Environmental quality and ecological protection Fujian began to take the road of Marketization

in the process of economic development, our environment has been greatly damaged, for our health is a great threat, in order to create a healthy living environment, Fujian began to take new initiatives. By 2020, the province’s energy saving and environmental protection industry output value reached 235 billion yuan, and the formation of a new pattern of government, enterprises, society, a total of three yuan to accelerate the construction of national ecological civilization pilot area. This is the reporter from the day before the provincial government issued the "Fujian Province, foster the development of environmental protection and ecological protection market implementation opinions" learned. read more

Chengdong District of Xining city to collect anti corruption ideas

is effective to strengthen the "clean East" construction, the full use of "clean the Eastern" WeChat public service platform, through regular selection of text and picture, released the anti-corruption work information, timely understanding of the masses at the same time, through the interactive needs of the anti-corruption work, take the initiative to the jurisdiction of the masses for anti-corruption the comments and suggestions to improve the ability of anti-corruption work. read more

A large local music dance poem paradise full of praise from heaven

in April 25th, by the Xining city and hundreds of performers and large local dance poem "Tianyu paradise", after a month of time, in several first-tier cities tour, with all the praise of the audience to return to Xining.

performance market, to open the Xining art show at the beginning of this year, the company has with Chengdu, Xi’an, more than 30 foreign Changsha theatre company signed a "paradise" Horizon tour contract, trying to bring out the Province native cultural products. This tour, "heaven" by many foreign domain audience. Many people watching the show, there is a new awareness and understanding of Qinghai’s regional, cultural and plateau myth, revealed the great beauty of Qinghai, the summer capital Xining yearning. read more

For the construction of a well off society unite ideological consensus an interview with City Com

Even Japan, across the province to seriously study the provincial network security and Informatization Leading Group conference spirit, further innovative ideas, good network security services to more pragmatic initiatives, sing the main theme online, firmly grasp the ideological initiative, initiative, comprehensive deepening reform, building a well-off social cohesion consensus.

nvestment growth in May ranked fourth in the country

In June 23rd, the reporter learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission was informed that, as of the end of May, the province’s investment in fixed assets totaled 78 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 22.8%. According to the National Bureau of statistics data show that the growth rate of investment in our province is higher than the national average of 5.6 percentage points higher than the average level of the western region, 4.4 percentage points, the growth rate of investment in the country and western regions were ranked fourth, compared with the previous 4 months were increased by 3 and 1 times a second.It is reported that the annual

, as the investment objectives and tasks, the provincial government held a special meeting to study the deployment of provincial regions and relevant departments in accordance with the provincial government to carry out the deployment work. The provincial development and Reform Commission held several conferences and project investment, exist to coordinate and solve the problems in project construction, and sent a work group to carry out key areas to promote investment, promote the disbursement of funds, promote the special supervision and inspection, warehousing statistics "started, go all out to promote the investment promotion. At the same time, do a good job with the communication and coordination of the statistical departments, to do a good job of the amount of investment in the form of statistical warehousing. Through unremitting efforts, the month of May fixed asset investment growth was restored, an increase of 29.6%, an increase of 17.5 percentage points from the previous month, driven by the first 5 months of investment growth of 22.8%.   read more

Chinese medicine health museum stores manager can not make four mistakes

economic conditions are good, people spend more money on health care, and some Chinese health museum began to win people’s welcome. Although there are a lot of traditional Chinese medicine on the market at present, but really can not be too much like consumers, which is why? A lot of responsibility in the Chinese health hall joined the store manager, they tend to make the following mistakes.

read more

Breakthrough 5000 meters into a hole of 4700 meters over the second Lanzhou Xinjiang Xining tunnel e

as of September 15th, the China five Bureau of China Railway Company Lanzhou project department to undertake the construction of Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway second double heavy and difficult to control projects – Xining tunnel excavation exceed 5000 m mark, into a hole over 4700 meters, more than 85% of the amount of engineering design, construction has entered a stage of high and stable yield of the work.

Xining tunnel length of 5750 meters, is the second Lanzhou Xinjiang control throat engineering, complex geological conditions, the tunnel surrounding rock is weak, there are more than 1370 meters of the shallow buried section crossing the Lanxi highway, East District, village of Linjiaya village and small Beichuan River, and the water rich area, poor construction environment, the project risk is high, monitoring the difficulty is, the Ministry of Railways as first class high risk tunnel. In addition, the Xining tunnel continuous 1300 meters using double side heading method construction, which pioneered the five Bureau of China Railway Tunnel Construction Company in the history of precedent, comparable to the city subway. read more