Apple TV censors “China Uncensored” show

first_img Mongolia : RSF urges presidential candidates to voice support for press freedom Help by sharing this information An accommodating attitude that could spreadRSF condemns Apple’s subservience to the Chinese regime, which could encourage other international content providers to censor themselves in exchange for commercial advantages from the Chinese authorities.The behaviour of Apple, which has its headquarters in Cupertino, California, is all the more incomprehensible because it is one of the world’s most powerful multinationals, one that made more than 46 billion dollars in profit last year alone.When contacted by RSF, Apple declined to comment. “We do not issue statements in response to this kind of information,” a spokesperson said. Censoring content and blocking freedom of information is obviously not the best kind of public relations.China continues to be ranked almost at the bottom of RSF’s World Press Freedom Index (176th out of 180 countries), while Taiwan and Hong Kong are ranked 51st and 69th respectively. RSF_en June 7, 2021 Find out more ChinaHong KongTaiwanAsia – Pacific Condemning abusesOnline freedoms Freedom of expressionInternet Receive email alerts Follow the news on Asia – Pacific June 10, 2021 Find out more News China Uncensored, which can also be seen on YouTube, openly sets out to combat Chinese propaganda. It mocks the regime, carries news about dissidents and persecuted minorities and is produced by New York-based New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD.TV), which is affiliated to the Falun Gong, a religious movement that is persecuted in China. UPDATE:Apple TV finally ended its censorship of the show and has approved it in all three territories – Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. RSF welcomes this decision and thanks those media outlets that, by reporting the censorship, help to get it lifted.Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemns Apple’s blocking of the satirical Web TV show China Uncensored not only in Mainland China but also in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Apple’s extension of its blocking to territories not subject to Chinese law is a dangerous example of international corporate submission to the demands of Chinese censorship.The consumer electronics giant seems to have had no hesitation about making generous concessions to China’s authoritarian regime in order to keep itself afloat in the Chinese market. That at least is the impression one gets from its decision last month to make China Uncensored available on the Apple TV app everywhere except China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In rural India, journalists face choice between covering pandemic and survival Pakistani TV anchor censored after denouncing violence against journalists News to go further News June 2, 2021 Find out more Is Apple scared of the Chinese authorities?“We vehemently condemn this unacceptable act of censorship and we are alarmed by the apparent insouciance with which Apple, one of the giants of online programme distribution, seems ready to sacrifice freedom of information for the sake of its market share”, said Cédric Alviani, the head of RSF’s Taipei bureau, which covers Northern Asia.China is Apple’s second biggest market, after the United States and before Europe. But it is a market in which nothing can be taken for granted. Last year, Apple suffered a major fall in its sales and in its share of the Chinese market to its Chinese rivals. Is Apple trying to ingratiate itself with the Chinese authorities in the wake of these setbacks? Apple has already made a habit of withdrawing certain apps from the Apple Store in China on the grounds of complying with local law. But this is new. This time Apple is taking its self-censorship much further, and including territories not subject to Chinese law. News Organisation ChinaHong KongTaiwanAsia – Pacific Condemning abusesOnline freedoms Freedom of expressionInternet April 18, 2017 – Updated on June 6, 2017 Apple TV censors “China Uncensored” show Chris Chappell dans China Uncensored Chinese censorship on the riseContent blocking in response to a formal request from the Chinese government is unfortunately not new. Apple removed the New York Times app from the Apple Store in China last January, but the app remained available in its Hong Kong and Taiwan stores.Chris Chappell, China Uncensored’s host, said: “I totally understand why we’re blocked in Mainland China. We’re clearly disrupting the Communist Party’s harmonious propaganda…but Hong Kong and Taiwan are not supposed to be under Chinese law.”Although China recovered sovereignty over Hong Kong in 1997, the territory has Special Administrative Region status which explicitly guarantees freedom of expression. Although China claims sovereignty over Taiwan, it has functioned in practice as a sovereign state known as the Republic of China for half a century.“Taiwan and Hong Kong represent two alternative models of Chinese-culture societies, ones with a well-established tradition of freedom of expression,” Alviani added. “Blocking a Web TV show critical of Mainland Chinese propaganda in these territories is no small matter.”last_img read more

