City fair 66 projects to find 36 billion 300 million gift

A good project is like a good girl. In the current city fair, Xining launched a total of 168 projects to become the object of many merchants sought after. During the city fair, Xining will sign 66 Projects with a total investment amounting to $36 billion 300 million. Among them, in September 15th investment projects focused on signing ceremony, there are 18 projects in the field hand, the signing amount of 18 billion 590 million yuan.

the signed 66 Projects in Xining City, halal food, supplies distribution center project, the environmental protection industry park construction projects, 11 industrial projects, investment of 4 billion 560 million yuan; the results of yak resources technology research center of agricultural science and technology demonstration park of modern urban total Zhai Yuan intelligent greenhouse production area project, Xining city transformation base project etc. agriculture and animal husbandry projects 3, investment of 1 billion 150 million yuan.

people to pay more attention to the Qinghai Lake City market project, Haidilao food chain items, to the bookstore and tamie commercial city projects, Dalian Wanda East train station complex circulation project 14, the investment amounted to 10 billion 990 million yuan; the Huangshui river ecological landscape comprehensive treatment project, Xining city construction project, the center of the sponge square of the North expansion project of area of D city and ecological construction of 24, the investment amounted to 16 billion 696 million yuan; the Kumbum Monastery scenic and cultural tourism service facilities project, Qinghai Tibet yak Museum and other cultural tourism projects 11, investment of 2 billion 680 million yuan; since Tibetan medical support combined with school project, the Beijing fourth school remote education cooperation projects 3, investment 174 million yuan.According to the read more

Six dozen six Xining will carry out a new round of large scale production safety inspection

In August 27th, Xining city issued the "Xining Municipal People’s Government on the Municipal Standing Committee conscientiously implement the spirit of the meeting to further strengthen the safety production work notice", according to the document, recently, Xining city will launch a new round of comprehensive inspection of production safety, "the six hit six rule, deep into the development of key industries" to cure. "The special action to carry out the deployment of hazardous chemicals and inflammable and explosive dangerous goods safety special rectification, earnestly do a good job of production safety in the flood season. read more

Zhang Xiaorong mayor of the United States and the United States to study the direction of poverty a

recently, mayor Zhang Xiaorong in-depth point of contact for poverty alleviation in Huangzhong county poverty alleviation precise research of Hai Zi gou. He stressed that in the face of the difficulties of the masses, we must do everything possible to help them solve problems, the safety and well-being of the masses at all times on the heart, the warmth of the party and government to millions of households.

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Our province in 2016 college entrance examination sports professional scores published

5 9, College Admissions Committee of Qinghai Province announced the 2016 college enrollment in our province sports professional unified examination scores, professional test scores of Liberal Arts candidates for more than 60.03 points, science candidates is more than 60.09.

asked the Provincial Committee merit admissions test speed examination results will notice to all candidates, and do the professional examination of qualified candidates "sports candidates and fill in the registration form" into the file work. Professional examination candidates will be arranged in accordance with the physical examination room, candidates will not be eligible for literature and history, science and engineering class layout examination room. read more

Municipal Bureau of statistics to develop seven measures to seriously implement the spirit of the go

