Ottawa fasttracking wouldbe immigrants with French skills siblings in Canada

first_imgOTTAWA – The federal Immigration Department is changing its express entry system to give more points to would-be newcomers who have siblings already in Canada and for those with strong French-language skills.The department says the new rules go into effect on Tuesday.It says the changes are aimed to help support the integration of skilled workers and increase growth, vitality and prosperity of in Francophone minority communities across the country.Studies show that newcomers with siblings in Canada integrate more quickly, the department says.Programs managed through the express entry system seek to attract high-skilled foreign workers and former international students who want to live in Canada permanently and whose skills are in high demand by employers.Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen announced the changes today during an event at an immigrant centre in Markham, Ont.“As the improvements are implemented, I’m pleased that Canada will welcome more skilled immigrants with siblings in Canada who can help them quickly integrate into their new life here and that we’ll continue to see francophone minority communities flourish,” Hussen said in a statement.last_img read more

Poor security controls led to camera breach at Nova Scotia school report

first_imgHALIFAX – A lack of basic security measures led to Cape Breton schoolchildren being live streamed on the internet via school surveillance cameras, Nova Scotia’s information and privacy commissioner says.Catherine Tully says the video system at the Rankin School of the Narrows was breached when one camera’s live feed was picked up by, a Russian website that specializes in linking non-secured surveillance cameras.In her report Thursday, Tully says a technical vulnerability enabled viewers to access the Iona, N.S., school’s other two cameras as well.It happened because “straightforward” security measures were not implemented, Tully said in an interview. That’s a widespread problem across the province, affecting cameras in homes, public buildings and businesses and people need to pay attention to it, she said.“As part of the investigation we went on the insecam website … and discovered there are at least 50 cameras in Nova Scotia live streaming on the Internet.”The report says the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board changed its cameras’ passwords once it learned of the breach, but Tully found the board still hasn’t implemented adequate technical or administrative controls.Video surveillance needs to be properly secured, she said, adding it’s clear from her investigation that the technology is being handled by people who aren’t familiar with security systems.“You have to have a security expert help you if you are not a security expert. People are constantly looking for ways to access information and technology is constantly under threat.”Tully began her investigation in May after it was revealed that detailed images of pupils at the school, aged five to 18, were appearing on the website, which bills itself as the world’s largest directory of online surveillance security cameras.“The camera feeds showed when students entered and exited the school, and when male students entered the washroom, alone or in groups,” the report says.“This information, streaming unsecured to the Internet, created a risk to student safety. It also exposed them to potential embarrassment or humiliation.”Tully’s report recommends several changes to the school board’s technical security practices.They include the development of a privacy breach policy, the securing of cameras behind a firewall, the replacement of two exterior cameras, and the immediate disabling of a video surveillance camera outside the boys’ washroom at the school.Tully said she was told the washroom camera was installed in response to a specific incident in 2015 that was later resolved.“Well the purpose was served, it’s over and there’s no longer any authority for that camera, so my recommendation is that camera should come down.”Beth MacIsaac, superintendent for the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board, said the washroom camera has since been taken down and new secure passwords and firewalls have been added to the two remaining cameras.“I think there’s a lesson for everybody in this on how vulnerable we all are with video cameras on our computers and everywhere else,” MacIsaac said.Tully found that the board hadn’t established whether its system is legally authorized under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. She said all school boards in the province had implemented video surveillance without conducting a privacy impact assessment to ensure compliance with the law.Tully’s office plans a privacy impact assessment workshop for school boards in the coming months.“It is essential that school boards conduct a thorough privacy impact assessment of their video surveillance systems in order to find the proper balance between ensuring the safety of children while respecting their privacy,” Tully said.Education Minister Zach Churchill said it could be time for his department to look at a province-wide policy on school video surveillance: “This incident demonstrates I think that we do need to have more of a provincial scope with this.”Tully’s recommendations are not binding, and Premier Stephen McNeil said he doesn’t see the need for the privacy commissioner to have such power.“We believe the current structure is working and we’ll continue to operate that way,” said McNeil.last_img read more

Health Canada tests 27 sunscreens after skin reactions reported finds no problems

first_imgOTTAWA – Health Canada has not identified any serious concerns with the quality of sunscreens, which were tested after a higher than expected number of reports last summer about skin reactions linked to the use of Banana Boat products.The issue received public attention when several mothers complained that their babies suffered burn injuries after using a Banana Boat sunscreen. A woman in B.C. said her 12-year-old son developed severe blisters following use of one of the products.Health Canada says it has tested 27 sunscreens from various companies in its laboratories, 18 of them intended for children or infants and nine aimed at use by adults.The federal department says all products were found to have a pH range close to the skin’s natural level and all contained the amount of active ingredient listed on their labels.None of the sunscreens contained preservatives known to cause skin reactions nor had microbial contaminants that exceeded allowable levels.The 27 sunscreen products tested included six Banana Boat sprays and lotions, six Coppertone preparations, and three Ombrelle lotions for children.Health Canada says it strongly encourages the use of sunscreens to protect against harmful UV radiation, which can lead to burns, premature aging and skin cancer.“Although reactions observed are not the result of product quality issues, other factors that could have contributed to the reported reactions are under review,” said Health Canada, which is completing a comprehensive scientific and clinical safety assessment of sunscreens and their risk of causing skin reactions.A summary of the safety review will be released later this summer.last_img read more