Court hearings move online as fight against graft must go on

first_imgorking from home takes on a whole new meaning in the fight against graft in Indonesia, with courts moving to the virtual world to hear corruption cases. The trials will also be live-streamed to make them accessible for the general public.The Law and Human Rights Ministry said all court hearings could be held with suspects staying at their detention centers and not having to show up at the court, according to the Corruption Eradication Commission. The Supreme Court had earlier ordered to suspend all trials in view of the coronovirus outbreak, except for cases where a defendant’s detention period is about to end and cannot be extended.The ruling follows a government instruction to suspend all public gatherings and practice physical distancing to prevent the virus from spreading.Read also: Selected trials continue despite COVID-19, Supreme Court saysBut in a letter to the Supreme Court, the Law and Human Rights Ministry said trials could be conducted with the use of video-conference technology and hearings could be made accessible to the public by live-streaming them, KPK spokesman Ali Fikri said Thursday.The KPK and the Central Jakarta District Court, in which most trial on corruption cases handled by the antigraft body are held, had agreed to proceed with virtual hearings while observing the protocols, he said, adding that they had successfully tested the procedure.The KPK has the power to detain suspects for up to 120 days. (mfp)Topics :last_img read more

BATTLE FOR POWER: MORE Power takes control of PECO substations, assets

first_imgIn March 2019 MORE Power asked RTC Iloilo City Branch 37 to issuea writ of possession authorizing it to take immediate control, operation, use,and disposition of PECO’s power distribution system assets. * Tabuc Suba, Jaro substation (land,machinery) Armed witha Writ of Possession from the Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 23 andsupported by court sheriffs and a battalion of policemen to diffuse resistance,it was able to enter the following PECO power substations yesterday beginningat 10 a.m.: * Baldoza-La Paz substation (landincluding all machineries and improvements, buildings) Court sheriffs post the Writ of Possession issued by the Regional Trial Court, Branch 23 on the building of Panay Electric Co. on General Luna Street, Iloilo City for MORE Electric and Power Corp. “to exercise possession and control” of power distribution facilities. IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN MOREPower countered: “The contention ofPECO that MORE Power’s personnel shut off PECO’s internetconnection and disallowed the switchboard personnel from working is abald-faced lie. In order to do that, MORE Power would have had to disconnectthe internet connection of the switchboard from the Main Server which islocated inside the PECO main building. It is impossible because no one fromMORE Power ever entered nor attempted to enter the PECO main building.” * serve the writ in a peaceful manner Nevertheless, according to MORE Power,“in order to ensure continuity of services to the consumers of Iloilo City,MORE Power troubleshooters and line team are mobilized to provide assistance asmay be needed.” * General Luna substation (Meter Lab,Power Plant Building and Switchboard House) The Writ ofPossession was served but not without some tension at PECO’s power substationon General Luna Street where it main building is also located. * Bolilao, Mandurriao substation(land, buildings, and machinery) PECOadministrative manager Marcelo Cacho refused to receive the writ. Court sheriffs thus just posted it on the building then declaredthat it was good as served. The courtalso ordered MORE Power and PECO to submit their respective proposals as totheir timelines on the following matters: In seeking the expropriation of PECO’s assets, MORE Power citedSection 10 of RA 11212 and Rule 67 Section 2 of the Revised Rules of Courtauthorizing it to take possession of, exercise control over, and manage andoperate all of the power distribution assets in Iloilo City. As this wasbeing written last night, MORE Power was set to also enter the Molo substation (land, and buildings, machinery) on AvanceñaStreet. * maintain the status quo of theoperation so as to give time for MORE Power to orient / train / immerse itspersonnel before it fully takes control of the operation To ensurethe continuous supply of electricity in Iloilo City, the court issued guidelines on how to go about enforcing the writ. Amongthese