ancient times to the present hunger breeds discontentment! The food and beverage industry, the rapid development of the industry a higher than GDP growth. Especially in many industries is limited to the tragic competition, meager profits today, but the catering industry to maintain a pure profit 30%-40% technology, is your choice to start a business. My _ pickled fish fish Hot pot as a leader in the food industry, the situation of free, warm atmosphere, simple and quick economic "consumption patterns, popular favorite groups. So how much does it cost to join read more

Cookies ten brands list the whole

is a kind of food that is loved by many people, whether as a snack or as a kind of food. Of course, it is because of this love, the current biscuit market brand is really very rich. Next, let Xiaobian to reveal the secret of the top ten brands of biscuits, so that you can have a greater understanding of the global market, the big brands of biscuits.

biscuits ten brands list NO.1, Danone:

Danone Group, headquartered in Paris, France, has nearly 90 thousand employees worldwide, is one of the world’s leading food and beverage group. Danone Group has a long history and strong scale, ranked 500 in the world, the business in the world’s more than and 120 countries. Fresh dairy products, biscuits and drinks as Danone’s three major products in the global market sales rankings are among the best. read more

A Chengdu middle school for students to submit deposit

scores dropped to collect money? Is this a routine or a management tool? This really happened in a secondary school in Chengdu, in order to allow students to ensure that academic performance does not decline, specifically for the first time margin. Let more parents confused. What exactly is it? Let’s take a look at the following text.

in addition, according to the different fees charged by the student situation is not the same, the general pay 100, not good enough to pay $200

2 17 afternoon, there are users on the Internet micro Bo said, his sister in the Middle School of Jintang County of Chengdu City Fuxing junior middle school, this semester, the class teacher asked the class to pay 100 per 200 yuan deposit, "to ensure that the study did not decline, if you make a mistake or decrease deduct money, usually pay 100. Bad management pay 200 yuan." read more

The hottest snack brand recommended

in the past 2016 years, the development of the snack industry, the future of the snack industry, we must have a number of hearts. This year, snacks to join the trend, the city’s brand snack shop began to emerge to occupy the market, whether you intend to own a brand snack bar? So, what projects to join the most profitable? Four snack food franchise chain project this year is very fire, choose snacks to join the project devaluation:

the most popular snack brand recommended

1, Miao Miao

wonderful pill classic dishes originally called "small octopus Octopus", originated in Japan, Osaka, known as the characteristics of crisp skin and tender meat, delicious snacks, is known to every family quintessence. Octopus dates back to the founder is a famous Japanese Taisho Era, gourmet. In 1935, Mr. octopus and trial Korea food as a raw material, and put in a special sauce fried in batter to burn, then brush the secret sauce, salad sauce and fish, such as the birth of the world’s first "octopus". After "octopus", because the delicious taste was popular, and soon spread throughout the country, through continuous improvement and development for nearly a century, is still delicious and inexpensive everyone’s favorite snacks. read more

What kinds of tea are common

believe that you must have drunk a lot of tea, drink tea brand you must know a lot, but do you know there are several kinds of tea in the world? Talk to this you may have rendered speechless, Never mind, the following small for you to introduce common tea have which several?

simple popular science under several categories of milk tea

1, Taiwan milk tea: Taiwan tea in 80s invention, pearl milk tea as an outstanding representative, popular all over Taiwan and even popular in mainland China, the influence is really not to be underestimated. read more

On the caring for nature love watering activities of the proposal

friends of the general public:

green is a valuable asset, green breeds hope. Building a civilized Xining, green Xining, beautiful Xining is our bounden duty of every citizen. Last winter and spring, the drought continued in our city, at a time when the plant growth season, need water loving care, then, we extend to the general public in the city issued a proposal to carry out "the love of nature, love".

consciously join love watering activities. The city’s general public, enthusiastic people take action and pay attention to your side every tree, every flower, every piece of green, out of the house, poured a bucket of water, gave a love hug, a green, take practical action to protect green life, green building in Xining. read more

Datong County the first batch of 5 people to study in Huludao City Center Hospital

in the county Party committee and county government under the active coordination of the main leaders, Datong County health system and the establishment of long-term health care system in Huludao. In order to improve the technical level of medical institutions at county level in Datong County of professional staff, to speed up the construction according to the comprehensive ability of county hospitals, medical institutions at county level key departments and academic leaders need to cultivate the positive, and the Huludao Municipal Health Bureau, the first batch of selected from the Red Cross Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in Datong County People’s Hospital, county hospital, the 5 Chinese medicine, oral, obstetrics and Gynecology anesthesia, professional health workers in September 10, 2012, arrived in the city of Huludao in the county health and food and drug administration under the leadership of the leadership, they will be in Huludao central hospital were internal medicine, Department of Stomatology, obstetrics and Gynecology and anesthesiology six-month clinical study. The Huludao municipal government, the Municipal Health Bureau and teaching hospital leadership attaches great importance to personnel training work, accommodation, life and other aspects of the training staff gave strong support and help, the two sides on the future of the personnel training, medical assistance and other work in a meeting. read more

