Take 3 minutes to know the search engine fathers

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the next chapter: how that included mechanism of love Shanghai, enhance the website

If you ask the sun

small house search engine is what? It generally has two kinds: the answer is not love Shanghai, Google…… (the name of the website they say it, if not used search will not know what). There is a lot of data collecting system, it will display the search to find relevant content (V). The author believes that those who provide the data searching method, it is a search engine. Have you thought of, in addition to the use of what had just mentioned do not use other search engines? Then you will know you did not leave the original search engine every hour and moment, do not believe that it would now find a case for a demonstration…… read more

Good skills of Taobao share guest single page

, a single page to determine the promotion of core products

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today to the webmaster friends to talk about and do several techniques and methods of Taobao guest single page. I believe we all know, single page is one of the extended form of Taobao customers more mainstream at present, because of its strong directivity, high conversion rate, the establishment and maintenance difficulty is relatively simple and easy, so many webmaster friends of all ages. But many webmaster do single page just blindly do website optimization and promotion of Shanghai dragon while ignoring the user experience, even though there may be thousands of IP every day, but really into profits only a few single. This situation there are two reasons: the first one is your "positioning is not clear, the content is too complicated, in the customer can not find what you want to see. The second is the optimization of the key words are too biased in the long term, so click people just to find some basic information and evaluation, such as: "how to" hand soap wash such words, the customer is in basic in order to understand the "soap" of this product, rather than looking to buy channels, this will only make us do Wangzhuan do a thankless task. In doing so, Taobao customers, first is to improve the conversion rate, because the conversion rate can be said to be a basic guarantee of improving the profit. Here is my personal guest experience built Taobao, hope to share here to help read more