were: * turnoverof records like the list of consumers *transition period *accounting MORE Power also petitioned the court to determine the reasonablevalue of PECO’s power distribution system assets for just compensation, thenorder the transfer of the ownership of these upon payment of a justcompensation./PNcenter_img * see to itthat no PECO personnel in the rank and file would be displaced during thetransition period Category Cwere properties excluded in the writ because they were either under theclassification  “general plant” or  not listed under the “distribution  plant” in the ERC record. These included pole stockyards on Diversion Road, Mandurriao district, land setaside for future substation in Barangay General Hughes, City Proper, servicevehicles not used for maintenance troubleshooting purposes, PECO officebuilding, elevator and parking area, office furniture and fixtures, computers andsoftware, and miscellaneous equipment which might contain important documentsand trade secrets of PECO. * inventoryof personal properties under Category A MORE Powerand PECO traded accusations yesterday as the takeover was in progress. Accordingto PECO, “MORE Power has stationed personnel inour switchboard and meter lab facilities. As of now our trouble call hotlinesin relation to restoring power interruptions cannot get through the switchboardbecause MORE’s personnel shut off our internet connection and disallowed ourswitchboard personnel from working accordingly. As much as we would like toserve our valued consumers, MORE is not allowing usto do so and our troubleshooters and line teams cannot get any instructionsfrom our switchboard.” * inventoryof real properties already under the possession of MORE Power * documentsrelevant to the operation of the distribution system, among others For thepurpose of the issuance of a Writ of Possession, RTCBranch 23 categorized PECO’s properties into three – A, B and C. The expropriation of PECO’s assets in its favor, according to MOREPower, would allow it to “immediately address and correct poor services,overcharging, frequent brownouts, expensive rates, old and unsafe facilitiesand practices, and other service deficiencies that this city’s power users andconsumers had long suffered.” Category B,on the other hand, are PECO assets listed under the“distribution plant” in the Energy Regulation Commission (ERC) record. Theseinclude meter lab, power plant building, switchboard house, and otherbuildings. Category Bproperties were also covered by the Writ of Possession. ILOILO City– MORE Electric and Power Corp. (MORE Power) has started the process of takingover the power distribution facilities of Panay Electric Co. (PECO) as newpower distributor here. “Theprimary goal of the court is a smooth and peaceful transition of operation, toprotect the public interest of the people of Iloilo City and its businesses,and to ensure the uninterrupted supply of electricity,” stressed JudgeContreras. PECO’s franchise expired on Jan. 19,2019. It failed to secure an extension or a new one from Congress which citedthe many complaints from consumers over, among others, erroneous billing, poorcustomer service and high rates. Judge Emerald Requina-Contreras ofRTC, Branch 23, in a ruling dated Feb. 20, 2020, ordered the court sheriff “toplace MORE Power in possession” of PECO’s identified power distributionproperties for expropriation. * install MORE Power which may deployits personnel to man and oversee the substations to exercise its possession andcontrol of the distribution facilities, but the operation should still behandled by PECO personnel who has the technical expertise It was not, however, a full MORE Powertakeover of PECO’s operation as the two companies are still in a transitionperiod of two years, as provided for in MORE Power’s franchise law, RepublicAct 11212. This could be gleaned from the addendum to the Writ of Possessionissued by Judge Contreras yesterday. Category A were properties included inthe writ which PECO did not contest as power distribution assets. These werewhat were taken over yesterday by MORE Power: the substations, personalproperties directly in electric distribution (electric meters, poles,transformers, transmission and distribution equipment composed of primary andsecondary lines on the streets of Iloilo City, and service vehicles andequipment used directly in the distribution, maintenance and trouble-shootingactivities). On Feb. 14, 2019 President RodrigoDuterte signed into law MORE Power’s franchise, Republic Act (RA) 11212.last_img read more