Caojiabao bonded logistics center core area before the end of the year closed the operation

In order to promote the rapid development of modern logistics industry in our province, to speed up the upgrading of the level of opening up, the provincial development and Reform Commission attaches great importance to the Qinghai caojiabao bonded logistics center construction projects, this year, the Commission actively seek the national special fund of 200 million yuan as capital to support the construction of the project, and the project loan discount support, to ensure that the Cao Bao bonded logistics center project core area before the end of the year began operating funds to provide a strong guarantee.

caojiabao bonded logistics center (B type) and comprehensive supporting projects in our province is in accordance with the "four development" and accelerate the construction of the eastern city of group requirements, in the construction of major projects of comprehensive economic Park Haidong Industrial Park Airport, is to undertake the important logistics nodes in the Eastern industrial transfer and Qaidam Experimental Zone for the development of resources the wood of circular economy. The project mainly by caojiabao bonded logistics center, bonded logistics center, the international business comprehensive logistics center is composed of three parts, a total area of more than 1 thousand and 200 acres, a total investment of 2 billion 600 million yuan, is located in caojiabao Airport West, adjacent to the Qinghai Tibet railway, Beijing Tibet Expressway, national highway 109 line. After completion of the project will give full play to the advantages of rail transport, the joint development of advanced manufacturing and modern logistics industry, is an all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging promote the economic development of Qinghai, an important platform to build the internationalization level of modern logistics. read more

District Women’s Federation to carry out love my family boycott drugs into my house campaign

June 26th, District Women’s Federation actively participate in the 6.26 international anti drug day campaign. District Women’s Federation around the "universal participation in the fight against drugs, building a harmonious society" theme. The "I love my family, to resist drugs into my home" publicity activities, on-site activities through banners, distributing promotional materials and other forms of propaganda against drugs brought to the family and society, to persuade young people and the majority of women stay away from drugs, to create a harmonious family construction, lay a good foundation for the harmonious north. read more

2015 Xining Urban Development nvestment Fair held from September 15th to 18

Carrying the year of harvest, show fully reflect the new Xining, new image, new formats, new industries, the image of the city, by China Guangcai sponsored by the Xining municipal government contractors, China Federation of Industry Chamber of Commerce and other units of the professional co Guangcai Silk Road and 2015 Xining city development and Investment Fair (hereinafter referred to as "fair city"), will be held in Qinghai International Exhibition Center South to 18 days on September 15th, the 13 provinces of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai (city) and the autonomous region will participate in the fair city, fair city will become another highlight of business promotion, land transfer listed 7 key bidding activities project by investors.

in order to adapt to the new norm, with the new Silk Road, the new dream, new opportunities "as the theme, this year, in order to give full play to the Xining Silk Road node city, take the initiative to integrate into the" Silk Road Economic Zone construction, the Silk Road of Xining Guangcai investment activities as an opportunity to actively organized the 2015 Xining City Development Investment Fair will. From the 13 provinces of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang (city) and the autonomous region will promote the glorious career, Qinghai Real Estate Association, the Xining real estate industry associations to actively participate in the fair city. Land transfer listed activities, special city construction projects, the special promotion of Xining city industrial projects special promotion, Chinese Guangcai entrepreneurs on-the-spot investigation, key investment projects focused on signing, Qinghai local special snack street and other 7 activities for fair city splendid.

[Xining] integrated display area

exhibition theme: New Silk Road, the new dream, new opportunities

display content: in hall A, prominent Xining city "The Belt and Road" is an important node in the city, the city construction and the one or two and the three industry development achievements as the main content, a comprehensive display of Xining city during the "12th Five-Year" in all areas of economic and social development achievements, "13th Five-Year" the development of vision, focusing on the development direction, fully embodies the new Xining, new image, new industries, new formats.

exhibition theme: New Silk Road, the new dream, new opportunities — livable Xining · happy life

display content: invite other domestic city real estate enterprises, all-round display of Xining and other domestic city real estate development achievements, reflect the ecological and intelligent Home Furnishing Home Furnishing. Located in the B Museum, one of the main exhibition area, including the Xining real estate development comprehensive exhibition area, real estate development enterprise; read more

Liu Qibao visited the twelfth Shenzhen Fair Exhibition in our province

5 12 morning, the twelfth China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair opened the curtain. The Political Bureau of the Central Committee, Secretary of the Secretariat, the Central Propaganda Department Minister Liu Qibao at the museum tour process, specially came to the Qinghai area to inspect.

