Second flowers Tanchun Village Tour held in Wuhan the whole

March is the season of flowers, with beautiful flowers, can bring people more beautiful, so that consumers feel the flowers are different, win people’s recognition. You know what? In Wuhan, Haman District held the second session of the "spring flowers open up a fresh outlook of rural tourism", attract people’s attention.

it is understood that the "flowers Tanchun Village Tour" opened in March 11th, for a period of 40 days. Ma, He Sheng, mainly around the Tingsi, curtain, Sungai, Takahashi, osmanthus 7 villages and towns to carry out a series of activities to learn and Tanchun, respectively, the history of flowers tour, folk tea flowers tour, delicacy beauty health tour, flowers ecological tourism products bamboo planning four tourist routes. read more

Citylink actively create electronic business platform to encourage entrepreneurship

Provides a business platform for the development of

business to the very wrong entrepreneurs, now business is gradually moving towards the countryside, but also for public entrepreneurship paved a very good platform, even see such opportunities, is actively building a business platform to encourage public entrepreneurship.

"go home, find a belongs to our own way!" March 22nd, in Liancheng County, a network of e-commerce industry park crown crown technology company, the company is responsible for the busy side of the design of network sales platform for customers, while pleased to say. read more

Food and beverage franchise chain gold site mystery

food and beverage market can be said to be the most popular franchise industry business market, and for the catering shop owner, to choose the gold business shop is half done, because the district and the location of chain stores directly determines its operating income level, but also affect the image of the store to carry out market position, brand and business activities.

1998, the catering system owns KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell three famous brands from PepsiCo Inc and the New York Stock Exchange listed independently, the world’s largest restaurant chain – Yum (global) catering group will be formally established. read more

Lemon Master join do not earn money net

in the past 2016 to occupy half of the beverage market in the beverage market, sales prospects are still good. Beverage consumption is an essential part of the daily lives of many consumers. Among the many drinks in the current project, lemon Daren drink has a high popularity. Do you know how to make money? 2017 the most profitable drink item, you’re worth it.

lemon drink as a brand of innovative beverage brands in the country has a high popularity, consumers of all ages are very popular with lemon drink. Huge consumer base to lay a solid foundation for making money, join the lemon fashion drinks do not worry about profit. read more

Ask yourself these 8 questions before choosing a business incubator

endless entrepreneurial incubator so many weak start-up companies heart, it can really make a lot easier to start a business. Due to the development of business incubator for the future development of enterprises is essential, so in the choice of need to consider carefully.

in exchanges with the entrepreneurs, we found that the following 8 aspects, is worth entrepreneurs choose the incubator must consider clearly. In order to be able to solve these problems, m warehouse has the idea to do the hive. Take a look at these 8 questions: read more

Store location business skills in casserole

open casserole shop first to consider is the location problem, it should be said to open what shop should consider this problem, so how to choose a better site? To casserole shop, for example, I hope the following introduction can bring you some help.

1. franchisee must pay attention to the location of the surrounding traffic, traffic conditions and the surrounding residents and units. Entrepreneurs who operate the shops, the flow is the money flow, do not be afraid of competition and selected in remote areas. In fact, the business district shops are more concentrated, but help to accumulate popularity, but we should pay attention to the problem of dislocation. read more

2012 what industry market money King good

is looking for business opportunities is the most important step in a very entrepreneurial process, we must first find out what the market "money king, entrepreneurship is a can make their dreams a try, can change your life, but there are some risks and opportunities! The development potential of the industry is that everyone wants to know. For small business or join, is a good way to get rich quickly, some people succeed, some people fail, because one has the development potential of the industry is not found, always doing what others did. So what are the potential development of the industry today?. read more

Characteristics of the opportunity to open a home cry can make money

in your heart has unbearable sadness, but also can not find a place where you can cry, you will do? I believe there are a lot of people should have such an experience, most of them are persistent, until the physical health and mental state has been a very big threat. It is precisely because there is such a background, so that many entrepreneurs have a plan to open a cry.

as the saying goes: emotions, human nature. Man is born in his tears, in the tears of others. Even a strong character who will inevitably be cry or cry when. It is human nature to cry, no need to learn, everyone will, just like the heart beat, the kidney excretion instinct, like a sigh, sneezing as spontaneous. However, due to the limitation of certain external conditions, and also become a luxury thing, because of the lack of a suitable place to "Park", let the tears of pain release, there is no suitable people can talk, can rely on. read more





瑞奇与叮当:所有4个即将发布的PlayStation 3在10月21日。



我们喜欢冠军藏龙卧虎在NGB、尤其是在内容制作和我最爱的两个媒介,电影和游戏。和平主义电影正是这样做的,而且他们做的非常好。为首的Nathaniel Tomlinson和Kareem Berjaoui,他们都是狂热的游戏玩家和电影爱好者,和平主义的电影已经产生了一些裂缝



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对比的是二的免费游戏PS4业主拿到PS加在梦幻般的resogun。它被选中作为Driveclub PS +版最后一分钟替换,它如何作为第一个高调的独立标题对索尼的新机呢