Sharks winning streak reaches six games with dramatic win

first_imgWINNIPEG, Manitoba — Through injuries, jet-lag and a string of playoff-hungry opponents, the Sharks streak goes on.The Sharks extended their winning streak to six games on Tuesday, improving to 6-0 without Erik Karlsson and Evander Kane with a 5-4 win over the Winnipeg Jets. Joe Pavelski scored the winner with just 3.6 seconds left on the clock, chipping in a pass from Timo Meier on a 2-on-1 play.With the win, the Sharks kept their hold on first place in the Pacific Division as the Calgary …last_img read more

Road and bridge infrastructure could get a boost with increased Ohio “Gas Tax”

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Joel PenhorwoodThe nature of modern agriculture means farmers are more in tune than most with fluctuating gas and diesel prices. A newly proposed ‘Gas Tax’ by Gov. Mike DeWine would raise the state’s tax of fuel from the current 28-cents-per-gallon to 46 cents.The reason behind the proposed increase? A significant shortfall in the state’s road and bridge maintenance budget, something the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) looks to near $1 billion by 2030 if unabated.Mike Steenhoek, executive director of the Soy Transportation Coalition, said it comes down to an increasing cost for road work, an unpleasant, though unavoidable, reality.“Neither I nor anyone I know, particularly farmers, embrace the opportunity to pay more taxes to federal, state, or local government, but one of the things I do keep coming back to is the cost of building and maintaining roads and bridges goes up over time,” Steenhoek said. “That’s not a statement of opinion, that’s a statement of fact. If you’re not going to have revenue keep pace with it, you’re going to have a funding gap and you’re going to have dilapidated and degraded roads and bridges.“Because a lot of people in the United States have come to that reality, we’ve had 26 states since 2013 that have actually voted to increase their fuel tax. These are states that are led by Republicans, led by Democrats, whether governor or in the legislature, there has been this growing consensus that we need to invest in these roads and bridges.”Compared to neighboring states, the 18-cent increase would rank Ohio second only behind Pennsylvania’s 57-cent-per-gallon tax. Michigan stands at 44.1 cents, Indiana at 42.9, West Virginia charges 35.7-cents-per-gallon, and Kentucky’s 26-cent duty comes in close to Ohio’s current amount.Gov. DeWine is looking for the funding change as part of the two-year, $7.4 billion transportation budget. The change would raise $1.2 billion a year for road and bridge work.When it comes down to it, how much money will it cost the taxpayer? For 30,000 miles driven in a year at an average of 25 miles per gallon, the yearly tax amount would raise the expenditure for an average motorist from an estimated total of $336 to $552 under the increased funding.“You’ve got to make sure the money the taxpayers invest actually goes to its intended projects. What really starts derailing it is when that money gets siphoned off for projects that are unrelated to infrastructure, so you need to make sure that money is going to roads and bridges,” Steenhoek said.A notable part of the proposed increase is that after 2020, it would go up along with the rate of inflation. Steenhoek said the Soy Transportation Coalition is a supporter of that idea.“We have suggested and continue to suggest that indexing it to the Consumer Price Index to inflation will help make sure that you don’t have these perpetual funding gaps, because when you have a fixed X-many cents tax per gallon of fuel, that results in a fixed sense of revenue,” he said.Ohio officials said the continual change with inflation is needed in order to stop revisiting the same subject in subsequent years. However, the landscape of fueling travel is changing from more than just fossil fuels. Vehicles that don’t use gallons to measure fuel are being seen more often on today’s roads. Steenhoek noted the issue will be a focus down the road.“When you have a fixed sense of revenue and escalating cost, you’re eventually going to find yourself in that same situation with funding gaps,” Steenhoek said. “Longer term though, as cars become more fuel efficient, as you’ve seen more alternative fuel vehicles on the road, the gasoline tax and the diesel tax will be less reliable in providing for the financial needs of roads and bridges. There is a lot of discussion about eventually do we need to transition to a tax or a fee associated not with the gallons of fuel you purchase, but the with the miles and number of miles you drive.”Though talks on the subject have included user fees, DeWine did not recommend new charges to alternative fuel vehicle drivers.“There’s obviously a lot of potential concerns with that,” Steenhoek said. “Longer term, I do think it makes a lot of sense to transition to that. The public’s not ready for it in a lot of areas of the country, but there are pilot projects that are going on in certain areas of the country to acclimate people to this potential, but again, the tax on gasoline and diesel will be less reliable in the future. I don’t think we have any plans of removing roads from operation — that may be an opportunity in the future to have a more sustainable way of paying for this surface transportation system.”It should be kept in mind that when it comes to farm use, taxes undergo unique rules, and fuel is no different. Larry Gearhardt with the OSU Extension Taxation Program, said the following in a 2014 tax bulletin.“Unlike the federal law, Ohio law does not contain a specific exemption from the fuel tax for ‘use on a farm for farming purposes.’ Instead, Ohio law provides that any person who uses any motor fuel for any purpose other than the operation of motor vehicles upon highways or upon waters within the boundaries of this state shall be reimbursed the amount of the tax paid. (ORC 5735.14). Therefore, the distinction turns on whether or not the use was on a public highway or water of the state.”Read the full piece at this link.According to the Statehouse News Bureau, the transportation budget has to be signed by March 31.last_img read more

