Misreading Evidence for Early Man

first_imgPaleoanthropology has a long history of misinterpreting evidence and committing spectacular blunders. Are we seeing more examples right now?How leading experts can be fooled.In his latest book, Evolution’s Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries (CMI, 2017), Dr Jerry Bergman documents the long history of ‘fake science’ that fooled the world’s experts, sometimes for decades. The episodes are almost comical if they had not been so misleading to the public. Piltdown Man and Nebraska Man are just two of the more famous frauds he details, but there were many others. If the experts of the past could be so wrong, shouldn’t we expect today’s experts can also be wrong? We should expect exactly that, since they share the same worldview assumptions that led earlier anthropologists astray. As Bergman demonstrates, the strong desire to confirm evolution often led scientists down the primrose path into error. All the while, they lambasted creationists who doubted their so-called evidence. But the creationists were right. And tragically, generations of students grew up accepting evolution based on fraudulent “evidence” presented by self-proclaimed experts.Bergman quotes experts bluffing with an air of certainty about what turned out to be outright frauds. Such statements were made by world experts like Henry Fairfield Osborne (head of the American Museum of Natural History) and Sir Arthur Smith Woodward (head of the London Natural History Museum, who built his career on Piltdown Man). Their statements are laughable in hindsight, but it wasn’t just a few who goofed. Someone estimated that 500 scientific papers were published about Piltdown Man before it was exposed as a shoddy forgery!—and that is beside other statements in textbooks and popular articles not only in America but around the world (Bergman, p 140). Visitors to natural histories were treated to displays of Piltdown Man for years before its exposure in 1952. It was touted as evidence for evolution at the Scopes Trial, as was Nebraska Man, the fictional ape-man built out of a pig’s tooth.Let’s look at some recent examples that show today’s experts might have not fully recovered from the tendency to make evolutionary mountains out of evidential molehills. As usual, we will be quoting only pro-evolutionist sources.Sporadic sampling, not climatic forcing, drives observed early hominin diversity (PNAS). This surprising open-access paper by Maxwell, Hopley, Upchurch and Soligo in America’s leading science journal pulls the rug out from under a story long told by paleoanthropologists. The story is that climate change drove human evolution. For instance, a warming climate in Africa, they say, drove apes out of the trees onto the ground, where they learned to walk and evolved upright posture. That’s just one example of interpretations about ‘hominins’ based on climate change. Climate had little (if anything) to do with human evolution, these four warn. From their mathematical analysis, they find that paleoanthropologists made unwarranted inferences due to sampling bias. The diversity they found, that they have assumed was due to climate change, is more a matter of (1) how easy it was to reach the fossils and (2) how hard teams worked to collect them. Notice that this paper is by believers in human evolution and millions of years.Paleoanthropologists have long been intrigued by the observed patterns of human evolution, including species diversity, and often invoked climatic change as the principal driver of evolutionary change. Here, we investigate whether the early hominin fossil record is of suitable quality to test these climate-forcing hypotheses. Specifically, we compare early hominin diversity to sampling metrics that quantify changes in fossil preservation and sampling intensity between 7 and 1 million years ago. We find that observed diversity patterns are governed by sporadic sampling and do not yield a genuine evolutionary signal. Many more fossil discoveries are required before existing hypotheses linking climate and evolution can be meaningfully tested….We find that apparent relationships between early hominin diversity and indicators of climatic instability are, in fact, driven largely by variation in suitable rock exposure and collection effort.Human-like walking mechanics evolved before the genus Homo (Science Daily). Behold a just-so story in the making: “Ancient footprints help researchers date the switch from a crouched to more straight-legged gait.” Yep; the old Laetoli footprints are back. Those are the famous prints supposedly made by relatives of Lucy that look just like modern human footprints (22 March 2010). This should not be. Because of the mismatch between expectations and reality, evolutionists are forced to explain how an ape evolved modern feet. Here we go, Tontology and all: “A close examination of 3.6-million-year-old hominin footprints discovered in Laetoli, Tanzania, suggests our ancestors evolved the hallmark trait of extended leg, human-like bipedalism substantially earlier than previously thought.” Who thought that? Certainly not creationists, who deny that the prints are 3.6 million years old.Well, if scientists could write scientific papers about Piltdown Man in the 1920s, they can write scientific papers about fictional apes with human feet today. Why? They need those millions of years for apes to become people. If the feet are jumping the selectionist gun, they must somehow be forced into the timeline. Notice how the authors draw the public into their own deception, implicating innocent bystanders in errors committed by evolutionists:Ever since scientists realized that humans evolved from a succession of primate ancestors, the public imagination has been focused on the inflection point when those ancestors switched from ape-like shuffling to walking upright as we do today. Scientists have long been focused on the question, too, because the answer is important to understanding how our ancestors lived, hunted and evolved.Were you focused on that? Don’t let fallible experts blame you for their faults. The shameful quotes in the article, sounding so certain (see Bluffing in the Baloney Detector), could have been written by Henry Fairfield Osborne. Today’s paleoanthropologists cannot bring themselves to admit that they were wrong. No way can they bring themselves to believe that actual modern humans walked across that plain, when their dating system requires that the layer is millions of  years old!Genomics study in Africa—demographic history and deleterious mutations (Pasteur Institute via Phys.org). Raw data are getting in the way of a good Darwin story again. Evolutionists know that mutations should accumulate in small groups. They predicted that the pygmies and Bantu peoples of Africa would show differences in accumulation of mutations based on the hunter-gatherer lifestyle of the former, and the agricultural lifestyle of the latter. Well, they were wrong. Notice the phrase, “Against all expectations”—but it was not against creationist expectations! Notice also the assumption of natural selection, and the Darwinists’ favorite phrase, “shed light” on evolution:The scientists focused their research on a comparison of populations that lived through one of the most significant socio-cultural transitions in human history: the transition to agriculture. By comparing the genome diversity of more than 300 individuals from groups of forest hunter-gatherers (pygmies) and farmers (Bantu-speaking peoples) in western and eastern Central Africa, the study aimed to shed light on the way in which demographic changes associated with the Neolithic transition also influenced the efficacy of natural selection. “We therefore characterized the genetic structure of these populations using exome sequencing data [editor’s note: the exome is a fraction of the genome that contains protein-coding regions] and used computer modeling techniques to reconstruct changes in population size over the past 200,000 years,” continues Lluis Quintana.Against all expectations, his team observed that the current groups of forest hunter-gatherers are descendants of prosperous ancestral populations with a genetic size comparable to that of the farmers’ ancestors. Simulations also indicate the existence of genetic admixture between the groups more than 20,000 years ago.This cannot be. In a desperate theory-rescue operation, the authors invoked “purifying selection” to explain why “the current burden of mutations is similar in the two groups, despite their different demographic histories and lifestyles.” Purifying selection is to natural selection what an eraser is to a pencil: it erases mutations, which are supposed to be the raw material for monkey-and-typewriter Shakespearean plays. And lo and behold, what do you know, but that there had been “a strong and constant admixture with farmers” by the pygmies! I.e., they intermarried. So that, dear public, is why “No differences were detected in the number and severity of mutations carried by forest hunter-gatherers and farmers.” But never forget: evolution is a fact!Bergman’s book is excellent. Get it. Read it. Learn how wrong evolutionists have been, can be, and still are. 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Follow coverage of the 2017 Midwest Crop Tour