审查:PlayStation 4











对比作为一种浪费的潜力的最好的例子。一个游戏,在纸上,听起来像是一个独特的和令人耳目一新的标题其实都是一个最令人沮丧和恼火我长时间玩游戏。这是一个真正的耻辱,我被这个标题吸引的时候,它被宣布为DriveClub的接班人,但无法原谅可怜的帧速率和游戏一般的车自然会留下许多摇头。作为一个免费的标题为PS +用户,它值得一试,如果不只是检查出的早期水平的游戏从机械的角度来看,但它很难推荐它为任何其他。一个真正的耻辱,和一个真正的机会。

5 / 10 read more

Pork stores introduced decoration process

chops taste is very delicious, this is the delicacy worthy of choice, people’s entrepreneurial industry, pork delicious nutritious, many people love to eat, many entrepreneurs see the pork market is a good opportunity to choose their own ribs open stores, open a profitable franchise store decoration is a row of bone. One of the more important today, Xiaobian for decoration points we store comprehensive introduction of ribs.

general repair shop is designed by the headquarters of the designer and the high quality of the construction team to complete, but still have to pay close attention to the decoration of the basic elements of the decoration. read more

Aunt Marie laundry to answer how much money to join a dry cleaners

many want to invest to open a dry cleaning shop friends, always ask: how much money to join the dry cleaners? Is the dry cleaner profitable? How about the cost of the dry cleaners? Actually, how much does it take to open a dry cleaning shop depends on the following factors:

first, you want to invest in the city dry cleaners to do a market survey to some extent, such as in Zhejiang and Jiangsu in Wenzhou, Yancheng, Hunan, Xiangtan, Shaanxi, Yanan and other places, some obviously, to open investment scale and grade is not the same, perhaps about one hundred thousand investment in Yanan can open a very good in the local dry cleaning shop in Zhejiang, Wenzhou, may need to invest in order to open up a 3389 very good dry cleaners, so each city’s consumption level, the city decided to join a brand to choose what kind of grades of cleaners, what kind of investment scale and cost, also determine the specific amount of money in hefei. read more

Entrepreneurial failure reflects the lessons of blood

entrepreneurial success, there will be a failure, no matter what you do, you can not be 100 percent success, those who advocate venture capital projects are not credible. The following is a failure of entrepreneurs thinking and summary, the lessons of blood, money can not buy, I hope his experience and reflection can provide a reference for the latecomers.

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Creative era of creative life art toilet shop business hot

everyone wants to make their families look different, so that their lives more personality, how to create a creative life, how to create a creative home? Below, starting from the creative toilet, thus starting!

is always hiding in the toilet, the toilet, to be put in good taste, it is necessary for life items. Now there is a trend of fashion attacks on the toilet, so, in the content of the home improvement and added a new connotation: to the bathroom to reveal the privacy of the owner’s taste, the toilet to highlight the personality and taste of the master. read more

Guangzhou hospital has a professional nternet nternet hospital

the advent of the Internet in life, for our lives has brought a series of changes, and now not only reflected in the shopping, the Internet still play a role in the treatment of the doctor! Guangzhou municipal Party committee secretary Ren Xuefeng, mayor of Wuzhen after the investigation of the Internet hospital in, proposed the idea of the establishment of Internet hospitals in Guangzhou. 7 months later, the successful completion of the Internet hospital in Guangzhou." January 7th, by the Guangzhou municipal government to promote and guide the Guangzhou Internet hospital officially released. At the same time organized by the trend of high-tech medical academicians Forum (Guangzhou Railway Station) site, Guangzhou vice mayor Liming Guangzhou Internet hospital made a foothold in Guangzhou, serving Guangdong, radiation Southern China expectations. read more

Female entrepreneurship is considered a priority in these industries is no longer a problem

now often hear a lot of entrepreneurial stories, and there are a lot of great women. They have the thought, the courage to make people admire. So, in the end what industry is more suitable for women entrepreneurs?

technical services in network and computer technology is so advanced, with expertise in entrepreneurial opportunity very much, including software design, web design, web programming, network marketing, science and technology, science and technology public relations document translation. read more

Anhui’s new political Silver Bear business helping Entrepreneurship

for many entrepreneurs, a good entrepreneurship policy and entrepreneurial environment is the first step of success, and now the society actively promote entrepreneurship, but also the emergence of many Small and micro businesses, governments in order to encourage entrepreneurship, have helped the development of Small and micro businesses.

8 7 days, reporters from the province’s new politics Silver Bear cooperation to promote the meeting was informed that our province took the lead in the country to propose and implement the "4321" new politics Silver Bear cooperation model, has been widely recognized and the response of banks, guarantee agencies, local governments and enterprises, fully affirmed by the relevant state ministries and commissions. To the end of 7, the new government supported silver business has exceeded 7 billion yuan, 4 million 850 thousand yuan per household, all the province’s 16 provincial cities, 87 counties (city, district) has been extended. read more