State League Wrap

first_imgThe Stingrays claimed the overall regional championship by just five points from the Vipers, who they met in both the Premier and B Division grand finals. The Vipers got one back on their rivals however, causing a major upset in the B Division grand final, 5-4.In the Premier Division, both the Stingrays and the Vipers were evenly matched throughout the season, finishing the round games on even points. The two teams met once during the season prior to the grand final, with the Vipers beating the Stingrays 4-2 in round three.  The Stingrays got out to an impressive start in the final, taking a 4-1 lead before heavy rain set in. The Vipers made the most of the conditions, scoring twice to get themselves back into the game before two more touchdowns to the Stingrays put the game beyond doubt, winning by three touchdowns.In the B Division, the Stingrays were favourites going into the final, having not lost a game throughout the season. This didn’t bother the Vipers however, who went to the half time break leading 3-2. Both teams scored twice in the second half, with the Stingrays unable to capitalise on good field position in the dying seconds to give the Vipers a one touchdown win. The South West Wolves’ Gino Geracitano and the Central Scorpions’ Caroline Pillman were rewarded for their strong seasons in the Premier Division, taking out the Most Valuable Player award. The Vipers’ Stuart Gregory and the Wolves’ Tara Naige were named the best players in the B Division, while Chris Denison-Smith was awarded the MVP for the best referee.VT LeagueThe Port Melbourne Soccer Club will host the finals series of the VT League on Saturday, 28 November 2009.The final rounds of the VT League were hosted by Bendigo Touch Association, with teams determined to finish the regular season in the best ladder position heading into finals. In round 14 of the Men’s Division, the Bayside Vipers were five touchdown winners over the Uni Blues, while the Northern Falcons and the Western Dodgers were both 9-6 winners over the Casey Cougars and the Melbourne City Lions respectively. In round 15 of the Men’s Division, the Blues were four touchdown winners over the Cougars, as were the Vipers over the Lions. The Dodgers were also winners in the final round, with their 10-7 win over the Falcons. After 15 rounds, the Vipers finished the season on top of the ladder, with 13 wins and two losses. The Dodgers finished in second position, with 10 wins and 5 losses from the 15 games, followed by the Blues in third position – just missing out on a top two finish by two points. The Lions finished in fourth place, closely followed by the Cougars in fifth, while the Northern Falcons finished in sixth position. In round 14 of the Women’s division, the Lions continued their dominance, recording their 14th consecutive win of the season over the Dodgers, 13-3. The Vipers also continued their good form, with their 5-1 win over the third placed Blues. The Falcons were also winners in round 14, with their seven touchdown win over the Cougars. In the final round of the Women’s division, the Vipers ensured that the Lions wouldn’t head into finals undefeated, winning by two touchdowns. The Blues cemented third spot on the ladder, with their three touchdown win over the fourth placed Falcons. The Dodgers were also winners in the final round, with their 5-3 win over the Cougars. Despite their round 15 loss, the Lions finished the season on the top of the ladder with 14 wins and one loss, closely followed by the Vipers with 12 wins and three losses. The Blues sit four points behind the Vipers on 35 points, with the Falcons finishing the season with four wins and 11 losses. The Dodgers finished with three win and 12 losses, while the Cougars finished in sixth position. In addition to rounds 14 and 15 of the VT League, Bendigo’s first ‘take away’ 20/20 Mixed Touch competition was also held last weekend.The 20/20 concept has been popular in Victoria, with tournaments being played in Traralgon and Bendigo in conjunction with the VT League throughout the season. With a maximum of seven players per team, the tournament is run as per the TFA drop off rules. The draw is random and drawn from a hat. Each team has three lives and once they have been beaten three times they are eliminated. A big day of finals will take place on Saturday, 28 November with elimination, semi and grand finals to be played in both the Men’s and Women’s divisions. The finals will commence at 2.00pm, with the Women’s elimination finals. In the first elimination final, the Falcons will take on the Dodgers, while the Blues will play the Cougars in the second elimination final. The Women’s semi finals will follow at 4.00pm, with the Lions to meet the winner of the Falcons versus Dodgers game, while the Vipers will play the winner of the Blues versus Cougars match.  