In effect off-season toll prices

first_imgIn the competition of 137 countries, Croatia, with an average score of 5,5, shares 13th place with Denmark, Oman, Germany, Spain, Qatar, Sweden and Luxembourg in the world ranking of the best road infrastructures. In addition to the World Economic Forum’s Competitiveness Report for 2017 and 2018, a ranking list of road infrastructure quality in 137 countries has been published. Thus, the United Arab Emirates has the highest average score of 6,4, while behind the group of countries with an average score in which Croatia is, there are countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Italy or Finland. Of the surrounding countries, Slovenia ranks 51st, Hungary 62nd, Serbia 100th and Bosnia and Herzegovina 109th. The lowest ranked European country is Ukraine (130th place) with an average score of 2,4.A recent study by the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Zagreb on motorway safety showed that Croatia has one of the highest quality motorway networks. The study showed that 96% of motorways in Croatia have a low and medium low accident rate, while only 4% of sections have a medium low rate, while no section has a medium and high risk rate. From 15 September 2018, off-season toll prices on motorways managed by Hrvatske autoceste doo (HAC) and Autoceste Rijeka-Zagreb (ARZ) are in force.Seasonal prices were in force since June 15 and applied to motorcycles and personal vehicles (groups IA and II), and brought 10% higher prices during the summer months.Croatian road infrastructure is among the best in the worldlast_img

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