Dover Sprint Cup pit stall assignments

first_imgREAD: Pit crew key as Hamlin claws back ___________________________________________________________________________________________Comments are currently unavailable. We’re working on the development of a NASCAR fan forum – please stay tuned. For the second consecutive weekend, Denny Hamlin claimed the Coors Light Pole Award, which comes with it the opportunity to have the first choice of pit stalls.Hamlin picked the first stall at pit out heading into Turn 1 at Dover International Speedway.Martin Truex Jr., a native of Mayetta, N.J., will take pit stall 10 at the first opening on pit road at his home track, the Monster Mile.READ MORE: READ: Harvick’s late charge leads to 600 win READ: Latest news from Dover READ: Kenseth, Johnson hopes wrecked in 600 Coors Light Pole Award winner Denny Hamlin gets the first pick of pit stallslast_img read more

Jury finds Garvin George guilty of murdering Julien Junior Joseph

first_imgLegal scales. Image via: sturgislawyers.comA nine member jury has found Garvin George of Calibishie guilty of the death of Julien Junior Joseph of Vieille Case.At Wednesday’s High Court sitting the Director of Public Prosecutions Gene Pestaina in addressing the members of the jury said that this is an indictment in which we are alleging that on the 5th of February 2010 the accused murdered Julien Junior Joseph at Calibishie and that they are the judges of that fact. Pestaina warned the jury that ‘if there is any doubt in their mind that goes to the foundation of the state’s case, the benefit must go to the accused as in our law he is innocent until we convince you that he is guilty’.According to Pestaina the deceased did not have time to concoct or plan anything to say which is evident in one of the witnesses’ statement. He told the witness ‘Andy and G-Boy beat me up, go and get a transport for me, I’m feeling cold’ and later said while he was being transported to the Marigot Hospital ‘I going now’ and never spoke again. Pestaina told the court that the accused cannot be believed when he said the deceased came up to his face when he admitted that he was the one who confronted him. He added that the accused was the one who confronted the deceased and later claimed that he was ‘afraid and defended himself’ but it was the deceased who ran away from him.The prosecution also discredited the accused reliance on self defense by explaining that ‘self defense does not run wild; if a man hits you and you take a sledge hammer and knock him out, this cannot be self defense, it is excessive force. When you look at the facts, there is no self defense as the accused did not have any scratches on his body nor proof of provocation by the deceased’. He further admonished them to ‘be bold enough to make the correct decision, don’t let sympathy get the better part of you. Don’t say he is a young man, you should return a proper verdict of guilty’.Counsel for the defense, Wayne Norde began by thanking the members of the jury for performing their civic duty and went on to explain that the defense has ‘absolutely nothing to prove’ the accused can stay in the prisoner’s box and say absolutely nothing. In every criminal trial the burden of proof lies with the prosecution, they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt, beyond a shadow of a doubt that Garvin killed Julien. He said that it is a sad and tragic event that a young man has lost his life but sympathy plays absolutely no role. In his address to the jury, Norde described the prosecution’s case as disjointed, unclear and lacking evidence which is evident by the number of brilliant questions they asked in search of clarity.He also pointed out that ‘the prosecution’s witnesses support our version of self defense’. He stated further ‘there are so many unanswered questions and the prosecution wants you to draw inferences as if you are an artist, this is no cat and mouse story, this is a serious murder case. The prosecution must present strong evidence, proper witnesses and not ask you to draw inferences’.Norde added that ‘I see many doubts, evidence missing and unanswered questions’ pleading with the jury to be fair to Garvin as his life and freedom rests in their hands. Any doubts you have resolve it in favor of Garvin. Only if you are sure beyond a reasonable doubt you should find him guilty. Return a verdict of not guilty based on the evidence that was presented to you’.Justice Bernie Stephenson-Brooks, in summing up the evidence and directing the jury said that ‘you are to decide what facts you believe and which you reject, what evidence to believe, who to believe and what part of the evidence you believe. Use common sense to determine who is speaking the truth or who is not speaking the truth; evaluate each witness for credibility, accuracy and reliability.Justice Stephenson-Brooks told the jury that ‘a person who acts reasonably in their defense is not guilty of murder. But you must find out what the accused intended, whether he intended to kill Julien Junior Joseph. The prosecution must prove that he intended to kill the deceased. Look at all existing facts and circumstances and find whether the accused intended to commit an unlawful act or cause harm to the deceased’.The jury retired to the jury room at 12:55pm and returned at 3:05pm with an eight to one guilty verdict. Justice Stephenson-Brooks instructed the jury that the verdict for murder must be unanimous and sent them back to deliberate. They returned at 3:15pm with a unanimous guilty verdict.Counsels for the State and the Defense were directed to file brief written submissions regarding sentencing by the 2nd of December 2011. Garvin George is expected to return to court on December 5th, 2011 for sentencing.Dominica Vibes News LocalNews Jury finds Garvin George guilty of murdering Julien Junior Joseph by: – November 23, 2011 Sharing is caring! 42 Views   no discussions Tweetcenter_img Share Share Sharelast_img read more