The Museum of Illusion through the franchise model has expanded to Ljubljana and Vienna

first_imgAfter Zagreb and Zadar, the Museum of Illusion expanded through the franchise model to Ljubljana, and at the beginning of this week to Vienna.An excellent tourist story as well as quality additional entertainment and tourist content Museum of Illusion, is proof of how the business model of private museums can work, in fact, works great, even outside our borders through the franchise model. I constantly emphasize that the motive for the arrival of tourists is not accommodation, but quality, diverse and authentic content of the tourist destination.The Museum of Illusions, which has been in Zadar since last year, has proven to be an excellent tourist and entertainment attraction, and has certainly further expanded the rich tourist offer of Zadar and its surroundings. Last year in Zadar, the museum attracted about 50.000 visitors, which are excellent results, especially when we know that most visits happen during the three summer months. “Zadar is a tourist city that has more and more arrivals and overnight stays every year, so it was logical to open the Museum of Illusions in Zadar as well. The product works best in the summer months, although the museum is open all year round. Thus, the growing crowds start from April until mid-October. During the year we have various events and happenings as well as creative workshops. Everything is great, tourists are satisfied, only it is still a semi-annual product. “Points out Roko Živković from the Museum of Illusion and adds that the most important thing is that visitors leave the museum happy and smiling, and this is evidenced by the average rating on TripAdvisor, which is 4.90.It is interesting how the Museum of Illusions in Ljubljana as well as the newly opened ones in Vienna function through a franchise, and as Živković points out, there are concrete interests from other European countries as well. “We saw that there was room for expansion, and we chose the franchise model as the most acceptable to us. Through the franchise in cooperation with the partner, we offer him help through all phases, from the first contact, the book of standards, employee education, all the way to the opening and later through the entire development process. It’s been a process for a year. ”Points out Živković and adds that all four museums proved to be a hit on the market as well as the most attractive museums in their cities. But for the whole thing to be self-sustaining and successful it takes a lot of effort.As Živković points out, the business model works, but it is very tricky. “For a product to succeed, it has to be a very good story and product, good distribution, a product for a wide target group – a combination of five or six things needs to be put together, otherwise the whole story is not profitable. Also, the Museum has additional income through souvenirs and didactic toys for which we are also distributors. ”Says Živković and finally points out that further expansion is planned both in Croatia and outside the borders of Lijepa naša. The Museum of Illusion is a unique product in the world and as such provides joy and entertainment to people, and accordingly it is an excellent quality and different tourist content in each destination.It is important to point out that the Museum of Illusion is a private investment and that with their quality work they have shown how all museums should operate, especially state-owned museums that have much more resources. This is where the difference between private and state museums, which have a secure way of financing, have no imperative of earnings or how many visitors visit them, is best seen, while private museums are companies struggling in the market to survive and certainly care about every visitor and every kuna. . Yes, and in this equation it should certainly be mentioned that private “museums” have a VAT of 25% like everyone else, while State museums do not.Also, unfortunately most importantly, museums under the auspices of the State (honor exceptions) do not work on the promotion and popularization of culture and their exhibits, and often do not even work on weekends, which is absurd because they have to work on weekends for tourists and domestic visitors.Croatia – a country with “a thousand” museumsThe Illusion Museum is an excellent tourist story that has enriched the Croatian tourist offer and we sincerely hope that their success will be an incentive to open more and more specialized museums in Croatia, there is a place on the market for everyone.Our biggest tourist advantage is our incredible diversity and authenticity. And the motive of the trip is to get to know new ways and cultures of living. I wonder, why don’t we have hundreds of private museums for all our amazing tourist, historical, cultural, authentic… stories?We have to tell our authentic stories and be proud of them, museums give added value, offer quality content and tell thousands of stories about our history, culture, heritage, innovation, identity.Tourist staff and hosts – You are the ambassadors of Croatian tourismI definitely recommend you to experience the Museum of Illusions, and to your guests, both hosts in family accommodation and hoteliers, recommend the Museum of Illusions as a great tourist attraction because the motive of arrival is not hotels or apartments, but quality content and experience of the destination. Guests will be grateful and will return to their tourist destination next year to return to your accommodation.And finally, here is an “illusion”. Everything is great and everything is for five. Again we have a record tourist season, growth in the number of nights and arrivals, everything works great, everything is great… only unfortunately we never have less tourist spending.last_img

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