Myanmar UN expert urges greater efforts to curb antiMuslim sentiment

Speaking to journalists in New York, the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Myanmar, Tomás Ojea Quintana, called on the Organization’s 193 Member States to focus on human rights in their support to the South-east Asian country.“My most important message is for the international community to remain engaged on the human rights situation in Myanmar in the context of its transition,” Mr. Quintana said. “Myanmar has made some important steps towards democratic reform and national reconciliation,” he added, citing the release of hundreds of prisoners of conscience, greater media freedom, an active Parliament and the prospect of a national ceasefire accord next month.“These developments need to be supported and encouraged, but it is also important to highlight the human rights shortcomings that exist in the reform process and work to find solutions,” he stressed.The Special Rapporteur made his comments following a briefing to the UN General Assembly’s main social, humanitarian and cultural body (Third Committee) which has been hearing from the UN experts all this week and will continue to be briefed next week.The situation in the Rakhine State, which has been the site of inter-communal violence since June 2012, remains “very serious”, the Special Rapporteur said. Mr. Quintana highlighted a “pattern of discrimination” against the Rakhine community, but also acknowledged that the Government is showing a greater willingness to address the situation. Clashes between ethnic Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims had led the Government to declare a state of emergency. Some 75,000 people were uprooted in the first wave of riots and another 36,000 were displaced by a second wave of unrest in October last year.“The Government has yet to fulfil its obligation under international human rights law to investigate the allegations of widespread human rights violations, including by the security forces, reportedly committed during and after last year’s violence and to hold the perpetrators to account,” he said in a statement from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). Turning to the fighting in Kachin, Mr. Quintana highlighted the role of key leaders have played in inciting violence, as well as the negative role of local media.In his report which he detailed, the Special Rapporteur emphasized the significance of the 13 ceasefire agreements that have been signed with ethnic armed groups, and the prospect of a national ceasefire accord but cautioned that the Military “needs to be fully on board” with the agreements.The UN expert also noted the release of over 950 political prisoners since May 2011, “I urge the Government to listen to local grievances and release the persons currently being detained for peacefully protesting on these issues,” he said.Independent experts or special rapporteurs are appointed by the UN Human Rights Council to examine and report back, in an unpaid capacity, on specific human rights themes. read more

Opinion Adrian Petersons downfall a sad sight

Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings walks on the field on a rainy day during the team’s training camp on July 27 at Minnesota State University in Mankato, Minn.Credit: Courtesy of MCTA perfect public image often can  be manufactured, but beneath all the smiles might be something much darker.In the case of Adrian Peterson, a star running back for the Minnesota Vikings, the darkness has begun to rise to the top. Peterson’s personal life has been splattered all over major media outlets in recent weeks.On Sept. 12, Peterson was indicted in Montgomery County, Texas, on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child. The case stemmed from an incident where Peterson disciplined his son by hitting him with a branch known as a switch.Whether or not you agree with his idea of parenting and discipline, it’s clear Peterson has a different persona than the one conveyed to the country throughout the first seven years of his professional football career.A stand-out high school football player in Palestine, Texas, Peterson entered his freshman season at Oklahoma with a lot of hype and anticipation. He lived up to it, gaining 1,925 yards on the ground en route to a second-place finish in the Heisman Trophy race in 2004.Peterson was a sensation coming out of college. His strong handshake became almost as famous as his infectious smile. When he was drafted by Minnesota seventh overall in 2007, he brought a work ethic to the team worthy of his nickname “All Day.”All the while, Peterson seems to have lived a much different life when away from the field and the cameras.The running back has fathered six children by six different women, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The same article said Peterson used a credit card from his charity organization All Day Inc. to fund a “night of drinking, arguing, and sex” that involved a minor and four women.Peterson’s behavior can only be explained in his upbringing and his quick rise to fame. Under the microscope of national attention, it’s only natural for a young athlete to make mistakes. These mistakes seem unfathomable, but we must not judge all things we cannot understand.Peterson grew up in a Southern household with strict guidelines. According to the New York Daily News, his father harshly beat him in front of 20 classmates when he was a child.But Peterson says the discipline helped him become the man he is today. There’s no wonder the Texas native has continued the cycle of abuse, he went through it when he was young, so he believes the method works.As for his other off-the-field escapades, Peterson is not too different than many young athletes who come into a lot of money and fame at an incredibly young age. He slipped up and made some tough decisions, which he has had to live with.He was likely too immature to start a nonprofit company and didn’t have the right people in his corner helping him run the organization. He proved his immaturity even more when he used funds from All Day Inc. for irresponsible causes.This revelation shouldn’t be surprising. ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” reported in March 2013 that athlete charities often lack standards and efficient use of money.Peterson is just another athlete caught in a ring of lies and scandal. Now he has to live with the entire country knowing his deepest and darkest secrets. He has to live with his personal life being judged on a daily basis.Peterson’s child abuse trial likely won’t begin before the end of the 2014 season. He would probably like to continue playing for the Vikings, but he could face an NFL ban even if cleared of charges, according to ESPN.More than 2,000 carries and more than 10,000 yards of production seems like a distant memory at this point. It’s unlikely we’ll ever see the same “All Day” running rampant in an NFL backfield again. And that’s sad. read more

