Thomas’s agency mistakenly posts a tweet to choose a team

first_imgThe soap opera Thomas had a bizarre turn this afternoon and with a creepy look. And it is that since His own representation agency, JJ Sports, was mistakenly posted on Instagram a tweet from the specialized Transfermarkt page in which the fans were urged to choose a team for the Ghanaian footballer. Among the options was not Atlético, by the way, but all the suitors who have come out in recent months. Arsenal the first and also the first in that particular list, Bayern, Juventus, United and PSG. Of Atlético, what is written, not a trace, although as AS has been able to know in the last two weeks, the footballer’s opinion has changed radically. If before the stoppage due to the coronavirus it was close to signing that offer from the English club now than It is close is from that signing of the renewal contract with Atlético that has been waiting for him since October, with a rise in salary and clause (100 million) according to its importance. Minutes later the agency itself issued a statement to regret “the unfortunate mistake.” “Before the publication that was made today, Wednesday, April 29, 2020 in our account of Instagram, regarding the future of our player Thomas partey, since J.J. Sport managers We want to convey that this publication was not approved by the management of the company. An internal investigation has been opened to find out what could have happened. We are sure that this was not intended by any of our workers and it’s probably an unfortunate mistake, “he argued first. “A little clarity on possible misunderstandings”“The post has been removed as soon as we have become aware of its existenceIn addition, the keys of all our social profiles have been modified to restrict access only to essential personnel. With this statement we want to give a little clarity to possible misunderstandings that may occur“It ended. What is written, at the moment the end of the soap opera, with interventions, supposed since his representation agency denied that they belonged to Jacob Partey, his father’s stars and a host of suitors who do not stop growing every day, is imminently red and white.last_img read more

Relics of a stadium

first_imgThe works that are being carried out to turn it into the Rojo Red Wall ’, a much more modern Sadar and with more capacity, are finding some surprises, among them an authentic relic, he is original shield accompanied by the phrase ‘Estadio Del Sadar. Year 1967 ’. The club is considering the possibility of keeping it. What would not be clear would be the location, although this could be the same as it is now, on the side tiered facade.Red fans, permeated by a certain nostalgic air, are already asking through social networks that this historic gem be preserved. Definitely, The 53 years of life of El Sadar, which is currently undergoing a major renovation, go a long way. In the feud fans and teams, they have laughed, they have cried, they have celebrated goals, they have experienced promotions, descents, nights of European football, a Cup semifinal, another UEFA and a qualification for the Champions League qualifier.last_img read more