Crystal jewelry store business skills sharing

how to operate crystal jewelry store? How to improve the profitability of the store? I believe there are a lot of operators want to learn a lot of knowledge, today Xiaobian finishing the relevant experience and hope to help you, if you lack experience to pay attention to, let’s look at it.

if there is no relevant knowledge as "one cannot cook without rice", and as the crystal stores shopping guide I think we should master the knowledge in several aspects: complete product knowledge, product knowledge, competitive manufacturers of enterprise knowledge, basic knowledge and so on crystal jewelry. As a project of crystal jewelry shopping guide staff professional, excellent, crystal jewelry stores to enhance the performance of stores? We need to have what ability? I think there are four main aspects: the knowledge, attitude, skills and habits.

to guide the correct attitude, if there is no good sales skills, may be in the "goal" key moments will be cooked ducks flying. Here the skills are mainly embodied in: will say, "can you talk about the idea". Will listen, that is, to understand the voice of customers, customer needs". Will see, that is, from the details of customer demand, accurately grasp the timing of the transaction". Will do, that is good at dealing with customer objections, clever customer purchase". Would like to, that is, want to think of the customer, anxious customers anxious". A person engaged in the activity, more than 85% of which is decided by their own state of mind, so the attitude is everything, no matter where the words are too, so we want to do a good salesman must have a good attitude. Only by establishing a correct and positive attitude to work and life will be successful. Mentality includes: integrity, honesty, fair trading, attention, care, care for each customer’s attitude, the pursuit of excellence in performance, personal self respect, etc..

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