ExMet officer caught driving high on meth after developing PTSD and quitting force in

first_imgParfitt left the force with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after attending the London 7/7 bombings in 2005 A roadside breath test proved negative for alcohol, but the police were concerned about his demeanour. His eyes were red and watery and the pupils enlarged.Amphetamines were found in his pocket and a blood test later that night showed a large quantity of methylamphetamine in his system.Judge Jonathan Carroll said the former officer was “lucky” there was not a head-on collision that night. Parfitt left the force with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after attending the London 7/7 bombings in 2005Credit: Paul Grover A former Metropolitan Police officer was caught driving whilst high on methylamphetamine after developing PTSD and quitting the force in the wake of 7/7, a court heard.David Parfitt was found to have a large amount of methylamphetamine in his system after being caught driving down the wrong side of the A1(M) in the early hours of December 27, 2016.St Albans Crown Court heard that the 49-year-old had left the police force with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after attending the London 7/7 bombings in 2005 and picking up parts of bodies.The former policeman had driven in the wrong direction for about eight miles from junction 10, near Baldock, to junction six for Welwyn Garden City.Police attended the area but it was eventually Parfitt himself who stopped the car and was arrested by officers. One motorist travelling on the northbound carriageway told police he was “speechless” after only just managing to weave out of the way of Parfitt’s car.Another driver reported Parfitt’s Rover veering from lane to lane as it made its way south on the northbound carriageway.Parfitt was sentenced to eight months’ imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, and ordered to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work.He was also disqualified from driving from 18 months and will have to take an extended test before being able to drive again.In a interview Parfitt claimed he did not remember his driving and said he thought a drink he had been given earlier had been spiked.last_img read more

Man arrested in Dublin city centre over Ballymun stabbing

first_imgGARDAÍ HAVE ARRESTED a 24-year-old man in connection with a serious stabbing on Dublin’s northside on Monday.The man was arrested in Dublin city centre this afternoon over the incident in Ballymun which left two people hospitalised.A man and a woman were discovered with serious stab wounds at a house in Coultry Place at 10 o’clock on Monday morning and brought to hospital.The 24year-old man has been detained at Ballymun Garda Station and is expected to appear before the Courts of Criminal Justice tomorrow morning.last_img read more

PAWS animal rescue to lose thousands of euro in donations due to

first_imgPAWS ANIMAL RESCUE are making an urgent appeal for donations.Paws has been rescuing dogs in Ireland for 17 years and it has more adult dogs to rehome than any other facility in the country.At the moment PAWS has 108 dogs that they are trying to find homes for and capacity for only 70 dogs.The animal rescue centre are hoping to raise €20,000.Irish model and owner of 10 dogs Gillian Quinn helped launch the campaign to raise the funds. She said:“PAWS does great work in Ireland. It never refuses a dog and since its move to Tipperary (which was because they needed more space) they are less in the news than they used to be. There are some beautiful dogs at PAWS all just waiting for a home so why not visit the facility any day between 2 and 4pm and you might just meet your new family memberGina Hetherington of PAWS said, “last week we literally had a vet bill in excess of €11,000 and €115.00 in our bank account.We had approximately €27,000 per annum coming from direct debits with ACC bank but as this bank is closing this week and we didn’t have addresses for many of the donors…we are losing most of this going forward.We are asking the very generous Irish public to assist us with some short term funds which we really need to continue our operations”.Read: Over 3,500 dogs were put down by pounds last year>Read: Man arrested after a video of him kicking a cat goes viral>Read: Rescue volunteers “disgusted” over dog abuser’s court sentence>last_img read more

Victorian Cypriot members reject Tsindos vision

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Members of the Cyprus Community of Melbourne and Victoria (CCMV) have ditched a proposal of its Executive Committee to reframe the Community’s assets and reduce its $1.5 million debt. The proposition involved selling off the Community’s existing Lygon Steet premises and relocating to a newly-renovated historic building close-by, whilst continuing to lease out two retail premises. When asked to give the green-light to the plan at a special general meeting on 11 September, the Committee’s ideas were dismissed. Sixty-three members voted for the resolution, whilst 265 voted against. “It was a tough day at the office,” CCMV’s president Harry Tsindos told Neos Kosmos, “our vision and plans were resoundingly rejected.” Asked why the proposal received such a drubbing, Mr Tsindos said that members who voted against, “made a very simple analysis, they just didn’t see the benefits. They simply said ‘why should we sell a large piece of land for a small piece of land?’” At the heart of Tsindos’ vision was the concept of reforming the organisation’s property assets in order to expand their use by the community, particularly its younger members, and at the same time reduce the burden of debt that hangs over CCMV. “The problem is the facility is used by 150 people and of those 120 would be elderly. The challenge is – how do you open the resources to the wider community? It wasn’t to be. The members always said they wanted to get the second and third generation involved and I said at the meeting ‘here we are, right in front of you’. And they shot us down. “The only concrete thing that came out of the meeting is that four senior members of the community will take responsibility for the interest on the CCMV loans for the next 12 months. With that undertaking, and income through rent coming in, it does give some oxygen to the Community.” Ex vice-president of CCMV, George Georgiades voted against the resolution. “The committee tried their best,” said Mr Georgiades, “but there was uproar from the members, because they were dead set against it.” The former committee member said he believed the resolution came down to exchanging property assets worth betwee $5.5 million and $7 million, for a smaller property worth $2 million, and that the proposed new building would be limited in terms of the resources it could provide. “At the end of the day the figures did not add up enough to benefit the community,” Mr Georgiades told Neos Kosmos. He said many members becaming agitated during the general meeting after a lengthy and detailed presentation by the committee. Mr Georgiades said that he believes the Community will now need to back one of two possible scenarios: “The easiest way out is to sell just one of the buildings, for say $2 million. We pay off the debt to the bank and we have money left to do some refurbishments. That’s an easy way out. The hard way is to look at ways of raising money and sell nothing.” The CCMV’s Annual General Meeting will take place in mid-October and elections for a new Executive Committee will take place within 21 days of the AGM. After five years on the board and a trying year as president, Harry Tsindos has confirmed that he and others on the committee who proposed the latest plan, will not seek re-election. “We made it clear, that if the resolution was passed, myself and key members of the committee would stay on to make sure the job gets done. The reason I’m not standing next month, is not to make a stance, but because there are other people, with other ideas, and I need to leave them to muster the energy to realise whatever their vision is.” Asked if he had a message for the incoming president, Mr Tsindos said, “the message is: ‘don’t give up on the second and third generations.’”last_img read more

