Motion Simulation offers 180degree display gaming cockpit for 18000

first_imgIf you’re serious about PC gaming or productivity, chances are you have multiple displays hooked up to your rig. It works great, but for gaming in particular the break between the end of one display and the start of the next can be a bit jarring to the overall experience.That’s why when the Ostendo curved display appeared in 2009 I got a little bit excited. I haven’t heard much about that $6,500 screen since, though. More recently we saw The Gadget Show create the ultimate Battlefield 3 simulator, and I doubt it will ever be outdone in terms of overall experience, but is totally impractical for a home setting.Now we have a new game enhancement product to present for gamers with a lot of money burning a hole in their pocket. It’s called the TL1 Simulator from Motion Simulation, and it promises to totally immerse you in your game of choice while adding a futuristic-looking cockpit to a room of your home.The video above gives you a player’s eye view of what the cockpit is like. Motion Simulation are aiming it at racing, flight simulator, and first-person shooter fans, and you can see why. That 180-degree wraparound screen promises total immersion using a projection unit and is combined with a seat that can be adjusted to variable driving positions to suit the type of car or aircraft you are flying.Unfortunately, there’s no mention of seat vibration or force-feedback, which makes the $18,000 price tag seem even more expensive. However, you can hook up a PC, PS3, or Xbox 360 to the system making it quite versatile in terms of the games you can play. The seat without the display is also meant to be available for a much lower price in the near future, but for me it’s the wraparound display that makes this a desirable bit of kit.Read more at Motion Simulationlast_img read more