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Corn, soybeans and a solar eclipse! All three should make this year’s Farm Journal Midwest Crop Tour very interesting.All week long, I will be on one of nearly 40 teams of 4 will venture out into the great unknown. As we spider-web our way from Ohio west and from the Dakotas east, covering 80% of the corn and soybean regions of the United States, we will dig a little deeper into the nearly harvest-ready corn fields and the soybean fields working on filling out those last few pods.If you have to see it to believe it when it comes to the 2017 crops, get ready to ride along with me as I share what I am seeing all week long on the Farm Journal Midwest Crop Tour.Get my coverage of Day #1You can also follow my coverage at OhioAgNet.com and on Facebook and Twitter..last_img read more

Working with a Green Screen Is Easier than Ever — Here’s Why

first_img1. Start with the Right GreenIf you’re going to shoot outside and you don’t have control over the brightness, start with the right material, and get a proper chroma key green. If you’re shooting inside, get a digi green, which will give you a nice, clean green. If you have RGB-capable LEDs and can light with green, you’ll get the right exposure with much less brightness, and as a result, have less spill.2. Separate from Your SubjectIt’s important to have your green screen and your subject at least six feet away from one another, so you’re not contaminating your subject with spill from the green. You also want to light them separately (i.e. you want to light the green screen with green and your talent however you desire, but ensure that there is a clean separation between the two).3. Raw Is KingShoot in at least 422, but most probably raw. Raw has a whole separate channel for the green screen, so you can avoid color contamination, or chroma sub-sampling that will mess up the edges of your key.4. Expose the Background ProperlyYou need a 30-40 percent brightness green screen for a clean key. The easiest way is to see a consistent line across your waveform — if your camera is capable of displaying one. You should do this even if your subject is dark. Light the background and foreground separately.5. Eliminate Motion BlurYou also want your shutter speed above 1/100 or 90 degrees if you’re using that measurement. This reduces motion blur and stops the green from being dragged into the blurred elements of your main subject. If you’re not aiming for that Saving Private Ryan staccato motion, you can add motion blur back in post, but it’s going to be a lot easier once you’ve keyed your subject.6. Let the Software Do the WorkNew keying software, like the Delta Keyer in DaVinci Resolve, can give you a single-click key because they use artificial intelligence to analyze your image and make educated guesses about the right settings. You really can have a “one-click” key if everything else is exposed correctly.This took only five minutes to get a beautifully keyed-out background. You can do green screen almost as easily as you can color grade your footage, so absolutely experiment with it! See how you can push back the limits of storytelling, expand the world you’re creating, and generally push your filmmaking to a whole new level.Looking for more video tutorials? Check these out.Stabilizing GoPro Footage with the Unique ReelSteady GO AppQuality vs. Quantity: What Should You Record While Traveling?Editing Tips: Sorting Footage and Creating Quality TimelinesFrom The Wizard of Oz to Transformers: 100 Years of Color GradingCreative Uses for Bokeh Overlays + Free Prism Bokeh Pack In recent years, working with a green screen has changed. Take a look at a few new factors that have made the process easier than ever.When I was directing TV commercials ten years ago, green screen was a much-used-but-incredibly-painful, process. Green screens were made of plastic, they were very shiny, and they would often develop creases. The only option was to light them with tungsten or fluorescent light, which spilled green everywhere and clashed with skin tones. Once you got footage into post-production, you had to overlay multiple different keyers, with different ranges, as well as use garbage mattes to finesse the shot. You did all this difficult work to get something usable, and you usually had to manually rotoscope out things that went wrong. It was hard, finicky work, and it wasn’t something you looked forward to doing.last_img read more

Mystery woman in the Indian contingent was a volunteer for the London Olympics: Report

first_imgThe woman, Madhura Honey, who walked with the Indian contingent at the opening parade of Olympics 2012 in London, was reportedly a volunteer for the Games and she managed to sneak into the team using a pass.According to reliable sources, Madhura Honey, who hailed from Bangalore, was pursuing her post-graduate studies in the UK. She had enrolled as a volunteer for the Games. She studied in a reputed college in Bangalore in 2009 before moving to UK.”She had informed her parents that she would be seen on the big screen during the inaugural ceremony of the Games. We knew that she was part of the cast group and a volunteer. But all of us were shocked to see her walking along with our country’s contingent,” one of Madhura’s friends, who did not wish to be identified, said.Madhura had even put up her special pass to the Olympics on her Facebook account. She deactivated her account after she hogged the limelight for what is being considered as a major security breach.According to Madhura’s friend, her family, which is in Bangalore, is worried about her future. “They have stayed away from their friends after their daughter was seen on the TV during the live telecast of Olympics. So far, the parents have not been contacted by any representative of the Indian government,” she added.Apparently, Madhura was too excited about the Games and had informed her friends in Bangalore about her being part of the entertainment group. “She had shared her excitement with a common friend. But we don’t know how she managed to obtain the pass,” the friend said.advertisementlast_img read more