The grand final will be played at 6.00pm.The Men’s finals will begin at 3.00pm, with the Lions taking on the Cougars, and the Blues to play the Falcons in the elimination finals. The Men’s semi finals will be played after the Women’s semis, with the Vipers to play the winner of the Lions versus Cougars game, while the Dodgers will meet the winner of the Falcons versus Blues match. The Men’s grand final will be played at 7.00pm, with presentations to follow at the conclusion of the final. For more information, please visit the following Super LeagueIt is also finals time in the ACT Super League, with the Canberra City Bears and the UC Otters qualifying for the grand final in the Women’s and Men’s grand finals respectively in two weeks time. In the Women’s division, round four saw the Canberra City Bears beat the previously undefeated Tuggeranong Valley Vikings by two touchdowns. In the other match, the Woden Eagles were 6-4 winners over the UC Otters.In round five, the Bears continued their impressive form, beating the Eagles by five touchdowns, while the Vikings were two touchdown winners over the Otters. In the final round of the regular season, the Bears were three touchdown winners over the Otters, while the Eagles and the Vikings played out a four-all draw. After six rounds, the Bears finished the season on top of the Super League ladder, with five wins and one loss. After winning their first three games of the season, the Vikings followed closely on 18 points, with four wins, one loss and one draw from their six games. The Eagles sit in third position, with the Otters in fourth place on the ladder. The Vikings will face the Eagles in the qualifying final on Thursday, 26 November 2009, with the winner to meet the Bears in the grand final on Thursday, 10 December at Deakin Touch fields. In the Men’s division, the Vikings were big winners in round four, with their seven touchdown win over the Bears. In the other match, the Otters defeated the Eagles 7-3.In round five, the Bears received their second big loss in a row, losing to the Eagles by 12 touchdowns. The Vikings and the Otters played out a seven-all draw in the other match of round five. In the final round of the season, the Otters continued their undefeated streak, beating the Bears by three touchdowns, while the Eagles defeated the Vikings 8-5. The Otters finished the six rounds with four wins and two draws, closely followed by the Eagles. The Vikings finished in third position, while the Bears finished in fourth place on the ladder. Like in the Women’s division, the Vikings will play the Eagles in the qualifying final, with the winner to take on the Otters in the grand final. For more information, please visit the following TOYOTA STATE LEAGUERESULTSPREMIER DIVISION GRAND FINALEastern Stingrays 6 def Northern Vipers 3B DIVISION GRAND FINALNorthern Vipers 5 def Eastern Stingrays 4VT LEAGUERESULTSWOMEN’S – ROUND 14Northern Falcons 10 def Casey Cougars 3Bayside Vipers 5 def Uni Blues 1Western Dodgers 3 def by Melbourne City Lions 13WOMEN’S – ROUND 15Melbourne City Lions 3 def by Bayside Vipers 5Casey Cougars 3 def by Western Dodgers 5Uni Blues 10 def Northern Falcons 7 MEN’S – ROUND 14Uni Blues 3 def by Bayside Vipers 8Northern Falcons 9 def Casey Cougars 6Melbourne City Lions 6 def by Western Dodgers 9MEN’S – ROUND 15Western Dodgers 10 def Northern Falcons 7Bayside Vipers 10 def Melbourne City Lions 6Casey Cougars 3 def by Uni Blues 7ACT SUPER LEAGUEWOMEN’S – ROUND FOURCanberra City Bears 5 def Tuggeranong Valley Vikings 3UC Otters 4 def by Woden Eagles 6WOMEN’S – ROUND FIVECanberra City Bears 8 def Woden Eagles 3Tuggeranong Valley Vikings 6 def UC Otters 4WOMEN’S – ROUND SIXCanberra City 8 def UC Otters 5Woden Eagles 4 drew with Tuggeranong Valley Vikings 4MEN’S – ROUND FOURCanberra City Bears 4 def by Tuggeranong Valley Vikings 11UC Otters 7 def Woden Eagles 3MEN’S – ROUND FIVECanberra City Bears 2 def by Woden Eagles 14Tuggeranong Valley Vikings 7 drew with UC Otters 7MEN’S – ROUND SIXCanberra City Bears 4 def by UC Otters 7Woden Eagles 8 def Tuggeranong Valley Vikings 5last_img read more