May 17th, the city Bureau of statistics held a deputy mayor of the city’s department level cadres. Issued to convey the outline of the study, conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the statistical work conference. The party secretary of the Council, Shen Hongliang, director of the government to convey a detailed report on the mayor and vice mayor of the city government on the statistical work of a lot of feelings about the statistical work and the specific requirements of the statistical work proposed by the government in detail. He stressed that the city’s statistical system cadres to seriously study the report will be listed on the leadership of the speech requirements, a profound understanding of the spirit of the meeting, the spirit of the meeting through the actual work, the implementation of specific actions. Seven opinions were put forward at the meeting.
first, calls on the city’s statistical cadres to seriously study and implement the spirit of the mayor and vice mayor Xu speech. Combined with the work to carry out a statistical work to improve the level of discussion activities.
two is in-depth statistical research and analysis. Focus on the investigation of the third industry, cultural tourism industry survey and micro enterprises. Hot and difficult problems closely around the city’s economic and social development, much more research fine article, put forward constructive suggestions, expand service areas, the statistics data at the end of live, hosting a statistical investigation and analysis of the city’s excellent article award.
three is to establish a fine concept of , according to the law to further standardize the statistical work. In accordance with the concept of fine work committee, to seriously study the "government management", "detail decides success or failure" and other books and the spirit of the speech, a profound understanding of the connotation of the fine, to better grasp the fine work ideas and methods, improve the statistical work ability and service level of statistics.
four is to "the construction of the four projects" as an opportunity to further improve and standardize the statistical work, improve the quality of data, so that statistical data is more accurate, true, credible.
five is to improve the assessment system, strengthen the statistical basis of information technology, and strengthen grassroots statistical work. Research and development of the County Bureau of statistics assessment rules, the implementation of the County Bureau of statistics for comprehensive evaluation, sorting and recognition.
six is a combination of statistical law enforcement inspection carried out a month long campaign. Do a good job in the party and government leading cadres and departments, units responsible for the focus of the object of legal publicity, and increase publicity to the public. To further implement the "Statistics Law" and the "statistical violations of regulations", strengthen the statistical personnel, statistical investigation and public statistics of the concept of law, and severely punish violations of security statistics, according to statistics.
seven is to strengthen grassroots statistical power. Communication and coordination with the office, finance and other departments, strive to solve the county statistical personnel shortage and the lack of funding. To strengthen the management and guidance of the statistical work in the Development Zone, further improve the statistical system of the Development Zone, and standardize the development of professional statistics.   read more

150 call the car to solve the public taxi difficult

morning and evening peak hit the car? Back street lane can not see the car? Hurry to catch the plane train no car? Such a taxi is difficult to gradually disappear. Call a taxi, as a convenience for people to travel new things, will soon come to the public. In March 10th, the city call taxi pilot hearings, "according to a Xining city taxi call project trial operation plan" hearing, effectively solve the special groups and the general population the special needs of car call taxi will take the public bus mode, intends to put on call 150 taxi call service fees to 5 yuan / times, the starting price of 15 yuan (including 3 km), one kilometer freight 1.8 yuan / km.
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A wonderful party

May 22nd, the provincial Party committee held three strict three special education lectures report, provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining talked about the experience of learning from the five aspects of "strict, real, loyalty, honesty, Dan", stressed the need to thoroughly implement the three three real strict requirements, to the "strict" and "real" attitude, and establish individual basic standards "life and work", "organization established a distinctive orientation and degree", the building of the contingent of cadres, the Qinghai run, to achieve the "dream China buildingblocks report was caused by strong response and resonance. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng presided over. read more

Xining maternity insurance benefits seventy thousand new deal

December 24th, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal social insurance administration, since the implementation of the new policy of maternity insurance this year, further expand the coverage of maternity insurance. Currently, Xining has 70 thousand people insured, this year the new expansion of the surface of 11416 people, over the completion of the objectives and tasks.

It is reported that

, for the protection of the rights and interests of workers, to maximize the convenience of the employer, reduce handling service workload, take maternity insurance bundled payment, who participated in the Xining city (including three counties) of the employee medical insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance for employers, all for social insurance insurance unified collection. That is, if the employer for employees to participate in employee health insurance, it is necessary to pay both the work injury insurance and maternity insurance, can not be selectively insured payment. read more

Hunan China the first pioneering innovation summit held

positive response to the national call "public entrepreneurship, innovation, has become a significant symbol of the era. After nearly two months of intense preparations, "Chinese, set up!" as the theme of the 2015 Hunan first innovation summit opened in Changsha in the morning, many well-known experts and scholars, entrepreneurs in the Star Star City, gave a feast for the wisdom from inside and outside the province more than one thousand entrepreneurs in various fields. The following for this event, and small series of specific understanding. read more