SA State League Grand Finals

first_imgAn exciting last few rounds meant that grand final teams were not decided until the end of the final round, with both second placed teams qualifying for the grand final on percentage alone.In the Women’s Open division, the Central Scorpions easily sealed their position at the top of the table, remaining undefeated for the whole season. The Northern Vipers got the job done on Carnival Day to snatch second spot and set themselves up with a chance to do what no team has been able to do this year. Whilst the Central Scorpions will go into the Grand Final firm favourites, the Northern Vipers showed solid form on Carnival Day and are expected to provide quite a challenge. The final will be played at 6.30pm, with the match poised to be an epic contest. In a similar occurrence of events, the Defence Eagles remained undefeated in the Men’s Open division, sealing top spot comfortably. This left the Northern Vipers and South West Wolves to fight it out for second position on the ladder, with the Northern Vipers managing to do enough on the day to progress to the final. The Defence Eagles are highly fancied to take out the title, but the Northern Vipers cannot be overlooked after some impressive performances throughout the minor rounds. The two teams will meet at 7.30pm in the final.2011/12 State League Grand FinalsWomen’s Final – 6.30pmCentral Scorpions v Northern VipersMen’s Final – 7.30pm Defence Eagles v Northern VipersTo keep up-to-date with all of the latest news and results from the finals of the 2011/12 State League, please visit the Touch Football South Australia website:www.touchsa.com.aulast_img read more

10 months agoDugarry: Man Utd sacking Mourinho bad news for PSG

first_imgDugarry: Man Utd sacking Mourinho bad news for PSGby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveFrench World Cup winner Christophe Dugarry admits the sacking of Jose Mourinho is bad news for PSG.Manchester United axed Mourinho on Tuesday morning.And considering PSG’s Champions League tie with United, Dugarry lamented to RMC: “This is bad news for PSG, that’s for sure. It is enough that (Paul) Pogba and (Alexis) Sanchez regain their level to change the face of the team. This is the worst news for Paris. There may also be recruits this winter too. “After, PSG is strong and has taken steps. It remains a lower strength than that of PSG. A coach can change a squad. There are very good players, even if there are no very talented players, out of the ordinary. On the other hand, the fans of United, it’s scary…” TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

a month agoNevin: Kante, Rudiger as important to Chelsea as Van Dijk, Salah to Liverpool

first_imgNevin: Kante, Rudiger as important to Chelsea as Van Dijk, Salah to Liverpoolby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the lovePat Nevin says Chelsea losing N’Golo Kante and Antonio Rudiger is similar to Liverpool without Virgil van Dijk and Mohamed Salah.Kante has missed most of the season with injury, but made his return in Sunday’s 2-1 loss to the Reds at Stamford Bridge, while Rudiger remains sidelined.And former Blues winger Nevin thinks their absence has impacted the team heavily, just as the loss of van Dijk and Salah would hinder Jurgen Klopp’s side.He wrote on the club’s website: “N’Golo and Toni Rudiger would have been handy to call on obviously but when you add Callum Hudson-Odoi and Ruben Loftus-Cheek, it just underlines how harsh it has been. “Look at Liverpool for example, they seem to go close to season after season with scarcely a long-term injury to any of their recognised starting 11 players.”The analogy would be if you took Liverpool’s best defender Van Dijk out of the team the way Rudiger has missed the start with us, and then removed their world-class player Mo Salah like we have had to do without Kante. “What sort of difference do you think it would make to their team? I just cannot wait until Frank has every single one of his top players fit, available and on form and I bet he can’t too.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Lingard delighted with first goal for England

Lingard delighted with first goal for England

first_imgJesse Lingard has described it as an incredible moment for him to have scored his first goal for England in their 1-0 win over the Netherlands on TuesdayIn his ninth appearance for the national side, Lingard scored the goal that sealed a 1-0 win over Holland at the Johan Cruijff Arena and impressed again in their 1-1 draw against Italy with his overall energy and work-rate having been a key factor during the friendly.“I have had to work hard to get in the starting XI for England. Now all I can do is carry on, work harder and see where it gets me.” said Lingard told BBC.“Playing for England is always a big honour anyway and to score my first goal was amazing. It is a massive moment in my career.”harry maguire, manchester UnitedMaguire says United need to build on today’s win George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Harry Maguire wants his United teammates to build on the victory over Leicester City.During the summer, Harry Maguire was referred to as the ultimate…Now that the international break is over, Lingard will now be returning his focus in aiding Manchester United with both their Premier League and FA Cup campaigns.“We have a lot of games to go for Manchester United and that is the most important thing at the moment,” said the 25 year-old.“I have to do my job here and then see what happens.”last_img read more