Witkey website operation truth let those who make money make money

from 2011 to the present hot stable, Witkey website through another stage of development, the market awareness is gradually mature, now Witkey websites have been many Wangzhuan lovers are well known, but behind the glamorous Witkey website development is Witkey interests, the employer contributions and a series of serious incidents of plagiarism, and now Witkey groups there is not reason to flee, in the other, just as in the Witkey website not to earn money, if things go on like this, the development of Witkey website will inevitably face the thorns. Because Witkey website operation is the essence of the money to make money.

set up Witkey shop, reduce many to one contribution, maintain Witkey own interests,

Now the market has

Witkey zhubajie.com a handful of well-known sites like Taobao began to implement the business, that everyone can set up free shops in the pig, sell their services, to establish their own brands, and the pig only provides a platform for the role of earnings only charge value-added costs and stores advertising costs, this will increase the work efficiency of Witkey, to achieve one to one service, Witkey work is guaranteed, the employer can also obtain good manuscript in the shortest period of time, rather than simply a publishing task, in the end choose only one manuscript, the rest of the manuscript all away, resulting in wasted.

gradually improve the Witkey supervision system, reduce plagiarism, cheating and other irregularities,

friends do Witkey is nothing more than those who dislike the tendency of people, there is no true skill and genuine knowledge copy others or employer contributions, by defrauding the task vest Commission, such a person will get though unanimously condemned by everyone, but in the current Witkey supervision system, to punish their method is limited, and we may say when the manuscript of the public, if we can find strange appeal, but if the other how to do encryption to the manuscript, because some time is not for some vest, but the manuscript was copied to Witkey himself secretly and dense, and so on so many problems, so this Witkey website should do is gradually clear the manuscript review, let the employer draft selection reason, and freeze bounty during the publicity, when running in Witkey More than half of them do not have a complaint before they can be certified as the winning bidder, which will not only reduce the rate of plagiarism, but also protect employers from malicious employers.

wants Witkey think, the task no one bid, take automatic allocation of

because I myself have done Witkey, know when to do the task out of fear of being cheated out of the employer, are also worried about their participation in the mission in the end did not release candidate, sometimes his manuscript is wonderful, but it is not the employer over time one, get a waste of time, but also get the reward. So I suggest you do in Witkey website, it must remember that Witkey participation in the task purpose is very clear, that is the money, if the employer in the selection period for various reasons can not timely draft selection, so the site staff will run according to the manuscript "

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