Les hautparleurs solaires Eton Rukus Solar commercialisés

first_imgLes haut-parleurs solaires Eton Rukus Solar commercialisésLes haut-parleurs solairesRukus Solar d’Eton ont été commercialisés. Bluetooth, ils sont également pourvus d’un port USB.Présentés et remarqués lors du dernier CES, les haut-parleurs solaires Bluetooth Eton Rukus viennent d’être commercialisés. Munis d’un panneau solaire, ils peuvent être utilisés avec des tablettes tactiles ou smartphones.Cet appareil nécessite 6h de charge au soleil (pour une recharge complète) et dispose de batteries en Lithium. Et le Rukus peut être lui-même utilisé pour recharger d’autres périphériques ou terminaux grâce à une connexion USB.Ensuite, l’écran de cet appareil dispose de la technologie d’affichage à encre électronique, que l’on retrouve habituellement sur nombre de lecteurs de livres numériques, qui minimise la perte d’énergie. 3 coloris différents sont proposés… L’Eton Rukus solar est vendu 116 euros.Le 9 mai 2012 à 20:15 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

The Room is Great But Tommy Wiseau Sucks

first_imgStay on target If you’ve ever stumbled across’s 404 page, you’ve been treated to a slideshow of me, head down, looking dejected in various contexts. But one picture I frequently use to show just how happy I can be is from the time I met Tommy Wiseau at a Chicago screening of his bad movie masterpiece The Room.If you’re familiar with The Room, you’ll immediately understand why I’m this giddy. The movie on its own, full of surreal non-sequiturs and incompetent storytelling tearing a veneer of production value to shreds, is already hilarious. Even Star Wars isn’t immune to the charms of The Room. But seeing the “movie” in a theater full of fellow fans with prepared rituals and inside jokes, all there to meet the creator himself, adds extra infectious energy.And that energy is all over The Disaster Artist, the new film by James Franco recreating the drama behind the creation of The Room as well as recreating parts of The Room itself. It’s based on the memoir by actor/Tommy’s friend/Mark Greg Sestero and co-writer Tom Bissell. But the film is also James Franco and his Hollywood friends using their clout to prove they are the biggest The Room fans of all. I’ll leave the full review to MovieBob, but I was very entertained.However, what’s key to enjoying The Room, and what The Disaster Artist mostly understands, is that you’re laughing at the movie, not with it. Tommy Wiseau set out to make a completely earnest, legitimate drama and failed so spectacularly that it’s hilarious. That’s not to say that all enjoyment of bad movies is based on irony. Sometimes the fun of schlock is recognizing the honest artistry or bewildering specificity of an auteur beneath the crap. But The Room is so bad it’s good because it is, ultimately, so bad.Compare that to something like Sharknado where the whole point of the production was to make something so cheap and superficially “bad” it’s entertaining. You can’t really call that movie is failure because it technically does succeed at its very cynical goals. The audience is made to feel superior than the work but really they’re the suckers.Even something like Rocky Horror Picture Show annoys me for similar reasons. Yes it’s camp fun (if not John Waters camp fun) and has good themes of accepting differences. But the whole ritual of calling and responding to this “bad” midnight movie is absolutely the response the film is trying to illicit. Audiences are laughing with the movie, not at it. It’s sincere enjoyment masquerading as ironic, which is funny because I sincerely find Rocky Horror to just be bad. But the movie’s decades-long legacy is proof of this strategy’s success.And unfortunately, that strategy is now being co-opted by Tommy Wiseau. We don’t know when it happened (The Disaster Artist suggests right after the premiere of The Room but that’s unlikely) but at some point Wiseau retroactively claimed The Room was always supposed to be funny. The box art reads “Experience this quirky new black comedy, it’s a riot!” Now I’m a huge supporter of the idea that the artist has final say over their own work, especially as opposed to fans. “The Death of the Author” can go die. But it’s so obvious to everyone, from fans to folks on set to James Franco, how BS that “I meant to do that” line from Wiseau is.It’s the heart of the tragedy that is Wiseau’s post-The Room career. Desperate to be famous and loved even if it’s by mocking hipsters, the already mysteriously wealthy Wiseau began cashing in with screenings and tours and all sorts of merchandise pandering to fans of famous “comedy” The Room. Even worse are all of his other meme-driven acting endeavors like The House That Drips Blood on Alex, his Tim and Eric appearances, his YouTube video game reviews, or his Hulu show The Neighbors. Wiseau trying to be dramatic is weird and funny, but Wiseau trying to be funny and “weird” is just cringeworthy.As a The Room fan, this poor pivot to comedy can be tough to grapple with. I hate Wiseau trying to spin the movie is purposefully funny all along to protect his massive ego, to justify, exploit, and deny his true “Emperor Has No Clothes” relationship to his cult fan base. But didn’t I hypocritically support this by going to one of his