The successful opening of the restaurant must have the marketing skills

We live in the

community, will see a lot of restaurants and restaurant investment now is a very promising industry, because in today’s society there are still many lovers of delicacy, as a novice entrepreneurs, opened a restaurant and need to pay attention to what?

to successfully run a restaurant must grasp certain marketing skills. So in the specific marketing service process, we should start from what aspects of it? Now Xiaobian for everyone to sum up a number of related business recommendations for your reference.

A, service and marketing


to provide additional services to sell apartments is a common method of selling. Many restaurants often use a variety of services to attract guests, such as:

1, knowledge service

in the dining room with newspapers, magazines, books and other guests to read, or play the English news, English session program etc.. Or a restaurant that serves as a library.

2, additional services

as in the tea service, giving a cake and grill for the lady send a flower and so on.

3, performance service

with the band accompaniment, the piano, the singer singing, live television, Cara oK, fashion show and other forms to promote the role of.

4, emotional service

two, these services in order to pay attention in the promotion:



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