Junior Citizens

first_imgby, Dr. Bill ThomasTweet3Share22Share2Email27 SharesfrackingOne of the important functions that elders play in human societies is teaching young people how we live. In American society this includes petitioning the government for the redress of grievances. One of the biggest and most fraught political issues here in Upstate New York is “fracking.”If you’re not familiar with the process, fracking is:a form of methane gas extraction that uses toxic cocktails of high pressure chemicals and water to fracture underground formations of shale gas, allowing the trapped gas to escape – some of which ends up being pumped out as fuel, and the remainder leaking out into the surrounding environment.There are, of course, citizens on both sides of the issue. Jude and I are anti-fracking and recently our participation in the issue has connected us to some middle school students who share our view. They have formed their own group — New York Youth Against Fracking.Before we knew it, there was a song, “You’ve been fracked” and an appointment at Ithaca’s Rep Studio to record the song with the students. With some fancy editing and some excellent sound engineering by Nate Richardson we soon had a video. No matter where you stand on the issue, you might enjoy the inter-generational collaboration that made this “redress of grievances” possible.Enjoy. Related PostsSix Ways Elders Can Save the WorldAny elder, regardless of income, physical and/or cognitive ability, level of education, or geographic location can make a productive difference in the way all of us function as a culture.Dr. Bill Thomas: Introducing EldertopiaWhat we need is a radical reinterpretation of longevity that makes elders (and their needs) central to our collective pursuit of happiness and well-being. We have no word that describes the value of intergenerational interdependence, of living in a multigenerational society, of protective social structures and rituals. Because such a…Honoring Elders During Older Americans MonthITEM: The public transportation agency in Portland, Oregon, TriMet, avoids using the word “old” with a hokey euphemism Crabby Old Lady had not heard before moving here. As they explain on their website: “‘Honored Citizen’ is how TriMet identifies seniors age 65 or older, people on Medicare and people with…Tweet3Share22Share2Email27 SharesTags: activismlast_img read more