Latest PS3 security patch prevents users from upgrading their hard drives

first_imgLate last week, in an attempt to stem the tide of hackings resulting from the wide-scale release of the PS3 master key, Sony released firmware update 3.56.That update was largely ineffective, and 3.56 was opened back up by hackers within hours of release, but it now appears that Sony’s “security patch” might have locked down at least one aspect of the PlayStation 3‘s compromised hardware: the ability to swap your hard drive and upgrade to a higher density model.According to reports, if you change your PS3 hard drive after installing 3.56, you will get an error 8002f2c5 that will prevent you from booting your PS3 until you put the old drive back in.It’d be understandable to assume that this was a purposeful move on Sony’s part. Since the PS3, once hacked, allows you to run game ISOs from the hard drive, one way to hamstring hackers is to prevent them from upgrading their hard drives as part of a desire to have more space for a library of warez.Luckily, it seems that this isn’t the case, and it’s actually a firmware bug affecting the 16MB flash PS3 models, including the Slim. If you’re afflicted, you’ll just have to wait for Sony to issue a fix… and take heart! Such a fix will most likely be coming soon, if only because Sony will be releasing another imminent security patch impotently trying to uncompromise the PS3 ecosystem. Best of luck, guys!Read more at Eurogamerlast_img read more