screenings?In The Disaster Artist the book, Greg Sestero grapples with an even more extreme version of this dilemma. Sestero helped Wiseau make The Room because they were friends and roommates. But was Sestero just indulging Wiseau’s worst delusional habits? Furthermore, his association with The Room is now arguably the best thing Sestero has going for him, and that’s something Wiseau gave him along his housing in L.A. So what moral leg does Sestero have to stand on for recognizing The Room was bad from the start but still going along? At least Wiseau followed through on his dumb dream.In both the book and film, Sestero is arguably the more tragic character, making his role as audience surrogate in the Ed Wood-meets-Sunset Boulevard tale especially fascinating. However, he does have a sense of self-awareness, which he originally viewed as an acting weakness compared to Wiseau’s fearlessness, that stops him from hurting people the way Wiseau does.And that brings us to my last point. Even though I love watching The Room, I’m frustrated that Wiseau has turned it, and now The Disaster Artist with its handsome A-list talent, into a “win” for him because it’s clear that Tommy Wiseau sucks. Not just that he sucks as a writer/director/actor. He sucks as a person. He’s narcissistic. He mistreats and manipulates people. He haaaaaaates women. And this is all obvious from the mere fraction of his life we vaguely know about.The Disaster Artist does the best it can with the info it has, but there’s a gaping hole in the narrative due to how little we know about Wiseau’s background, age, source of income, and other biographical details The Room itself clearly, if subconsciously, depicts. For a while the mystery was fun, but now it’s just depressing because there’s no way the answers are good.Sestero is similarly frustrated with Wiseau’s shady nature and his attempts to call him out on it, to “betray” Tommy, to me justify The Disaster Artist’s existence. Wiseau is a sympathetic figure. A vulnerable weird-looking foreign California dreamer constantly rejected until he forges his own creative path. He’s sort of inspirational if you squint. But he is also someone who absolutely needs to be examined critically, even if you’re James Franco and ultimately need Wiseau’s blessing to make the biography in the first place.So by all means see The Room and The Disaster Artist. You’ll have a great time and a “great” time. But don’t kid yourself into thinking The Room is something other than a fantastically funny failure or that Tommy Wiseau is good and can ever intentionally make anything as hilarious as that accident. It may feel mean, but the most honest and healthy thing you can do is laugh at Tommy Wiseau, not with him.Buy The RoomBuy The Disaster ArtistLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Finally, Tommy Wiseau Joins The Avengers in Marvel’s ‘The Room’Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero Are Still Best Friends last_img read more

Cudicini Morata has great qualities

Cudicini Morata has great qualities

first_imgCarlo Cudicini praised the performance of two-goal Alvaro Morata, in today’s FA Cup win over Nottingham Forest.The Spanish striker bagged a brace against Nottingham Forest at Stamford Bridge that secured the passage to the FA Cup fourth round.Cudicini, the assistant to head coach Maurizio Sarri, provided his assessment of the afternoon’s events via the club’s official website.“I think Alvaro played an important part in today’s performance, he was very good in terms of working for the team, offensively but mainly defensively,’ said Cudicini.“It was very important for him to score two goals which can only be good for his confidence. We are all pleased with his performance but we were even when he didn’t score in previous games so hopefully, it will be good for his morale that he scored, and hopefully, he will be freer in his mind.Great job!! Great win at home with our fans!! Happy to score again!! Go Chelsea!! 🔵🔵⚽️⚽️— Álvaro Morata (@AlvaroMorata) November 4, 2018Report: Morata suffers a knee injury George Patchias – August 29, 2019 Alvaro Morata has suffered a knee sprain injury in training.The Atletico Madrid forward apparently felt some pain in his knee during Wednesday’s training session. He…“Gianfranco Zola mentioned in the press conference before the match that for a striker it’s difficult when you go through a spell when you don’t score many goals, so his body language was a bit down, but in training he’s working very hard and we all knew that sooner or later he would be able to turn the corner and start scoring goals.“Thankfully he did it today, it was very important because we really care about this competition and we want to do well.‘He has all the possibilities to do that,’ Cudicini added when asked if Morata should set himself a big target in terms of goals for the season.“He’s a great striker, he has great qualities and now his confidence is back I’m sure he will keep on scoring goals for us.“I think everyone is different. Some players are perhaps more affected by criticism they receive but for us, the most important thing is that he’s training hard and he wants to improve. Performance-wise, on top of the goals it was very important he did a fantastic job for the team, that’s our concern.”last_img read more