Liu Qibao in the provincial Party committee, propaganda minister, accompanied by Zhang Ximing, in the best of spirits to come to Qinghai to see the Yellow River tour exhibition, stone art, Thangka and other characteristics of cultural products in our province, market development situation and ask these ethnic customs, historical characteristics and cultural products, to encourage Qinghai to colorful Thangka and other national technology products to create good. To produce artistic charm and competition ability more and more in the wide cultural industry market. read more

Many initiatives to promote the construction of small towns

reporter yesterday from the provincial housing and urban construction department was informed that the province through many initiatives to improve the level of urban infrastructure continues to improve, the city’s comprehensive carrying capacity continued to increase. As of the end of 2015, the province’s towns built up area of 361 square kilometers, the water penetration rate reached 73.74%, the gas penetration rate reached 20.08%, water supply pipeline density of 6.02 kilometers / square kilometers, drainage density of 2.31 kilometers / square kilometers, garbage treatment rate reached 57.11%, per capita City area of 8.36 square meters of road, park green area per capita reached 2.25 square meters, built-up area green coverage rate of 10.88%, built-up area green rate of 8.15%, the per capita housing construction area reached 34.55 square meters. read more

Hong Kong and Macao travel providers will reach the green silk road

The day before, the reporter learned from the Provincial Tourism Bureau, August 20th to 24, Chinese – beautiful Qinghai beautiful silk road and the Qinghai and Hong Kong Exchanges and cooperation in tourism activities will be held in our province. By then, the National Tourism Administration, Hongkong, Macao, nearly two hundred travel agents to participate in the event, which is an important measure to further strengthen the province’s tourism inbound tourism market.

City fair 66 projects to find 36 billion 300 million gift

A good project is like a good girl. In the current city fair, Xining launched a total of 168 projects to become the object of many merchants sought after. During the city fair, Xining will sign 66 Projects with a total investment amounting to $36 billion 300 million. Among them, in September 15th investment projects focused on signing ceremony, there are 18 projects in the field hand, the signing amount of 18 billion 590 million yuan.

the signed 66 Projects in Xining City, halal food, supplies distribution center project, the environmental protection industry park construction projects, 11 industrial projects, investment of 4 billion 560 million yuan; the results of yak resources technology research center of agricultural science and technology demonstration park of modern urban total Zhai Yuan intelligent greenhouse production area project, Xining city transformation base project etc. agriculture and animal husbandry projects 3, investment of 1 billion 150 million yuan.

people to pay more attention to the Qinghai Lake City market project, Haidilao food chain items, to the bookstore and tamie commercial city projects, Dalian Wanda East train station complex circulation project 14, the investment amounted to 10 billion 990 million yuan; the Huangshui river ecological landscape comprehensive treatment project, Xining city construction project, the center of the sponge square of the North expansion project of area of D city and ecological construction of 24, the investment amounted to 16 billion 696 million yuan; the Kumbum Monastery scenic and cultural tourism service facilities project, Qinghai Tibet yak Museum and other cultural tourism projects 11, investment of 2 billion 680 million yuan; since Tibetan medical support combined with school project, the Beijing fourth school remote education cooperation projects 3, investment 174 million yuan.According to the read more

Six dozen six Xining will carry out a new round of large scale production safety inspection

In August 27th, Xining city issued the "Xining Municipal People’s Government on the Municipal Standing Committee conscientiously implement the spirit of the meeting to further strengthen the safety production work notice", according to the document, recently, Xining city will launch a new round of comprehensive inspection of production safety, "the six hit six rule, deep into the development of key industries" to cure. "The special action to carry out the deployment of hazardous chemicals and inflammable and explosive dangerous goods safety special rectification, earnestly do a good job of production safety in the flood season. read more

Zhang Xiaorong mayor of the United States and the United States to study the direction of poverty a

recently, mayor Zhang Xiaorong in-depth point of contact for poverty alleviation in Huangzhong county poverty alleviation precise research of Hai Zi gou. He stressed that in the face of the difficulties of the masses, we must do everything possible to help them solve problems, the safety and well-being of the masses at all times on the heart, the warmth of the party and government to millions of households.

read more