10 months agoReal Madrid coach Solari defends his players

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Real Madrid coach Solari defends his playersby Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveReal Madrid coach Santiago Solari has defended his players ahead of facing Real Sociedad.Madrid meet La Real on the back of a 2-2 draw with Villarreal.Solari said, “We’ve got a really busy month ahead of us, because we now have a game once every three days. The most important thing is that we keep our energy levels up in the matches and that we start to welcome the injured players back. It’s also important that we don’t pick up any more injuries.”Footballers aren’t machines. It’s tough when you have to play a game every three days and we have to be ready for that and go out and compete. The key thing in the league is that we continue to climb the table, we’ve moved up from ninth to fourth and have to keep closing the gap because it’s a battle right until the end. It’s in situations of adversity that your character shines through. The LaLiga season and the campaign will be a battle until the end.” last_img read more

China to see driverless cars in 35 years Baidu

Driverless cars, like this Apollo, could be seen on China’s roads ‘within three to five years’ Self-driving cars will hit the roads in China “within three to five years”, the founder of Chinese internet giant Baidu, one of the world’s leading designers of driverless cars, said Thursday. © 2018 AFP This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further Cars and speakers: Baidu speeds up AI progress Citation: China to see driverless cars in ‘3-5 years’: Baidu (2018, March 15) retrieved 18 July 2019 from That is a lot sooner than predicted by China’s information technology minister, who last week said it would only be reality in 8-10 years, citing constraints related to security.”I’m more optimistic than him, I think it will come sooner,” Baidu CEO Robin Li said in Beijing on the sidelines of a consultative political assembly of which he is a member.Baidu, often referred to as China’s Google, operates the country’s leading search engine and also invests heavily in services ranging from online payments to connected devices and artificial intelligence.Like Google, the Chinese company is spending on research and development to put a driverless car on the road.In 2019, in cooperation with local manufacturers, the Beijing-based company plans to launch a car featuring “a high degree of autonomy,” Li told reporters.”Highly automated driving means … for example, on a Beijing to Shanghai trip, as long as you stay on the highway, you will not have to worry about anything—you can eat hotpot or sing inside while you’re waiting to arrive,” he said.The driver would still, however, need to take the wheel again as soon as the car moved away from major highways.”But in the next three to five years, I believe totally autonomous cars will make their appearance on the roads,” he said.In September the company established a $1.5 billion fund dedicated to developing driverless cars. It also manages an open platform where it shares its technologies with designers and builders. read more