SELECTMEN NEWS Big Olin Update Good News From DPW Ice Rink Committee

SELECTMEN NEWS Big Olin Update Good News From DPW Ice Rink Committee

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Board of Selectmen meets this Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at Town Hall (Room 9) at 7pm. An Executive Session on the litigation surrounding the proposed detox facility at 362 Middlesex Avenue precedes the meeting at 6pm.There are some noteworthy items on the agenda, including:The EPA’s Lynne Jennings and James DiLorenzo will provide an update on the Olin Superfund Site and its recent placement on the Administrator’s Emphasis List.Selectmen will receive memos from Wilmington DPW Business & Utility Manager Joseph Lobao on the town’s rain barrel program and a recent Public Water System Award from the MassDEP.Selectmen will receive a memo from Wilmington Town Engineer Paul Alunni relative to a site visit with neighbors on Anthony Avenue and Salem Street relative to the location of two new poles. Selectmen will the consider approving their locations.Selectmen will consider approving representatives of local sports organizations as additional members to evaluate options for an ice rink and/or indoor recreation facility.Selectmen will consider executing the authorization of a bond issuance to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.Selectmen will consider appointing Wilmington Town Clerk Christine Touma-Conway as its Public Records Access Officer.Selectmen will consider establishing a Town Meeting Review Committee, or directing the Inhabitant Bylaw Study Committee to prepare a recommendation on the date and time for Annual Town Meeting.Selectmen will consider the request of the Chamber of Commerce to reschedule its road race from Sunday, September 22, 2019 to Sunday, September 29, 2019.Selectmen will finalize its summer meeting schedule.The meeting will be telecast live by Wilmington Community Television on WCTV — Channel 9 on Comcast and Channel 37 on Verizon.  The meeting will also be streamed on WCTV’s website HERE.Wilmington Apple intends to report on many of the items above – and any other news that comes from the meeting — over the next two weeks. Wilmington Apple will live-tweet the meeting HERE.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedSELECTMEN NEWS: Selectmen To Discuss Need For Fire Substation At Wednesday, August 7 MeetingIn “Government”SELECTMEN NEWS: Childhood Cancer Study, Olin, Cook Ave., Recreation Dept. Update On Agenda For Tonight’s MeetingIn “Government”SELECTMEN NEWS: Selectmen To Discuss Senior Center, Palmer Park, WHS Gym Floor At September 9 MeetingIn “Government”last_img read more

The rich mushing legacy of Huslia

first_imgWilson Sam’s kennel in Huslia (Photo: Ben Matheson, KNOM)Huslia is hosting the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race for the second time ever. The Interior village is rich in mushing history as it is the home of the late sprint champion musher George Attla Junior and other top names in Alaska dog racing. And as elite teams pass through the home of mushing royalty, local dog drivers are looking ahead to the next generation of mushers.77-year old Wilson Sam has 20 dogs in his kennel overlooking the Koyukuk river.Listen now“We keep them back there kinda close to the house where we can keep an eye on them,” Sam said.Sam has been working with dogs all of his life, including hauling blocks of ice from frozen lakes before snow machines arrived in the 1960s. But he’s a racer too: the living room is covered with trophies from dog races across Alaska. He’s run the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest.Sam said he’s too old to mush dogs now, but he still trains the dogs with an ATV and snowmachine. On the runners are his grandkids, like 22-year-old Kevin Albert, who calls himself a rookie.Wilson Sam in his living room, surrounded by trophies. (Photo: Ben Matheson, KNOM – Nome)“I raced four dogs but that ain’t nothing compared to eight or 12,” Albert said.Albert does, however, have his grandpa’s decades of experience to learn from and when he was younger he helped out with George Attla Junior’s dogs. Every day he comes over to do chores in the yard and train the dogs. He’s dreaming big for the backyard kennel in his first year.“I wouldn’t mind racing the North American, that’s be pretty fun to get into, I don’t have the dogs to do it yet,” Albert said. “I need to wait a few years, my grandpa said.”That is the Open North American Championship – one of the top sprint races. As the Iditarod passes through town Albert gains important insights and tips from pro mushers. He stayed up all night in 2015 when the race came through to help out at the checkpoint. As Albert walks around Huslia’s main street where mushers park their teams, he’s here to soak up knowledge.“I was going to see what kind of water they give them sometimes my dogs don’t drink all the water, they dump it,” Albert said. “I was going to ask if they give straight water, or chicken water or something.”The inter-generational knowledge has kept dog driving alive in Huslia. But a region-wide program, known as A-Chill is helping to gives young mushers a boost. It builds off of the Frank Attla Youth Program, founded by George Attla Jr. This is done in collaboration with the Gateway and Yukon Koyukuk School districts.Floyd Vent Jr., son of longtime musher Floyd Vent Sr., is racing for the first year and said the program has helped him build a solid foundation to launch his bigger race ambitions.“They’ve been giving us dog food, hay, they help us out a lot, it’s looking good in the future,” Vent said. “We want to get in the north American sometime in the future, so we need to keep pushing.”Vent ran the local New Years’ race and traveled up to Hughes last weekend, missing out on first place by two seconds in a 16-mile race. Hugh Bifelt runs the only kennel in Hughes. He’s beginning to bring in youth to work with the team.“We gotta keep this thing going,” Bifelt said. “To start with these kids, it’s the dream of the late George Attla to keep the sport going, we’re going to work with the youth to pass on our knowledge to them, so we can keep this going.”As this years’ Iditarod moves towards Koyukuk the next batch of local mushers will stay behind, training their dogs to make dreams reality.last_img read more

