Network video in the external links do

(1) how to make

first, personal feel to determine a suitable topic is very important, the second is the video creative, is what is to attract the audience’s attention. How to make video creative, and being able to love? So, you should put the most important characteristics of enterprise products and the most hot events combine to create a natural, real, credible viral video. A case is best done in this field should be Mengniu, in 2008 during the Beijing Olympic Games, the Olympic Games launched 5 Olympic Fuwa, Fuwa cute image is loved by people of all countries. Mengniu and make full use of the Olympic Games this hot spot, making a Mengniu "milk", "lovely small milk" with the Olympic Games together, love the Olympic Games, the Olympic publicity, and more publicity the Mengniu, Mengniu is the full use of its own characteristics, and will be a the success of the video marketing itself in nowadays the most hot events together. read more

Love of Shanghai map ranking optimization

with love map of Shanghai in the open API and other aspects of the force, the majority of Chinese website will be able to share the love of Shanghai brand, leading the development of technology and resources, so as to provide users with more convenient, more accurate and more intelligent map information query service, create a free, open and win-win ecological chain network.

is the first page, when you love the map of Shanghai hits the high love map of Shanghai better ranking.

love map of Shanghai as the Internet the most practical tool type products, electronic map has been integrated into all aspects of people’s lives, looking for a house, looking for a hotel, find a restaurant, looking for group purchase everything cannot do without it. Electronic map gradually highlights in the local service advantages, has become the major site of the standard. read more

The method of operation of high quality of Shanghai dragon Forum

7. other ?

advocating freedom of occupation.

4. high school and college students.

any products are the first analysis of the user, only fully understand the user’s thoughts and needs, in order to launch a good product for the user, to meet the needs of users at the same time, to maximize their own profits. As the site of the Shanghai dragon forum is a kind of product, of course, there are also analyzed user problems. Shanghai Longfeng forum users is what people

6. love online business but the lack of funds. read more

My site is included to share the experience of love Shanghai

on the website of graphic design on such a big effort, because I don’t understand the Shanghai dragon, and I have worked as a visitor to observe the site, many Shanghai Phoenix are optimized in order to optimize the website, do is stand in the Shanghai dragon angle to design, finally made out of the website is to look for the spider, but not for people to see. Personally think that this approach has deviated from the existing purpose and the purpose of the Shanghai dragon, the user experience is poor, if people find objectionable websites, even if the probability of potential users has opened the website of cooperation is relatively low. read more

Web site keywords ranking opponents out after experience

Hubei Bai Jie communication department, is specialized in the sales department telephone 400, Guo Yeye side just belongs to and sell, the company approved the production of their website, this website will make my predictions to the baidusa blog with rankings to what impact. The website has chosen on the platform, also appears to be more formal, although the overall site is not suitable for Shanghai Longfeng architecture, but they have very good technical support, this is a point I am eager to get help, I also eager to get technical team support, I have some envy! Alone in the fight is not as good as a team this point, I also know it! " read more

How to solve the problems in the chain optimization webmaster website

1. is the first chain back problem, we don’t do as well as the bottom of the head back to the chain in the chain of keywords, this does not have any meaning.


, three in the chain of misunderstanding

1.We know that the

two, chain operation

2. breadcrumbs do not have middle level (hidden level) such as the normal path we are ahitop >

The number above control

to control the first in number, a list of recommendations to control within 10, recommended when we should meet the specific demand level, in the two level to meet customer needs, such as selling the headset, we recommend four products in three below, a headset, a fish bone wound. We recommend fishbone winding to come up with the best most high quality and inexpensive for recommendation, a recommendation is to meet the needs of the most relevant, the secondary demand is recommend the best, the most high quality and inexpensive. read more

Let the long tail keywords bring more traffic

4, through the tool to retrieve the long tail keywords

2, love Shanghai, Google

I still think that Using

in your site update and maintenance time, we should pay attention to the opponent’s website today to do what the opponent today with a new look at what opponents today and what are the long tail keywords, through the analysis of the website long tail keywords for their inspiration and thus to explore their website.

master keyKeywords

3, through the website of the other side

tightly around the master was expanded, modified the description of the main keywords, keywords like "long tail word", so we can have: "what is the word", "long tail word is to do what?" like the long tail word excavation will often make users feel cut, probability of users into the customer’s often will be great. read more

The lottery site outside the chain increase practical skills

promotion forum. The forum is to promote many webmaster in a method of using the method are: Forum promotion, forum, forum. The signature with connections posting, there is a kind of fast effective way to increase the lottery site outside the chain.

love Shanghai how to adjust the algorithm, as we do regular lottery sites, we optimize the chain or focus, is also important factor influence our Lottery station in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, how to increase the stability of the lottery website chain quickly has been the pursuit of our website efforts. This paper aims to summarize the lottery website to increase the chain of methods and techniques, involving the methods are proven effective, hope to help novice Shanghai dragon er. read more

How to combine the theory and practice of Shanghai Dragon

station optimization

station is to let everyone know the spider crawling, we do in the station optimization is to surround the search engine optimization of matching way, such as title, meta, ALT and so on, these are extracted from our website information in order to let the spider crawling our website can be better, and put forward the the website information is generally the most certainly stand keywords, and I say this as we all know, but said to be made one of theory and practice, so you may feel more difficult, in fact, do practice when there is a trick, we can be modified according to the theory, the theory of course is dead, is living and we can also modify the optimization in practice, this may also draw our own methods, it is recommended for some veteran, if you say Is a novice, you can put your understanding of the theory of full implementation on the site, of course, at the time of implementation will have some difficulties, so I will put my method to do the optimization of the write down, for you to practice the control, of course if you don’t agree with my method can be modified, if no improvement, you can be optimized according to my method, the following methods: read more

The old owners about the chain is important for Shanghai Dragon

said the Shanghai dragon, the first reaction of many people is outside the chain, the chain indeed plays a crucial role in Shanghai Longfeng rankings, external links can be said to be one of the most direct factor reflects the rankings shows that the chain is very large for the role of Shanghai dragon. This seemingly simple external links, actually do is not simple, especially we need to get a place at the same time through the chain, also want to get the weight value. The only way to complement each other, the chain will have the value chain, the largest value of course is to make the site get high weight, and good rankings. read more