Tigers lifespan longer in captivity Maheshwari

Tigers lifespan longer in captivity Maheshwari

first_imgVisakhapatnam: Many believe that tigers have a better lifespan in the natural habitat but Indira Gandhi Zoological Park (IGZP) proves it otherwise.If one has to go by its records, tigers are surviving in captivity beyond their estimated lifespan. Royal Bengal Tigers, Soni and Rani have survived for 20 to 25 years. When asked the experts about the reason behind the big cats exceeding their lifespan, the assistant curator of IGZP, Uma Maheshwari, says, “Lifespan of tigers in wild forests is 12 to 13 years. In captivity, they live till 16 years. However, in the zoo, they continue to survive beyond 20 years.” Also Read – Three of a family commits suicide at Amalapuram in East Godavari Advertise With Us She further adds, “In captivity, they need not struggle for food and the regular medical facilities are also given to the animals. Animal keeper plays a key role because he needs to have proper observational skills and a better understanding of animal behaviour patterns.” On food and medication facility, the assistant curator says, “Depending on the age, we provide them food. We generally give them egg, milk, chicken in the morning and in the evening, we feed them beef. Also Read – Saaho movie tickets pricey in Nellore Advertise With Us The quantity of the beef varies from time to time depending on tiger’s age. The young ones are usually fed around 8 kgs and the very old big cats are fed chicken instead of beef so they can be easily digested.” In 1980, the first Royal Bengal Tiger Soni stepped into IGZP from Hyderabad zoo. Next year, four Royal Bengal tigers (two male and two female) named Ramu, Ravi, Gauri and Meena were brought from same zoo to IGZP. Presently, they are family members of Royal Bengal tiger breed of IGZP. Currently, the zoo has 10 tigers. Of which, four of them are Royal Bengal tigers and six white tigers, according to zoo curator R Yashoda Bai. Advertise With Us Regarding conservation, there is good news that the count of white tigers has increased significantly. The zoo- keeper, Y Appana, who has been looking after the tigers from past 38 years says, “In 2000, a White tiger named Sirish (male) was brought from Hyderabad Zoo. Two years later, another White Tiger named Kumari was also brought from the same zoo.” He added, “In 2008, they gave birth to three cubs, one male and two females named Giri, Vani and Meena respectively. The two female cubs Vani and Meena were exchanged with Giraffes from a Zoo in Malaysia. A couple of years down the line, Kumari gave birth to five cubs, of which only four survived.” The Zoo has maintained a natural enclosure and habitat management which has proven to be one of the prime reasons for tigers to live longer.last_img read more

50 Hollywood technicians working on Prabhas action scenes in Saaho

first_imgShades of Saaho Chapter 2Screenshot of YouTube videoActor Prabhas, who earned the title of action superstar with the Baahubali franchise, is leaving no stone unturned for his upcoming action thriller Saaho and has roped in Hollywood masters to assist him.Prabhas has gone under strenuous training as he will be seen performing high-octane stunts. In order to help him ace the action sequences and for the newness of the action to be showcased, a 50-member Hollywood crew created it. Kenny Bates who was in charge of the action for Hollywood ventures like Training Day, Bad Company, Transformers, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon, has coached Prabhas.Prabhas has left no stone unturned as he went under extensive action workshops for Saaho. The actor sometimes spent as many as 10 hours at a stretch to master the new stunts. So far, one has caught just glimpses of the film’s action scenes in the teaser and the discussion around it clearly shows that the audience has been talking about the surprise element and the novelty of the terrific stunts. Shades of Saaho Chapter 2Screenshot of YouTube videoThe actor shot to fame with his fantasy adventure movie Baahubali: The Begining, which released in 2015. The second instalment of the franchise Baahubali 2: The Conclusion turned out to be the highest grossing film ever in the history of Indian cinema. Prabhas who had dedicated 5 years to the shoot of Baahubali was showered with multiple offers during the shoot of the film, however, Prabhas chose to focus only on the magnum opus.The actor will be next seen in the big-budget film ‘Saaho’ alongside Shraddha Kapoor and his next movie under the direction of ‘Jil’ fame Radha Krishna Kumar. The working title of the movie is ‘Amour’ along with Pooja Hegde.last_img read more

March For Our Lives Cost 5 Million Several Million Left For Lobbying

March For Our Lives Cost 5 Million Several Million Left For Lobbying

first_imgChip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesYoung victims of gun violence, including students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, stand on stage at the conclusion of the “March For Our Lives” rally Saturday in Washington, D.C.Organizers of the “March For Our Lives” rally in Washington put the early cost estimate for the event at $5 million, and said they have “several million dollars” left to continue to push for stricter gun laws and fight gun violence.Deena Katz, a Hollywood producer who became involved in the early stages of planning for the march, said fundraising efforts have been successful enough to ensure continued lobbying and other activism. She did not cite a specific amount, saying donations were still being tallied.“I know we’ve raised enough that these kids are gonna have several million dollars that they can start their fight after the march,” Katz said.The teenage survivors of last month’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., were the driving force behind the march in the nation’s capital. Similar protests took place in cities around the country, and the world.They put on the highly choreographed event in Washington, attended by hundreds of thousands of people, in just five weeks.The March For Our Lives funding, according to organizers, came from crowdfunding and other donations — including from household name celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney.The nonprofit board of the March For Our Lives Action Fund includes political figures and activists. It was formed to help organize the event, manage money and coordinate future lobbying efforts.Cameron Kasky, a student at Stoneman Douglas, started the crowdfunding campaign that had raised a total of about $3.5 million as of Monday afternoon. More than 40,000 donations had been made to the campaign. The vast majority were in amounts under $1,000. The highest was $50,000.Half of the funds raised from that campaign will go to paying for the march in Washington; the other half will provide financial support to the victims and families of the Parkland shooting, according to the website.Some of the biggest contributors to the cause have been celebrities. Clooney and his wife, Amal, pledged $500,000, and Winfrey pledged to match that. Director Steven Spielberg and Hollywood producer Jeffrey Katzenberg also donated half a million dollars each.The young activists have emphasized that this is still their movement — despite newfound fame and big money contributions. Stoneman Douglas students Kasky and Jaclyn Corin made that point in a Today Show interview last week.“We don’t accept influence. … The second we let corruption, greed and money get involved with this in the wrong sense, we lose track of where we’re going,” Kasky said.“Politicians have tried to endorse us, but we’re here to say you guys can support us all you want, but we’re in this for ourselves,” Corin added. “We don’t want to let any adults take over because we’re kids that created this whole thing, and we don’t want to let adults change that.”Jeri Rhodes, the action fund board treasurer, said the young activists wanted to make sure they were heard, and they got help from “people who have access to a large amount of money” and from “organizations and individuals who had done some pretty sophisticated productions.”“The students told us all what they wanted,” Rhodes said, “and people stepped forward.”Both Katz and Rhodes referred to lobbying efforts as “phase two” for the group. Rhodes is an executive at Friends Committee on National Legislation, a Quaker lobbying group that “seeks to advance peace, justice, opportunity, and environmental stewardship.”According to the March For Our Lives website, the activists say they will fight for “comprehensive gun safety legislation at the local, state and federal level” and undertake voter education and ballot initiatives.The March For Our Lives nonprofit has made clear that donations would fund those activities.It’s governed by the board comprised of adults. Organizers said that’s because of legal restrictions on minors being on boards of nonprofits. The board also includes Aileen Adams, former Los Angeles deputy mayor, and Nina Vinik, program director for the Gun Violence Prevention Program at the Joyce Foundation.George Kieffer, chair of the Board of Regents of the University of California, is also on the board, as are Melissa Scholz, principal attorney of Scholz Nonprofit Law, and Venetta Walker, vice president of programs and chief governance officer at BoardSource, a D.C. nonprofit executive training organization.Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit Sharelast_img read more

Star Wars iPhone App Being Pulled from App Store

first_imgThursday will be the last day iPhone-sporting Star Wars fans will be able to get their hands on THQ Wireless’s Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner. According to designer Josh Shabta, the company’s license with Lucasfilm is “winding down,” meaning that the title (and, potentially, other Star Wars iOS games) is most likely being yanked from the App Store, later this week.The augmented reality title has been garnering a good deal of buzz lately, and its designers had planned to create versions for the iPad 2 and Android, but it looks like the contract lapse is going to put the kibosh on all of those plans.Shabta has an explanation of the situation of over his blog. Interested  parties who still want to go all Han Solo on their neighbor’s cat can still download the app for a few more days.last_img read more

Work towards soft youthful hands

Work towards soft youthful hands

first_imgFrom investing in a good hand cream, getting a regular manicure done to opting for some kitchen formulae like using lemon can help in giving your hands a youthful look.With age, the skin on hands can appear wrinkled and the veins become more prominent.  A simple method to take care of this problem is to moisturise the hands daily and at regular intervals, suggests experts.Wear gloves while gardening, washing clothes or doing kitchen work. Otherwise, simply oil your hands before any work involving water so your hands don’t look depleted and painfully dry. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’It’s advisable to get a manicure from a reputed salon that practice good hygiene procedure. Once a week, one should soak their hands in soapy water for a couple of minutes and then file the nails before applying nail paint. One should not scrap off nail paint because this weakens the nails.Also, get rid of dirt and dead skin cells by exfoliating the hands. This not only makes hands look pretty and young, but doing so also improves circulation.Here are some more tips: Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixMix a tablespoon of lemon juice, a tablespoon of glycerine and a few drops of rosewater. Apply this mixture twice a day for silky hands.Take a lemon and cut it into half. Put half tablespoon of sugar into it and rub it on your hands. This helps to remove tan and give your hands an even tone.Mashed potatoes mixed with milk are great for hand mask.Eat food rich in calcium like dairy products for healthy nails.Soaps (bar or liquid) designed for sensitive skin are the best choice for our hands. Soaps with olive oil and jojoba are a good option as it does not dry the skin, or strip the skin from it natural oils.last_img read more